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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There’s something uniquely amazing about anal sex — both doing it and watching it. Of course, doing it in the derriere feels great. But seeing someone else do it has it’s own special quality, too. After all, while seeing a girl getting rammed in the vajayjay can be seen from a ton of angles, but anal really opens a woman up to new opportunities.

I mean think about it, while reverse cowgirls is generally pretty pointless IRL, seeing it on camera is great. You’ve got a girl’s jugs on full display, her legs are wide open, and wings are spread as if she’s ready to fly. Assuming she’s got a competent scene partner with as much bouncing as these girls do it sometimes seems like they are going to take flight off the bed they’re on.

Sadly, while you can see anal scenes on just about any site these days; however, they usually mix it up with some humdrum vaginal intercourse and oral fucking, too.

To make things worse, it can be tough to find quality anal scenes, especially ones which haven’t been degraded to shit because of piracy. Even if you do find say amateur vids with decent production values, there’s always the risk of being stuck watching from one angle, not to mention the chance you might accidentally see some…I’ll call it anal leakage.

While this isn’t a problem with most or at least some of the professional anal smut out there is that they often feature some pretty females girls, to be honest. I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising since good studios have to pay top dollar to get girls to take up the pooper.

However, after a long journey of searching around the net, I believe I’ve finally found the holy grail of derriere punany. Its name is Ass Traffic, and by the time you finish reading this review, you’ll certainly give their site more web traffic.

So, What’s This Site About?

Being part of the Gonzo Network, this site was made by horny producers who got tired of all of the bullshit in porn. And you guys know what I mean. Not actual shit — though, there is plenty of that niche crap out there — but the vids with crappy quality, subpar membership features, ratchet lighting, and rough looking talent.

Well, to make the porn world a better place — and making the internet better in the process — a group of smut peddlers put Ass Traffic together to be the last name in anal porn. That means that there is nothing but high-quality footage featuring fine girls who take it up the other cunt hole like champions all in HD!

Founded over a decade ago and hundreds of videos later, Ass Traffic has certainly earned its reputation as being one of the best repositories for suppository porn.

My God, It’s Packed With Viewtiful Videos

The first thing I thought when I clicked on a video was, “holy damn and welcome to Venus. At a glance, these girls are rocking my penis, and their asses are out of this world!”

The quality of the sets are phenomenal, as are the production values, too. Check it out for yourself, and you’ll see that everything recent has been shot in 4K HD. You would think that since this site focuses exclusively on anal, there are only so many to shoot a sphincter-focused scene. And to be honest, a lot of them are a little formulaic.

You know what I mean. A girl starts diddling her self and digging into her other hole. A guy walks in and starts drilling her up the butt. They screw on a few positions and jizz somewhere on her perfect skin. Don’t let that put you off, though. There are tons of girls to choose from and plenty of variations on this theme.

Moving on, focusing on the vids pages themselves, you see everything that you should on a porn site and more. In addition to its rating, you get to see the length, the number of photos, and screencaps in the gallery.

There’s also a complete layout of all of the tags which detail everything seen in the scene including sex acts, the girl’s body types, butt and breast size, and more. Of course, by clicking on a tag, you can search for other videos in the same category.

In addition to all of that, you can comment on vids and download them.

The Models Are Mouthwatering

With over five hundred and fifty videos to choose from, you might notice that most of them feature new models in each scene. While some models might start in two or even three vids, you’ll see some new ass in almost every scene.

With so 429 of models (and counting) to choose from it can at first seem impressive, then a little bit later too overwhelming. Fortunately, Ass Traffic has a well-organized Models page to make finding your favorite honey easy. At the top of the page, you get a list of some of the most recently active models which feature their photo and names.

Click on a link, and you’ll see the woman’s stats which besides skin tons and breast types, there even descriptors of their pussy type, pubic hair amount, and even their face type. Fo course, there is a link to their video or videos and picture galleries.

If you find the number of photos with cheeky babes too distracting, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see a list of the girls in alphabetical order. Besides that, you can sort girl’s by their video ratings, the number of scenes, and you can even search for models by name.

Furthermore, you can also make searches by locations of scenes (for example, bathtub, car, kitchen, and sofa) and even by male stats if you want. I’m sure most of you would think, “Why the fuck would I care about the dudes?” But I bring it up because some guys like certain forms of porn where they can imagine themselves packing big meat or busting a certain kinda load just like the guy in the movie.

If that’s true for you can search for male models by name, dick size, and even cum type. By the way, if you’re curious about how many types of cum there are the types tagged are thick, average, and watery.

Surprisingly, There Is A Complete Forum

I’ve often talked about (and generally complain) that websites often don’t have forums. While a growing number of tubes do, I have noticed, have forums, many premium sites do not. However, Ass Traffic actually does.

To be honest, it’s not as big and thriving as other porn forums, but it’s still got some good content. There are dozens of topics on the three main sections, along with thousands of comments and posts.

In addition to discussions about the models and the movies, there are threads discussing and providing solutions to technical issues, too.

Having A Membership Is The Tits

Obviously, I’ve really played up about how great this site is, but I’m sure you’re thinking that unless there’s some sweet bonus features and priced at a fair rate is it really worth it? After all, if it isn’t, wouldn’t be nice just to take your chances with the tube sites…kinda like doing it in the butt with a girl for the first time.

Well, no need to worry since there are tons of additional features besides what I already mentioned. For example, the updates happen weekly with new ads being added all of the time, the site can be accessed on multiple devices, and everything is streamed at lightning speed.

And you can download vids, photos, and screencaps for free without any download limits.

In addition to being a member of Ass Traffic when you sign up, you also get access to the rest of the Perfect Gonzo sites. So, that means you get access to a decade of videos totaling more than 1,500 videos on nine websites. And just like Ass Traffic, you get to hang out with a massive group of people via the Network’s community.

Joining is super quick since all you need is an email, username, and password. Billing options include putting down three bucks for a 3-day trial, monthly membership at a reasonable $29.95, three months for $69.95, and a year for only $119.95. That breaks down to only a little under ten a month or just $0.35 cents a day.

If you still aren’t sure you want to join, you can pay as you go to get access to download an entire video as you go.

Whatever route you take, pay with a Visa or Mastercard as well as through PayPal or direct debit services.

There Is Great Customer Support, Too

This site is super polished and pretty much never has any issues in my experience. But just in case you do, there are a series of tools which will get you to your favorite anal ripping content in no time. For example, on the support page there are links to several articles which answer FAQs and answer technical issues. There are even articles describing how you can suggest new content and meet some of the models.

Beyond that, there is a 24/7 customer support system in which you can submit a complete complaint or report an issue. The response times to ticket submissions is typically pretty quick, so any issues which you do have should be resolved quickly. Just be sure that you check your spam folder after submitting a ticket.

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, you can get tons of help through the site’s forum.

Oh, And They Are Looking For New Models

You might suspect that a site which features fresh faces (and new hungry asses) in nearly every video would be looking for new talent. Well, Ass Traffic is and from what I can tell they pay pretty damn well.

To be sure, I’m pretty sure that they’re not exactly desperate for new guys (sorry dudes) since they tend to cycle through the same dozen guys. However, they’re definitely on the lookout for new female talent. So all of you ladies who send me nude pics hit them up. You know who you are. 😉

Assessing This Asset Of A Site

Like I said before (assuming you did read —if you didn’t, scroll up and get to reading) the girls on this site are positively penis popping as are the production values, literally. That’s right; I really mean that the studios filming quality is so good that it gives me a woody by itself.

Moving on, the models’ vids and photo galleries are cum conjuring. The bonus features like the site forum, though a little small, is nice. And the site is affordable and has excellent customer service.

So, when looking at it as a hole, er I mean whole, Ass Traffic is an amazing site which is perfect for those who’re a fan of posterior pumping. I give it four and a half stars out of five stars.

So, give AT some fresh traffic, and tell them that I sent ya.

ThePornDude likes AssTraffic's

  • The asses and other assets of these girls are gorgeous
  • All of the vids are thoroughly tagged up and well organized
  • Every part of the site is super polished…just like the talent’s assholes
  • There’s a ton of extra content, too

ThePornDude hates AssTraffic's

  • There isn’t much comment interactivity on most of the vids
  • While it has one, the forum isn’t as packed with content as other sites
  • Other than that, there isn’t anything else to complain about