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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Games Of Desire

Games Of Desire

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Looking for some fun and fast fuck action? No, I’m not talking about the glory hole at the local bowling alley. I’m talking about the free sex games at you ass!

GamesofDesire has hundreds of flash games that are fun and sex-filled. No doubt, the main reward for most of these games is pussy prizes, and believe me there is a lot of it.

There are tons of different games here in a variety of art styles. Users can upload their own games, so you’re sure to get all types of shit. You have cartoon, CGI, and real life bitches in these games, so you can fap to what you want, whether it’s 2D or 3D.

What type of games are there? Puzzle, adventure, dialogue-driven games, and many more. Pretty much all of the games are in Flash, so don’t expect any fancy shit. It’s not the best engine, but at least it loads fast and works without any issues.

The best part about GamesofDesire is the Education section. This motherfucker has educational games so you can learn while you jizz. Hentai Math, for example, has you solving math problems to see hentai tits.

Now, this is an effective educational system! You would have a goddamn country of Einstein’s if you rewarded the students with some pussy.

GamesofDesire has a ton of Rule 34. For some reason, Jessica Rabbit is really popular here, but you also have bitches from Sonic, Naruto, BlazBlue, Simpsons, and a whole lot more.

Frankly speaking, many of the games here are ridiculously awful. You want to find the games that are highly rated and have lots of plays to get to the good stuff. While a lot of the games are shit, you’ll find some gems that have you fapping for a good hour.

Like a fat bitch when you’re drunk – it’s ugly, but it works

GamesofDesire has a layout that reflects its games. The layout is ugly, simple, and looks like something from ten years ago. Meanwhile, it’s also fast, easy to navigate, and very effective.

When you first enter GamesofDesire, you’ll see a nice big banner at the top with some bitch that looks like Little Red Riding Hood. Well, for this bitch I’ll call her Little Red Big Titties Hood.

Anyway, there’s a search bar, login, and main menu. Let’s ignore that for now and go down to the gallery.

As you can see, GamesofDesire gives you a shitload of games to check out right off the bat. You’ll see some popular games along the top of the gallery, along with their ratings.

Just for your information, no game gets 5/5 stars. I haven’t seen a single one. That doesn’t mean the games are bad, or that they aren’t worth spending a couple of hours with.

Moving down you’ll see the latest games uploaded. There’s also a bunch of banner ads and a floating ad on the bottom right, but they are pretty easy to avoid.

The main gallery is great because all the games have short summaries. With these simple Flash games, it helps to read the summaries. You want to get an idea of what the fuck you’re getting into gameplay-wise.

Sorting out the best games is not the easiest thing on GamesofDesire. On the top right, you’ll see links to the best-rated games by day, month, year, etc. But the problem is that these only show the #1 game for that period, instead of giving you a list to choose from. That’s just shit design.

Along the top are the links to the genres, which include 3D, action, animation, furry, gambling, and more. I personally stick to the 3D and action games, since the point and click adventure games are under action. Personally, I find the point and click games by far the best.

When you click on a game, you’ll immediately see the game load on a new page. Sometimes you’ll have to allow or download Flash to get the game to load, since most websites don’t use Flash anymore.

Below the game is a quick summary, followed by recommended games. At the bottom, you’ll see the comments. The top games all have a lot of comments, including helpful guides and walkthroughs. These games get pretty tough man and really have tested my cock’s patience many times.

There’s also no great way to browse games by Rule 34, which is dumb. Your best option is to see the “Game Collections” list at the bottom right of the main page, which has lists for some major franchises.

Lots of different titty types

Flash has its limitations, but since it’s a mature platform, designers know how to really squeeze out its full potential. At GamesofDesire, you’ll see some porn games that are surprisingly impressive, including 3D animations and adventures that can take hours to finish.

Lots of different art styles are represented. You have hentai, with anime bitches like Nami or Sakura. There’s also lots of 3D porn and CGI porn; check out Lucky Patient if you want some nice bouncing 3D titties. Real life women are featured also, both in video and picture form for many games.

What Like

Whether you can enjoy these games really depends on your age and taste. Personally, I like retro games so the shitty Flash doesn’t really bother me.

The ratings and best games list will help you separate the shit from the goodies. The thumbnails let you know right away if the art style is something you can fap to as well. With no ads, you can try a shitload of games really fast.

You can rely on the ratings for the most part as these games are played hundreds of thousands of times. Pretty insane how popular these shitty old flash games can be.

The longest I played any of these games is an hour. The games that have multiple parts tend to be more fun and engaging, which makes sense since they would only make more if people liked it.

The comments section is awesome too. You’ll find lots of hints and walkthroughs in the comments section to help you out when you get stuck.

It’s also cool that the site creators have their own series called Meet n Fuck. They are true fans of the porn game industry.

What I Hate

Lots of garbage to avoid. You better bring your sixth sense to sniff out the good shit, cause if you pick games by random you’ll be out of here quick.

A lot of these games are very amateur and homemade, so the art can get really bad. Remember that users can upload their own games, even if it’s dogshit.

GamesofDesire seems to only have Flash games. Flash is an old platform that nobody uses anymore, and I’ve also heard it can have security issues (don’t worry, you aren’t going to get hacked through some porn games). In general, GamesofDesire can feel old.

Get with the times, yo

My first suggestion is to add some HTML5 and other format games rather than just Flash.

If GamesofDesire isn’t careful they can become outdated as other porn sites offer more modern games. Most of these flash games look 10+ years old. I mean, I still came successfully, but for how much longer?

GamesofDesire can also expand its content by offering things like full reviews, FAQs, or a community forum. Games create lots of conversation, and the comments section they have right now is pretty solid.

But if they had guides and walkthroughs, it would be even better. And I have no doubt these degenerate users would be happy to do some write-ups to help us all blow a bigger load. A community forum also makes sense since GamesofDesire encourages people to upload their own games.

Adult games are awesome

The best part about Games of Desire is that you can get up and running quickly. GamesofDesire doesn’t require registration, has no awful introduction ads, or anything else that would slow you down from playing the game.

Just click on a sex game, click play, and within a minute you’ll be in. This lets you try lots of different games quickly.

If you’re the type of guy who can only enjoy the latest and greatest games, then GamesofDesire isn’t for you. But those of you who grew up on retro games or still enjoy retro games today will find some neat little pussy action here. The RPGs are especially great like Meet n Fuck Detective and Into the Forest. Into the Forest feels a lot like Seasons of Sakura or Three Sister’s Story (classics).

Overall, GamesofDesire is a solid place to play some porn games, with pussy popping in all kinds of art styles and game genres. If you like gameplay over graphics, a lot of these games should sit well with you. There is a ton of garbage, but the gems will really keep you engaged.

ThePornDude likes Games Of Desire's

  • Lots of Rule 34 games
  • Ratings let you find the good games

ThePornDude hates Games Of Desire's

  • Most of the games are shit
  • Flash is an outdated platform