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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I’ve looked at, played, and played with myself to porn video games before. And to be honest, they’re usually okay. But only okay. I mean some of them have decent gameplay or are pretty damn funny, but usually not both. In any event, the quality almost never any good.

And since this seems to be so common for so long, I thought that I’d never find a single repository of sexy video games online anywhere. That is until I stumbled across New Grounds.

Holy fuck this site is amazing!

There are sexy games, porn movies, and far more.

More Games Than You Can Whack Your Fist At

The first thing about this site, obviously, is the sheer amount of games is truly impressive. But unlike other websites of this kind which either have general games or entirely erotica-focused experiences, a lot of these games have a mix of solid gameplay and steamy stuff on the screen.

So, there aren’t really any sex simulators or strip shows, but instead, games staring titillating characters which will tempt you to pump your cock while plugging in commands into your keyboard. Gender-swap gamers will appreciate this.

Apparently, to make this site even better, you can play popular non-porn games which you may have heard of like Clash of the Dragon, Naruto Online, and League of Angels which you can play for free.

Just don’t ask me if any of this shit is officially licensed. Like everything else on this site, everything looks official, but don’t blame me if you’re picked up by a butt pirate in prison after being convicted for digital piracy.

Check Out The Music, Too

Besides tons of erotic games, there is a massive collection of music as well. To be sure, the tracks aren’t really all that erotically oriented, but they are still pretty fun to listen to. Especially if you’re wanking to some of the good porn on the site, but more on that later.

Moving on, like the rest of the site the content is extremely well organized. At the top, you’re going to see the “brand spanik’ new audio” which lists the tracks name, genre, and artist. For context, most of it tends to be in the electronic style. You know, the kind of stuff that Molly enthusiasts and headless wearing girls jam out too while high off their tits.

Below that, there’s a section listing everything which has been popular recently, this month, of the year, and all time.

To the left of the screen, you’re going to see musical categories nicely listed along with links to random music as well as the audio and voice acting forums.

To make things even better, you can listen to these tracks in their entirety for free, though if you have an account, you can vote for and comment on tracks. Just be careful which ones you download and share all of the place since various tracks have different licensing terms.

Totally Unique Art In A Totally Unique Style

The next thing you should check out is the Art section. As a web design guy, I have a lot of appreciation for creative types who put work into their projects…especially if it makes me want to tickle my pickle. Well, if you enjoy that too — even if it is animated — then you’ll love this section.

You can tell from the thumbnails that most of them are of sexy women both natural-looking and…shall I say exotic? For instance, there are GIFs of 16-bit beauties with tits so big they’d make Tifa Lockhart and Kandi Charms jealous.

To give you another example, there are mini-animations and illustrations of busty babes, naughty nubile dressed in scanty clothes, fantasy princess with ridiculously plump arms, armor, and bodily proportions.

The smut stuff you’re going to see is mostly original, but there are some parodies out there as well which I’m sure all of you nerds who like fan service will enjoy.

Beyond the erotic material, there tons of other badass illustrations from famous franchises and stuff which looks completely original. It isn’t really wank worthy — unless you beat off to cool art — but it’s still worth looking at.

Of Course, There Is Animated Porn

Just like the music section, everything is nicely organized, and there are several links which take you to rando videos, submission links, and new vids being voted on.

To give you an idea of the sheer diversity which you’re going to find on this section, some of the categories include action, drama, comedy, music vids, and something called spam.

Moving on, no matter which links you click on, I guarantee that you’ll be impressed.

Seriously, some of the videos you see are going to make ya’ fucking eyeballs want to explode. Just check out the video called Cock Fight. And no, don’t worry, it’s not the kind fo fruity content that you are thinking of.

And that’s just the non-erotic stuff. The cock-pulling content will make you bust hard in your hand, too.

There are all sorts of smut vids which feature original characters and porn parodies. The one thing which sucks, though, is trying to filter through all of the smut stuff and non-erotic material. You can use the search engine, which does work pretty well when you type in ‘porn’ but there is no link to all of the porn on one page.

Once you do find the gap material, I think you’ll be a little surprised by what you see. Most of it is bent towards comedy, and all of it is super duper weird. In addition to modified clips taken from animated hentai there are GIFs of anime animals humping each other, porn audio applied to original cartoon movies, and original works of cartoon characters getting stuffed with cock.

In all honesty, there’s so much going on in this part of the website it really is hard to sum up. But since I should try anyway, anime fans, furries aficionados, and those who are a member of the creepypasta subreddit will be impressed.

Understandably, The Community Is HUGE

With so many features to take advantage of new Grounds has created a massive fan base. On the forum page, there are links to all kinds of discussion threads which cover opinions on metal must, the link between cat ownership and BDSM, and demands that users prove the existence of the state of Idaho.

Of course, there is a chat room which is always packed. There is an entire section titled Artist News which keeps you up-to-date with the most recent happenings to the site’s artists, though some people use the section to shamelessly plug their YouTube channels, instructional series on Yakirbh, and their custom-made videos games.

Furthermore, in addition to having a Rankings page to keep track of contest winners (more on that later), there is even a complete New Grounds’ Wiki.

Extra, Extra, Read, And Have Fun!

I addition to everything I’ve brought up before, there is still even more content on this site.

(I told you that this is one of the most crazy-mazing sites on the net!)

The first is the animated series section. In addition to the animated videos which I talked about earlier, there are entire series of videos which include original animations and parodies of famous works. I’m not sure how many there are, but to me, it looks like there are hundreds of series to check out.

With so many vids posted, it’s always nice to have a section of a website which organizes its videos into a series of categories. Well, of course, New Grounds has a complete category section for the dick ton of videos (both erotic and those which are for general entertainment) posted on the site.

Like you might guess, there are the typical sections like Anime, Pop Culture, and Video Game Parodies. However, since New Grounds is such an avant-garde site, there are a series of categories which you might not expect but are still more interesting.

For example, there is an entire section devoted to vampire and zombie animations. There is an entire Pirates, Holidays, and Ultra Violence animations (yeah, no really!) along with even more unusual categories titled Game Dev Platforms, Animation Jams, and even something called Songs to Wear Pants Too.

I’ll let you guys check that out for yourself.

Moving on, you can even participate in rating games and movies. To refer to what the site says, you the user are in control of these games’ and movies’ fate, and therefore get to decide how they are assessed. Further, your votes determine whether or not a submission is ‘saved’ and added to the site or ‘blammed’ and deleted forever.

By voting on these submissions, you earn both blam and save points which upgrade your account over time.

Besides all of that, you have the option to download all sorts of content very often for free. For instance, you can get all kinds of wallpaper created by New Grounds artists. In addition to that, you can get flash loaders, logos, and icons.

And finally, there is an option to view the classic version of the site wherein you can enjoy the ol’ fashion version of New Grounds. This variant of the site looks good, in fact, surprisingly good. So much so that I’m surprised that the web designers of NG decided to redesign their website.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

The Ads Aren’t Too Bad…

…but they are still there.

Like I have said many times before, I have no problem with sites posting ads, even if I’m not crazy about it. After all, you may have noticed that I don’t plaster advertisements up on my site. But I do understand that websites need to pay to maintain their domains, make upgrades, advertise, and to get a little profit.

Fortunately, while New Grounds does post ads on their site, it doesn’t come off as spam or obnoxious. Further, while they do blend into the site — in part because of the kind of ads that they are — they’re not so “stealthily” placed onto a webpage wherein you might click on them by accident and taken off-site.

In case you are surfing the site while a little tired or perhaps a bit high, pretty much all of the ads are for other games hosted on other sites. They not as good as New Grounds, but you still might want to check them out.

Anyway, while there are these kinds of adverts up, there are only about two ads a page, and they are loaded near the top and at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, there aren’t any redirects or spam pages.

Joining Up Is Pretty Cool

Signing up is pretty quick like most sites, but unlike other smut and erotic sites, you’ve got more options. For one, you can sign up the typical way in which all you need to do is input a username, create a password, and enter your email address. After that, all you gotta do is prove you’re not a robot and verify your account. Then you’re good to go.

You can also sign up using Google or Facebook data, too. Just be sure to check to see what updates and messages from New Grounds are posted on your wall that way your proclivities aren’t leaked for all of your friends, exes, and parents to see.

Should You Check This Site Out?

Well, there are semi-inducing video games, hot and heavy artwork, pornographic movies, and tons of other nerdy entertainment which will make you want to geek out and cream out.

You will have to put up with some (non-pop-up) adverts and some of the site’s content could be organized better. However, the sheer amount of quality material you have access too is impressive. Furthermore, there are tons of ways you can interact with the website’s content and with other users.

All things considered, I give this site five out of five hands — it really is that good.

So yeah, you should try out something new right now and tread some New (digital) Grounds for yourself.

ThePornDude likes Newgrounds Adult Games's

  • The quality and quantity of the games is amazing
  • The selection of animated porn is fap-tastic as well
  • Check the site out and there are bonus features galore
  • There’s no real spam or redirects on the site

ThePornDude hates Newgrounds Adult Games's

  • Technically, this site has more of a focus on games than erotica
  • It can be hard to filter through erotic material and general entertainment
  • There are ads, but they're not too obnoxious
  • Other than that, there ain’t much else to complain about