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Updated on 05 February 2024
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DogFart Network

DogFart Network

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Are you down with the swirl? If not, well, there’s a good chance that you’re a piece of shit bigot and probably have secret dreams that involve you deep throating Donald Trump’s dick while Michael Pence sits in a corner jacking off to the sight. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about these fucked up wet dreams. But you have to make a deal with me … after you finish reading this review, you will promptly go load your shotgun (because, come on, we both know your racist ass has one), put your mouth around the barrel (just pretend it’s Trump’s dick, like in your dreams), and pull the trigger so that your brains splatter all over the pristine white walls of your trailer behind you. Hey, maybe it’ll make for an interesting piece of wall art. At least then your brain matter will have done something worthwhile for once.

Okay, okay, I admit that this was probably not the best way to start reviewing a porn site. Do you mean to tell me that picturing a racist fuckwad blow his brains out doesn’t get you in the mood to watch some good old-fashioned porno?! Well, then, congratulations … you’re not a complete psychopath! And if that thought did make your wiener feel a little funny, then I’m sure there are sites out there for you. But I’m not telling you what they are. Because you, my friend, do not need more porn to fuel your sick, sick mind. You need some fucking help. Please seek counseling immediately. It’s one thing to desire justice. It’s a totally fucking different thing when that justice becomes a violent kink.

Well, now that we got that off our chest, why don’t we talk about something a little more cheerful? Hmm … Let’s see … Where was I? Ah, yes! The swirl! The swirl is a beautiful thing. For those of you who are unfamiliar (and are brave enough to even have continued reading on to this point … kudos, by the way, I appreciate you), the swirl is when two members of different races get together, their colors swirling into a fucktastic blend of colors and lust and passion. I think the term “swirl” itself actually comes from the idea of a white person and a black person fucking, you know, like that soft serve swirl ice cream (which is, by the way, the best soft serve ice cream flavor), a perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla swirled up into one delicious treat.

Well, like ice cream, sex is also made better by flavor combinations. Black dicks fucking white pussies. White dudes getting balls deep in some ebony snatch. Caramelly Latinas riding BBC. Beautiful Blasians blowing Mexican dick. Whatever combinations you can conjure, it’s all good (and there is definitely porn of it out there). Oh, and for those of who you don’t know what a Blasian is, I mean, if it isn’t already obvious enough, it’s a half-black, half-Asian chick. A Blasian … some of the sexiest girls out there. Just picture a stacked light-skinned black chick with those sexy Asian bedroom eyes. Fucking perfection, man, I’m telling you! Definitely go bag yourself a Blasian chick if you haven’t already. Whew!

The point is, racial unity and accepted diversity is what we all want for society, right? Well, all of us except for that racist fuck I mentioned earlier. But those of us who actually matter, that’s what we all want to see. But how do we get there? Do we go the route of civil rights leaders of the past? Do we march and protest social injustices when we see them? Or maybe we go the Malcom X route, and demand equality within social institutions immediately? I don’t know. I’m a porn reviewer, not a fucking political scientist. But what makes the most sense to me is something that we can do that is as fun as it is effective. I say we just fuck our way to equality. The more mixing of race and ethnicity that occurs in the world, the less social inequality and injustice there will be

If you’re black, fuck as many white bitches as you can. If you’re white, bang ebony queens and Latina goddesses! If we all were to exclusively bang chicks outside of our own race, eventually, somewhere down the road, there would be no such thing as race division. Let’s tear down the very notion of race identity from the inside. Hey, it’s all pink on the inside anyway, right?

But who knows how long that could take … probably hundreds or thousands of years. In the meantime, though, there is a fuck ton of interracial porn for us to enjoy, allowing us to fap our way towards a racially equal utopia, one nut at a time. So, for the more cosmopolitan-minded porn addicts out there, I present to you a site that is at the top of the game when it comes to interracial hardcore XXX. I present to you, the Dog Fart Network.

Is This Site Seriously Called Dog Fart? WTF?!

Wait a minute … what kind of a fucking name for a porn site is Dog Fart? Regardless of what kind of porn this site caters to, how the fuck could farting dogs have anything to do with porn? If you’re anything like me, chances are you have been reluctant to ever even check this site out. On the surface, it seems like it might be some kind of sick fucking bestiality or scat site or some shit. Or, even worse, a bestiality/scat hybrid porn site! After scouring Google (for a whole five minutes), I am unable to uncover any explanation as to where the name came from, or, more importantly, why in the name of Fuck anyone would have thought it was a good name for a porn site.

But it would appear as if the name of Dog Fart Network has not hindered the site at all, seeing as they are one of the top interracial porn sites online today. In fact, some porn heads even cite Dog Fart as being the number one interracial site that they turn to when they need a little bit of swirl in their lives. So, shitty name aside, let’s take a look and see if Dog Fart Network is worth your money.

When you first log into Dog Fart Network, you might be a little taken aback. Instead of being brought straight to a premium members’ area like you might be used to on other premium pay porn sites, you will be brought to a sort of archaic looking network portal. It looks like, design-wise, maybe it could use an update, offering each site of the network as its own separate link, only a few small thumbnails by which to preview the site before clicking into it.

Plus, once you do choose one of the sites of the network, it looks as if the site design doesn’t get a whole lot better. These sites look like they were designed in the early 2000s and haven’t seen any kind of upgrade since. The sites are cluttered, a little confusing to navigate, and not great to look at.

Lots of Great Interracial Porn, Even if Site Design is Lacking

But this might be a small sacrifice to make when you consider just how much porn you get on the Dog Fart Network. Not only do they offer great interracial hardcore shot in 4K Ultra HD, but they have a fuck ton of it. One membership price allows you unfettered access to the entire network, all 22 sites! Couple this with the fact that most of the sites on the network seem to offer new uploads regularly, and you will shortly cum to the realization that you’ve stumbled upon a cornucopia of interracial porn. With years and years of videos to enjoy in each site’s catalog, plus regular new uploads, how can you go wrong?!

Then, of course, you have to take into account the fact that the models on Dog Fart are smoking fucking hot. Like, some of the best in the business. No lie. And these girls know how to fuck, too, this isn’t some amateur Mickey Mouse operation. Not by any means. These are sexy sluts who know just what they’re doing. And the fucking itself? Well, it’s just as hardcore, intense, and racially diverse as you’d hope for, offering all sorts of different niches – whether you want Blacks on Blondes, interracial cuckolding, anonymous interracial glory hole action, black dudes fucking white cougars, or white dudes fucking sexy as hell black chicks … chances are, there is a little something there for everyone.

Well, almost everyone. One thing I would have liked to see is more than just black on white/white on black action. When I hear “interracial,” I think of all the races! So, hopefully, in the future, Dog Fart will do us a favor and offer all sorts of interracial combos so that we can truly fap our way into the fantasy of racial equality! With liberty, justice, and cum shots for all!

ThePornDude likes DogFart Network's

  • 4K ultra HD interracial porn
  • Sexy as fuck models
  • 22 different sites
  • Trial membership

ThePornDude hates DogFart Network's

  • Could diversify a little more
  • Lackluster site design