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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Talk about following your dreams. Fenoxo Fenfen is the popular creator of a number of different text porn games that have grown throughout the years into a mini-empire.

This one man powerhouse has channeled all his degenerate fetishes for furries, aliens, monsters, and all kinds of other wacky creatures fucking and sucking each other, and created incredibly detailed and expansive games that thousands of players enjoy.

Fenoxo.com serves as the developer blog for Fenfen, but it also features some cool bonus content for you to fap to. The blog posts typically come with user-submitted fan porn of various characters and creatures featured in the games.

Fenoxo also has a cool fanfiction section with stories written by various members of the dev team. The stories serve up fetishes like femdom, furry, Dragons, mind control, monstrous sized cocks, and a whole lot more.

Other features on the site include a Wiki (for the games), forum, and store. The Fenoxo games are wicked complicated, so you’ll want to check out the forum and Wiki to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Some truly epic Ero games

Let’s talk a little bit about the games since they are the main attraction. First, all the games are 100% text, with minimal graphics. Fenoxo largely focuses on creating worlds and exploring fetishes through words, not graphics, and you’ll find a really rich universe with good writing here.

The games all revolve around worlds where there are multiple different species. These species go from common creatures like humans, orcs, and wolves, to exotic species like Ausar, Kaithrit, Leithan, and more.

These games combine exploration with RPG elements. You’ll have specializations, classes, recruits, and many other features you’ll find in open world RPGs like Skyrim or Fallout. There are plenty of stat classes to worry about such as agility, toughness, and presence, and these will all affect how you interact with the world and its various characters.

Bottom line, these motherfuckers created some bonafide worlds for you to explore and learn. There are thousands of pages worth of text to go through, and the developers are updating their games constantly.

Oh and by the way, you can choose your breast and dick size. There’s even an option to choose if you start lactating easily, so get ready for some milk fetish shit. Personally, I pack an eight incher across the entire galaxy. And you’ll constantly find opportunities to fuck the other characters that live in this world.

Pretty standard blog with some cool features

Now let’s put our focus back on the actual website.

Fenoxo.com is a blog first, with some additional features to help inspire your fap. Along the top of the page you’ll see the main links which include Play, Discord Chat, Fiction, Forum, Links, Wiki, and Store.

Clicking on Fiction will send you to a list of stories that are organized into scenes and Stories. Scenes are basically short quickies that you can read, nut, and move on with your life. The Stories/Novellas are much longer and have much more developed characters and plot that goes beyond fuck scenes.

At the bottom of each story, you’ll see an extensive comments section. There are some hardcore fans of Fenoxo, so you’ll find plenty of feedback and discussion.

Fenoxo also has a very active forum. Discussions include General Bullshit, adult games, mainstream games, fan fiction, roleplaying, and more. As you get deeper into the games, you’ll find the forums a great resource.

The Wiki will link you to Smutosaurs.us, which is a Wiki hub for all the Fenoxo games. You’ll find information on all the characters, locations, mechanics, and a lot more. These games get super complicated, so the Wiki becomes a great reference site.

For all the deviants out there

Fenoxo is a great combination of deep RPG mechanics and degenerate fetish and fucking. The character creation alone will have you going ass deep into customization, including things like background, class, race, dick size, tit size, libido, and a lot more.

Above all else, be prepared to read a lot. The Fenoxo games remind me of Fate/Stay Night in the way it goes into insane detail and world building at every scene. The writing switches paces appropriately depending on the scene, including elements of adventure and comedy in addition to the fucking.

If you’re triggered easily or hate futa, you might want to stay away from these games. Virtually every fetish is featured here, and you pussies out there might get triggered by shit like blackmail and rape that is featured in the games.

The developers also seem to be heavy into transformation, futa, furries, and more of that heavy degenerate shit of the porn world. If you like your porn straight-laced, you might find yourself ignoring or avoiding a lot of the content.

What I Like

This is the definition of a passion project. All the games here are incredibly deep, and the writing quality stays fairly consistent even after hours of play. These motherfuckers are really about that life.

The developers are very good about providing regular updates and interacting with the community. These aren’t some ivory tower assholes like you see in AAA developers today. The writers really know their audience (complete degenerates), and bring new content regularly to satisfy their fetishes.

Fenoxo.com isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s cool they have some extra content like the stories and pictures. The pictures help expand the universe while also providing some fap material, and the stories show the writers’ passion and talents.

The bottom line is that you won’t find many games like the ones featured here. These games are really deep, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that comes close to its depth and richness, especially since the games are free.

It really reminds me of Fate/Stay Night how much writing there is to expand the world. Whether its Trials in Tainted Space or Corruption of Champions, all the games feature very detailed worlds, a nice clean UI, and attractive portraits to get your imagination running.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of quests and RPG elements that keep you hooked. You’ll gain stat points and experience as you complete quests and level up, and the games have a cool party feature where you can build up a harem to build relationships with and fuck.

What I Hate

I wish Fenoxo would add more visual elements to the page to make it better to fap to. The fan art is sparse and unorganized, and I really think if they made dedicated galleries for the games it’d be filled with content in no time.

Fenoxo also really only caters to people with very extreme fetishes. Lactation, aliens, blackmail, and other “taboo” topics are fully explored, without much consideration for plain old male to female sex.

This becomes really highlighted as you get deeper into the games. The games start off with fairly balanced sex scenes that cater to a variety of audiences, but later on it pretty much becomes all about futa and transformation kinks.

If that’s your thing, congratulations, you found the goldmine to jerk off to. But for the rest of us, the games will probably be abandoned once you start to reach the “weird” stages of depth in the stories. I really can’t imagine too many people out there are into lactation fetish.

As for fappability, it really depends on your kinks. Like I said, if you are straight-laced, you’ll find a lot of the scenes to bizarre to cum to. The game is heavily into transformations

A true treasure of the porn world

I have to give a lot of love to Fenoxo simply for its ambition and true love for the craft.

This isn’t some get quick rich scheme or fetish site, this is a genuine life work for these crazy motherfuckers. After an hour or so of gameplay, you’ll quickly realize how much depth, customization, and stories are packed into these jewels.

Best of all, the games are free! No ads either. The Patreon account alone is making over $30K a month, so don’t think they are hurting for funds. They found a dedicated following of fans willing to reward them for their passion, and they bring it regularly as shown in the Fenoxo.com updates.

This really makes me think about how much potential there is when you go all-in on a neglected market. There are so many furries and freaks out there whose needs aren’t being met, and it’s up to people like Fenfen to fill this void and give them the milky porn they love.

Kudos to Fenoxo for going all in on for these fetishes. I have no doubt that they’d be pouring the same love and effort even without making a big income, and it’s helped them become a real powerhouse in the community. Much love and respect.

ThePornDude likes Fenoxo's

  • Cool fanart and fanfiction to accompany the text porn games
  • The games are incredibly deep and well made for a one man show

ThePornDude hates Fenoxo's

  • Not much in terms of visuals
  • Really just serves as a patch notes archive for the games