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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It’s a word applied to, among many other things, the news, tits, food, and porn.

Usually, that adjective is often used correctly, especially these days – and it’s no wonder that people would also crave authenticity in everything, including their choice in erotic entertainment. After all, how many times do you guys see on ‘reality TV’ broadcasts, most internet banner, damn near every pop-up claims that what you are about to see, experience, or buy gives you the “real” thing?

So, who knew that there would be a porn site which would incorporate the (real) dreaded f-word in their domain name and apart of their brand?

(Well, I did, but I’ve been reviewing porn sites for a helluva a long time, so I did.)

But you’ve gotta admit that using that term isn’t something that you’re likely to see when you’re trying to promote a porn site, let alone a network. Well, one has, and it’s surprisingly effective at enticing you to check it out and promise on the goods.

This site, or rather a collection of websites, is called Fake Hub and hosts literally thousands of videos and picture galleries of smut of nearly every category you’ve heard of and a few which haven’t.

A Network Dedicated To New Forms Of Nudity

Once you log in you are blasted with tons of tits, plenty of pussy, and OMG there are some many shots of orgasms, it’ll make your toes curl and dick hard. But unlike some amateurish sites which blast you with boobs and butts, Fake Hub has a sleek design wherein you see one full-screen HD promo pic on the screen, followed by another as you scroll down.

Along with each pic is a very appropriate (but still plenty crude) title, view count, upload date, and upvote count displayed. That way, you get a hint as to what you are going to see but also how hot it’s going to be.

The default setting on the main page is to see videos filtered by date, though you can adjust search options by the highest to lowest number of likes, the number of views, from alphabetical order.

Of course, like any decent site, you can also search for videos using the search engine which I have to say is pretty good. Seeing as the videos are well titled and tagged, you’ll get great results using nearly kinds of search results including physical stats, sexual acts, and more.

Despite The Name, These Females Are For Real

I’m pretty sure that the name Fake Hub is largely clickbait because the fun you’re going to have, and the action you’re going to see is anything but.

Okay, the sex is obviously simulated, but you get what I mean.

Anyway, just like the types of videos that you are going to see, the girls you are going to see are as diverse as any of the best sites on the net. There are blondes, brunettes, raven-haired beauties, as well as girl’s sporting blue and purple locks.

Naturally, since this is a British site, you’ll find girls who are chestnut, caramel, and creamy colored, too.

And just like the homepage, you can sort the girls using different filters as well. The default is to see each honey by how hot and horny she’s been acting on the site. Besides that you can sort each girl by name and how many likes each model has. With nearly 1,400 girls there is a lot to choose from, but the top-rated models right now are Alessa Savage, Stella Cox, and Sienna Day.

Given her coy demeanor, hourglass figure, comely name, and her love of playing with dick, my personal recommendation is to first check out Stella Cox.

So, What Sites Are On The Network?

Most of the sites that I review only focus on one type of girl or a particular fetish. But Fake Hub is a network and a fucking huge one at that. It hosts thousands of videos covering all sorts of sex acts and sexy women which, no matter what turns you on, will bedazzle and delight you.

Fake Taxi No of videos: 614 Site’s premise: Anyone who’s driven a taxi or done some ride sharing hustle on the side knows how crazy giving random people rides can be. Well, on this site, you see crazy chicks getting picked up, getting off before getting well before getting to their destination from locations inside London all the way out to Prague.

But the thing is all of these girls come up short when it comes to putting out enough payment for their lift. And like they say in America, ass, cash, or grass, no one rides for free – and these girls are all out of money and marijuana. Fortunately, they all makeup for it when it comes to showing off their mammaries among other assets.

Fakehub Original No of videos: 90 Site’s premise: Hailing from the original days of the first site which stated the network, this site has dozens of vids which are bursting with busty babes, big bootied bitches, and buxom black chicks. Just because something is vintage – at least by internet standards – doesn’t mean that it ain’t worth a watch, if not a good whack. No matter what you might expect, I’d suggest checking it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Public Agent No of videos: 610 Site’s premise: Who doesn’t love gonzo porn? Well, I know that the gnu feminists don’t. Eww! But who cares? The rest of us like it when the cameraman acts like our personal erotic avatar and makes the viewer feel like part of the action.

In this style of gonzo gone wild “random” girls roaming the roads are offered cash on the spot to become a model. And not just any model, but to become one of Europe’s next top models. Of course, these lovely ladies are willing and ready to do anything to get that gig, even if it means gobbling on wieners or grinding on dick!

Fake Agent No of videos: 590 Site’s premise: In a similar vein as Public Agent, this site shows off girls who are willing to do anything to make it big…in the adult entertainment industry that is. That means that while the gonzo element is there, there’s no huge pretense that you the viewer have to ride through. It’s just the cameraman and the lady of the scene getting to know each other briefly, and then the fun begins.

Female Agent No of videos: 406 Site’s premise: Kinda like Fake Agent, this site follows a similar format, but instead of a young female fingering herself all alone or getting fucked by a faceless fella, these ladies star in scenes with other women. That means you get the fantasy of seeing a hopeful but shy wannabe model on the casting couch interviewed, and soon thereafter, getting lewd with another lady.

As a neat twist, sometimes the interviewee flips the script on their female interviewer. I know now you are asking “which ones?” Well, I don’t spoil surprises, so call me a tease, but please, please check Female Agent out for a small fee.

I know for sure you’ll want to thank me.

Fake Hospital No of videos: 329 Site’s premise: A dick in the vag a day keeps the doctor away…or at least that’s what my stepdad always told me to say to girls. My fucked up childhood aside, if you’ve ever fantasized about what thirsty yet, thorough doctors do behind closed doors when giving their patients gynecological examines.

(Translation: that’s vagina viewings for all of you hayseed rubes out there.)

These physicians are not only unafraid to “get up in there” but also get physical if need be to ensure the sexual health and safety of their patient. Of course, that always involves putting each woman’s pussy through her paces with the appropriate instruments, digits, and dick, of course.

No latex required – be they in the form of gloves or condoms.

Fake Agent UK No of videos: 256 Site’s premise: A variation on a classic, this is a properly British smut site. That means that you’re going to hear hot honeys explaining in the Queen’s English how, in what hole, and where they like to suck, fuck, and get circle the duck.

And by that, I mean, have a guy roll their lips all over their lady parts.

To put it another way, check out the perfectly cheeky way that Fake Hub guys describe what happens on the site…

“Hey, I’ll never turn down a great opportunity. I like cream with my cup of tea, and I’m partial to a slice of anal sex.” Similarly, the women have the attitude which can be summarized as no matter what “keep calm and get naked.”

Fake Cop No of videos: 108 Site’s premise: The setups for the hundred plus videos on this site is simple, but still enticing: she’s on the run, and he’s a dick. By that, I mean the dick in both senses of the word. In fact, this is my favorite site on the network. Not only are the ladies lovely, but the recurring male POV character, this ‘Sergeant’ Montgomery, has the kind of attitude which kinda matches my own personality. He’s blunt, crude, and has an epic cock. Further, the women he approaches can’t help but throw themselves at him, and it’s clearly not just to get out of getting a ticket by getting him off.

Check Out The Store For Sweet Swag

Apparently, it’s becoming increasingly common for smut sites to try to swing swag at you once you’ve nutted a few ties. Can’t say that I blame them. After all, why not hustle some branded merch to your most loyal customers?

(Come to think of it, maybe I should as well. Would you guys buy authentic The Pron Dude product?)

Moving on, there are branded shirts, polos, hoodies, baseball caps, snapbacks, beanies, and graphic humor tees for sale which come in male, female, and unisex sizes. In addition to that, you can not only brand your clothes but your car as well as using Fake Taxi’s car door and window sticker sets. All prices are reasonably set, of high quality, and can be purchased using British pounds, Euros, as well as American and Australian dollars!

Some Of The Best Membership Plans I’ve Ever Seen

Naturally, it only makes sense to go over the prices of a premium site, but usually, they are typically all the same. By that, I mean about $30 for a month with slightly better deals if you pay more in advanced for more during an extended membership. And by slightly I mean you’re only going to save about five bucks.

But with Fake Hub, there are significant savings. Sure the monthly access costs the typical thirty dollars for thirty days of dirty action, but when you commit to three months, you end up only spending $20. Commit for a full year, and you just end up paying $9.17 per month or $109.99 total.

Need more incentive to try the site? Put up only a dollar and get two-days access.

You can pay via credit, debit, e-check, or even a gift card. Billing is completely secure and discreet, and if you should have any problems, there is a customer service team standing by 24/7. And, of course, the signup process is completely streamlined.

In addition to getting thousands of pics and vids, you get access to the ability to download an unlimited amount of footage and get access to live cams.

Does This Fap Site Get My Endorsement?

Well, there are a shit ton of scenes and sexy ladies on a series of sites. The e-store is a pretty nice bonus, and when you factor in the reasonable price for membership, this is a damn good site.

Hell, if that’s not enough of an endorsement, I actually bought a membership to the entire Fake Hub network.

So, for all of these reasons, I give the Fake Hub network four and a half happy hands.

ThePornDude likes FakeHub's

  • Eight sites for the price of one – need you read more?
  • There a variety of babes of every color and kink
  • The e-store has good stock and is reasonably priced
  • Getting a membership is super affordable
  • Everything looks and runs great on both the desktop and mobile version

ThePornDude hates FakeHub's

  • To be honest, a few of these girls look a bit rough
  • The title is misleading lo – but there isn’t much else to complain about