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Updated on 05 February 2024
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21Naturals has a lot going for it. I don’t know about any of you jerks out there on the internet but I’m a big fan of porn sites that are upfront and no-nonsense about what they’ve got going on. And holy damn is that true for this site here. A gigantic collection of quality porn videos, a great layout that focuses on what’s important, tits, ass and pussy, and it’s all natural baby.

The larger parent site is adulttime, it’s like the big umbrella that 21naturals is hiding under but today we’re just having a look at all of the natural goodness you can find here and why it’s worth your time if you ever had a thought to come visit.

Turn Off The Lights

The website is black, and that’s fantastic, not because of some dumbass racism related reason but because usually when I’m spending my time looking for quality spank material I’m doing it when it’s late at night and when I want to be secretive. Not that it matters if I’m discovered, I’m a grown ass man and there’s no better way to prove it than to get caught jerking it to some of the best porn you can find out there. The point is it’s usually pretty late in the day or just straight up night time when I’m doing some digital cruising for some digital poon, and what helps are the sites that go for a darker theme, it’s easier on the eyes late at night and it’s a fucking better way to emphasize what’s important and the reason I’m even there in the first place, all that 21 natural sweet flesh.

I think though if you’re hoping all these bitches are going to be 21 in every video you see you’re going to be a little disappointed. They’ve got a great system don’t you doubt. It’s easy to click on a vid with the hottest skank you see and then be recommended more videos with her when you get to the next page, but aside from the links to the other recommended videos it has for you that relate to the girl on the one currently playing, it’s also got links to the “models” in the videos. Both for the girl getting plowed and for the guy plowing because hey I guess sometimes people want to look up the guy too. Can’t think of anyone who would be on this site that would but hey that’s just me. Me and my preference for pussy.


Anyways, when you click on those “model” pictures underneath any video on the site it’ll take you straight to that specific model’s page and give you a rundown on all her information and all the other videos she’s been in. Which is great, but the first time I tried this shit I with the first girl I saw I noticed that she’s had videos from this year and last. All well and good but that obviously means she either wasn’t 21 last year or she’s not 21 now. Maybe that’s obvious to some of you but to me when a site says something like 21natural I want it to be god damn honest and accurate. If we can’t trust out online pornographers to be honest, who can we fucking trust?

Quantity & Quality

Let’s talk quality because holy shit there’s a fuck ton of it. The video quality is probably one of this site’s stronger points because fuck me if the first couple pages of videos aren’t all in 4k. I can’t speak for all you Danny dick in hand’s out there but for me I like seeing the light reflect off of every drop of sweat on a girls neck as she takes a good hard dicking for maybe an hour or so just to make twenty-something minutes of footage for us on this site. This is work goddammit and I wanna see clear evidence this bitch is working or how else am I supposed to get off to it.

Like I said it stops after about 2 pages in, no more 4k videos but the rest of them aren’t really bad even though they lack all that HD goodness the first ones had. Still possible to jerk it to them without any issues so don’t worry about that.

Even though the 21 part of 21naturals doesn’t really live up to the hype, I guess the “naturals” part is talking about the tits on all the girls you’re watching getting their pussies pounded. Not a fake tit in the bunch so you won’t have to come away from the encounter saying you beat your meat to some silicon wrapped in a thin layer of flesh. That shit hasn’t happened to me for a while now but I remember feeling gross and lied to after the fact so I thought I’d mention that little fact for you all here. They’re not boobs they’re lies.

Tastes Like Chicken

The natural tits we do see don’t actually change that much girl to girl honestly. Yeah, they all look fine but it’s basically a parade of girls with really similar tits. Maybe a few cup sizes bigger or smaller here and there but on average it stays pretty consistent. And when I say consistent I mean right around the middle tier size and weight where they have just enough to them that they “hang” off the chest rather than sit on them like stickers on the back windshield of a car.

We don’t have any gigantits here to write home to mom about either. Not a bad thing I guess but I like changing it up every once in a while. Who doesn’t like a pair of massive tits interrupting your regular broadcasting experience? I don’t even care if you tell me you could do without I won’t fucking believe you and I wouldn’t be shocked if you couldn’t find anyone else out there who would.

That kind of ties into maybe one of the less appealing things about this section of the site in particular. Maybe you wouldn’t get through enough of the site to notice it yourself so it’s not a problem but it stood out to me almost right away my first time there.

For pages and pages from video to video, it’s always a girl, a guy, and a dick connecting the two of them in some well-lit isolated place separated from anyone else. Now I don’t need them to be exhibitionists or any shit like that, there are other sites I can go to, to get that particular kink satisfied but each and every video it’s the same thing over and over. Yes okay, sometimes it’s a blonde chick instead of a brunette, and yeah sometimes the girls’ skin tone is a few shades darker or lighter than the one from the last video. But just have a look at what you can see on the front page, then maybe have a look at page 4 or some other page at random. Girl, guy, dick connecting them, girl, guy, dick connecting them. There really is just a big lack of variety.

It’s Their Thing I Guess

Maybe that’s the point, I don’t even fucking know if 21natural has some sort of secret meaning in porn lingo where this is what that particular genre looks like but it doesn’t say it anywhere on the website so I’m taking points off for the sheer same-ness every single video has to the one before it. I’m talking like, multiple girls, and multiple guys, maybe the girl is getting spit-roasted, and maybe the guy’s getting busy with a few girls. Hell, maybe it’s a fucking orgy and everybody’s going nuts, does all that somehow not qualify for 21natural? You could still shoot it all in 4k and only hire the finest bitches to be in it. But I guess I’ll just have to chock that up to personal taste. For whatever reason, what you see on the first page is basically what you get when it comes to this site, just a heads up. Last but certainly not least it’s a pay site. Yeah nobody likes to hear that I know and I’m not a fan of it either but there it is. You have to pay to access all this glorious 4k content and I guess that’s a little fair because buying the camera to shoot high-quality porn probably wasn’t cheap but I still can’t get either of my heads around it.


That’s the site though, great quality 4k videos up front where it counts and where we’re gonna see them first, a massive collection of these videos if a little lacking in the variety department. And you have to pay for access to everything. I won’t tell you whether or not it’s worth it, they do have good shit but because of the lack of variety, if you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen most of them. If you’re gonna pay for a ticket enjoy the show!

ThePornDude likes 21Naturals's

  • Big collection of videos
  • Slightly smaller but still decent sized collection of 4k videos
  • Girls are all hot and know how to take a dicking

ThePornDude hates 21Naturals's

  • The Lack of Variety, all videos have same scenes
  • No super big tits, just average across the board
  • You gotta pay, who wants to spend money on porn
  • The 21 part of 21natural isn’t honest. Sometimes younger sometimes older.