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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Fap-nation is the definition of a double-edged sword.

On one hand, Fap-nation has one of the nicest collection of porno games on the internet, with a sweet comics section to boot. On the other hand, every fucking click on Fap-nation has me terrified that my computer’s about to get infested with spyware and other bullshit. Fap-nation has all kinds of porn games developed by solo developers or small studios. A lot of these games are based on Flash, although you won’t be streaming any games straight off the page. You’ll find classics like Summertime Saga and Sins of the Father, as well as plenty of lesser-known titles to fap to.

There are hentai-style games too, but these aren’t the games published by professional Japanese studios. Most of these games are ongoing beta releases that are mostly supported by Patreon and donators.

But that doesn’t mean these games are low quality. Many of the porn games feature high-quality original artwork or 3D renderings that are plenty sexy enough to fap to. The classic point and click style porno adventures are always a ton of fun.

Let’s talk about the comics. Popular webcomics like Milftoon and Blackadder are collected into huge collections for you to download. These collections typically contain dozens of comics, making it easy to pad your collection for that apocalypse.

While the rest of the world burns down, you’ll have plenty of comics to fap to until it’s all over.

So with so much dick-busting content, why do I give this site only 3.5? One word: ads.

Fap-nation is a goddamn whore when it comes to ads. No, let me fix that. Fap-nation is a Mandingo-sized rapist.

I can literally feel Fap-nation filling my asshole with its pop-ups, no homo, considering how shameless they are with pop-ups. It felt like every goddamn click I made on Fap-nation was accompanied by some bullshit popup. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this review, my computer will be infected by spyware ten times over.

For a site that doesn’t actually host any content, and only serves as a portal for Mega and Zippyshare download links, Fap-nation is a shameless disgusting slut about the ads. Even viewing the sample images will have you playing whack-a-mole with ads.

It’s a damn shame that there aren’t many good sources for porn game downloads on the internet, or Fap-nation would’ve died out a long fucking time ago. For now, we’ll have to tolerate this foolishness to get our hands on some great porn games.

Dodge them ads like a ninja

Fap-nation, more like ad-nation.

Before you enter this place, I’d suggest you practice your pop-up closing technique. I’m talking Counter-Strike professional level reaction speeds. Don’t let that spyware slap you in the balls as you fap.

With that out of the way … The first thing you’ll notice when you first enter Fap-Nation is that warning sign on the bottom asking you to enable cookies. Close that shit, and close the pop-up that might hit you in the face when you do.

Along the top of the page, you’ll see a nice big scrolling gallery of highlighted game downloads. Below that is a big search bar, followed by some random messages like don’t disable your ad-blocker and support the developers. Whatever.

Move down and you’ll see the latest updates. There are posts for the latest games, comics, and art collections.

At the very bottom of Fap-nation you’ll see links to the About page, FAQ, and more. I don’t think any of these links will interest you. What’s hilarious is that Fap-nation says, “We do not participate in shady schemes!” Meanwhile, I’m over here dodging their ads like Neo.

Anyway, going back to the top of the main page, you’ll see a big menu bar where you can choose from Games, Comics, Videos, Live Sex, and Porn Game. Only the first two are legitimate links, while the other three are ads.

There’s also a Tools section where you can find shit like Save Editor, RPG Maker hacks, and more.

The Games section is categorized into Windows, MacOS, Linus, and Android games. You can browse these individually to not waste your time.

The Comics are categorized to Western Style, Hentai, Artworks, SiteRips and Collections. Remember that these are all bulk downloads, so you won’t be reading any comics straight off the page.

Click on any game to go to its page. You’ll see a nice screenshot in the background with the title in big ass letters over it. There’s also the chapter and the developer name as well.

Each game has descriptions which include Overview, Info, and Images. The Overview is a broad summary that gives you a quick gist of the game, like the overall story and concept.

Info section will give you the developer, whether the game is censored, the supported OS, language, genre, and related series. Below these descriptions, you’ll get the download link which usually links you to the Mega or other file hosts where the game is hosted.

Each game also gets a rating from the users as well as comments at the way bottom. Fap-nation is a pretty popular site, so you’ll find enough reviews and comments to know if the game is any good.

Comics have a very similar layout, although with a Content section as well. Since the comic downloads are usually packages of dozens of different chapters, the Content section lays out all the comics, artworks, and more that you’ll get with your download.

That’s all there is to know about Fap-nation’s layout. It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to the downloads, and Fap-nation doesn’t feature any content other than the games and comics. Just dodge the ads and false links, and you’ll be fapping in no time.

No community?

It’s weird that Fap-nation doesn’t build a community, which I think would make the site extra spicy. Game downloads is always a tough thing to navigate, so it’d be cool if Fap-nation offered a forum where people can share games, torrents, etc.

Then again, I can see why Fap-nation wants to stay low-key. Most of the content here is pirated as fuck, and it’s funny that Fap-nation even asks you to support the developers if you like these games.

What I Like

Fap-nation has one of the best collections of games you’ll find on the web. These aren’t AAA titles, but rather point and click flash game adventures with 3D and hentai bitches to have adventures with.

These types of games are pretty simple, but also surprisingly fun. The games usually feature some inspired sexy scenarios along with some fappable action that’ll keep you glued and trying over and over again to unlock the pussy.

The Siterips section is a great feature where you can find some rare content. Siterip collections can be a bunch of porn from one place, or a collection from many different sites/artists.

One great feature about Fap-nation is it gives you a lot more information than just download links. Fap-nation always breaks down all the chapters and comics within a collection, and even points out the series and related porn you can track down.

For a website like Y3DF, Fap-nation even gives information like the official timeline, so you can look deep into the porn rather than just have a collection of images.

Even though Fap-nation can be a pain in the ass with the ads, all the links work and the content always brings fap inspiration. You just need to have the perseverance and know how to wade through all the bullshit to get to the pussy grail.

That’s why I’m here to guide you.

What I Hate

Fap-nation is notorious for pissing people off. Playing whack-a-mole with ads is never fun, and Fap-nation will make you a master of this game in no time.

The worst thing about Fap-nation is that it has those “You are infected with a virus!” pop-ups that make big fucking noises and really fucks with your head. I try to stay away from those sites.

Fap-nation also doesn’t host any of the content. You’ll be using file hosts like Mega which can have some slow download speeds and download timers. I fucking hate waiting for 30 seconds or whatever for the free download button to activate.

The sacrifices we make for our faps…sigh.

Made by perverts, for perverts

At the end of the day, Fap-nation is just a glorified portal for file-sharing hosts. If you really think about it, the only content Fap-nation has is links to these file hosts to download the games and comics. Fap-nation doesn’t host any porn itself.

On the other hand, there are few porn sites that have such reliable and regular porn game downloads. Fap-nation dodges copyright takedowns like a ninja, and I never ran into a broken link here.

So if you’re willing to dodge the ads and put up with some spyware scares, Fap-nation is a great source for free games and comics. If you’re a heavy fapper like me, you’ll appreciate their huge collections of porn that you can download gigabytes at a time.

ThePornDude likes Fap Nation's

  • 100% free downloads for all kinds of high quality porn games
  • Good bulk downloads for comic and picture collections

ThePornDude hates Fap Nation's

  • Whack-a-mole with popup ads
  • Fucking with file host sites is annoying