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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are any of you guys neets? Neet stands for No education, employment, or training, and basically describes all the basement dwelling forever-alones lurking in their mom’s basement fapping the days and nights away.

Pururin.io is the name of the main character in a popular book called Welcome to the NHK!, which breaks down how neets, or Hikikimori in Japan, are becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Well personally, I think “neets” are the smartest people on earth.

Why work your ass off trying to impress people and score bitches when you got free porn and housing? What more do you need!?

Pururin.io seems to really understand this based on its name and hence provides a huge hentai doujin library for all the “neets” of the world to fabulously fap to. When you’ve been around 3D women too long, their stink and noises start to get really fucking annoying, and that’s where my beautiful 2D babes come in.

Pururin is essentially a doujin dump site, where anyone can come and upload their porn for the world to enjoy. There’s loli, sexy bitches, fat bitches, pregnant bitches, and even homo porn, so whatever you’re into you can find at Pururin.

In many ways, Pururin is your standard hentai doujin site, but that’s not a bad thing by any means. Just like a man needs little more than a little food and a mattress to get by, Pururin gives you all the essentials to fap to with none of the bullshit.

There’s a bit of a community here, and most of the porn is provided by the userbase, but it mostly just stick to doujin. You won’t find any videos, games, Western comics, or even pictures here. Each upload goes through a review process to make sure it fits the box that Pururin wants you to fap to.

There’s a lot of great Rule 34 porn here also. Pururin features all the major franchises like Naruto, Fate, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and a lot more. On the other hand, keep in mind this place keeps it 100% Jap. You won’t find Futurama or Family Guy porn here.

Sweet little layout

You won’t need much help navigating Pururin, but let’s get into it anyway.

When you first enter the site, you’ll immediately be hit with a gallery of the latest uploads. You’ll see your huge boobs, little lolis, men, nerds, and a lot more. Under each thumbnail is the title.

Put your mouse over a thumbnail and you’ll see a little info section slide up. You’ll get the rating, the franchise (if it’s Rule 34), the number of pages, language, and author. This is a nice little way to see the rating without having to click on the doujin.

At the bottom of the gallery is a news feed with the latest website updates. You’ll see little tweaks and fixes to the website listed here, although the updates don’t come too often.

There’s also a little section for the latest forum topics. Pururin has a forum where people can request comics, make recommendations to the website, and more. A lot of the topics seem to be asking people to help find some shit they read and forgot, so keep Pururin in mind if you’re trying to discover an old fap.

Click on a thumbnail to be sent to the main page. You’ll get all the basic information like artist, title, parody, tags, category, and uploader. You’ll also see links for the online reader, download, favorite, and more.

At the bottom is the thumbnail gallery of the actual doujin. Click on any page to maximize it.

At the bottom of the page is the almighty comments section. “This was a good nut” is the kind of illuminating conversation that you’ll find here.

Navigating the image viewer is simple enough. You’ll get the previous and next page buttons, as well as links back to the gallery. Unfortunately, they don’t have a List View feature.

Even though there is no List View feature, they do have three View Modes to choose from. The standard is the “Single Page” view where you read and fap page by page. The “Western Page” setting makes the reading left to right, while the “Manga Style” organizes the pages right to left.

At the top of the page are the main links, which include Browse, Tags, Forum, and Contribute. There is also a registration and login feature if you want to upload, comment, or have favorites.

More than just doujins

Pururin is 99% hentai doujins, but that doesn’t mean they have some extras to feast your eyes on.

Pururin also carries artbooks, CG, game CG, and Manga. The difference between manga and doujin is that doujin is strictly drawn by amateurs, while manga is professionally published and created by a professional artist. The Game CG comments are just image rips from random hentai games. Some of these pictures are censored due to stupid Japanese laws, so keep that in mind. There’s plenty of uncensored porn on this site otherwise.

What I Like

Pururin was very smartly designed. All the content is well organized in a folder-type category system, so you can always browse different levels of the categories to make your browsing narrow or open.

The admin is also fairly active and the biggest contributor to the site. Normally, a site like this is mostly supported by uploads from the users, but at Pururin the admins will upload more content than anybody.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of user uploads. There are dedicated contributors like demo who’ve made hundreds of contribution. Pururin maintains user rankings that motivate people to stay involved and upload tons of fap material.

The takeaway about Pururin is that it’s minimal on the bullshit. Everything is very clean and easy to navigate, and for the most part you won’t have annoying ads. This is one of the cleaner hentai doujin sites I’ve browsed with such a huge collection.

Pururin also maintains an active Discord and Forum. The Discord has over 800 members, so if you are truly desperately lonely well…you can make some friends here.

I like that Pururin keeps their content focused on Japanese hentai. While it’s great that other porn sites will mix videos, webcomics, and all sorts of other shit with the doujin, that also makes navigation harder since the admins are juggling so many balls.

Pururin has a laser-focus on doujin and related media (like manga and artbooks), and you can see why that’s good based on how clean and easy to browse Pururin is.

What I Hate

There are some minor gripes I have with Pururin.

First, Pururin will throw you some popunders when you open a chapter. This isn’t too bad, and you won’t get too many of them, so I don’t hate that much when it comes to this.

Pururin doesn’t offer list view. I’m surprised by this, since they offer useless shit like Manga style vs. Western-style reading directions which I doubt anybody gives a shit about. It doesn’t seem like the type of website to rape you with ads every single page of the doujin, so I can’t understand why they would avoid List View where you can see all the pages at once.

Another annoying aspect is that you need to register to download mangas. We all know why they do this, but there are plenty of hentai sites where you don’t need to login to safely store away your porn like a squirrel literally trying to get his nut.

The forum is also a huge mess. There doesn’t seem to be any organization, but rather just a big huge vomit of comments and replies, with most of them just asking other people to help find that special fap they forgot the name of.

A solid addition to the hentai doujin webspace

At this point, there are hundreds of doujin sites out there all featuring thousands of doujins. With doujins, it’s definitely hard to differentiate yourself since people want little more than just a nice way to read and fap.

Pururin checks off all the major boxes when it comes to a hentai doujin site. You have all sorts of porn categories, a solid userbase uploading new porn every day, and you don’t get raped with ads.

At the same time, there isn’t anything hugely memorable about Pururin. It’s a site I hope I can remember since it’s a pleasant place to fap, but there’s nothing that jumps out at me to remember this place.

Pururin does boast an excellent Rule 34 gallery, with more doujins than I’ve seen on other major sites (at least for certain franchises). Since every upload goes through a review process, you won’t see really shitty or unrelated porn mixed in here either.

Overall, a solid addition to the doujin porn universe. You can’t go wrong here.

ThePornDude likes Pururin's

  • Easy to navigate
  • Huge collection, with lots of Rule 34

ThePornDude hates Pururin's

  • Pop under ads
  • Downloads require login
  • Pururin is confusing to spell