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Updated on 05 February 2024
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X Art! With so many hot teen girls at your service, x-art.com is bound to become one of your favorite sites. One could say that the word “art” is key here. This site is all about high-quality content and presenting all their beautiful women in naughty photos and videos that everyone can enjoy. Well, everyone who is willing to pay for the membership, because x-art.com is a premium porn site.

Pornography does not always have to be raunchy for our dicks o get hard. Some people still enjoy looking and high-quality shit, which is why x-art.com is the perfect place for many of us. Personally, I enjoyed my time here, and I decided to become a member to tell you what this lovely place has to offer. Whether you will like their content or not all depends on your personal taste.

I’d say that they proud themselves on the clean content, and that does not mean that you do not get to see some hardcore sex scenes. But somehow, everything seems so stylish, interesting, and passionate. Lots of sensual girls like to make out with each other or their lovers. So, if that sounds like the content you would be interested in, you are more than welcome to explore this site.

Their tour page is quite inviting.

When you visit the site, you will have a video presented on top, or well, a couple of videos. There you can see some of their hottest scenes unravel. This should be enough to tell you whether this is a site for you or not. They also promote the 4k quality, which for those who do not have the special equipment, does not mean much.

When you scroll down, you will see that the site has a lot of different videos for you to check out. They have been around since 2009, which means that you will be swimming around in quality content. From the moment I found out about x-art.com, I was happy to browse and enjoy myself here. I mean, who doesn’t like to see hot babes in glamorous sex scenes?

Without registering, however, you do not get to see many scenes. You get to see the scenes I have mentioned, but all the videos will only be visible to members. You are able to click on the clip and see what the heck is happening in the description, rating, and so on. You will also get some screenshots, but for the actual scene, it all depends.

So one thing I do wish they would change is the amount of shit they are willing to show to their audience. I mean, they could have added some spunk here and there, and give us something more than just this. If you really want to know what they have to offer once you are a member, you will have to stick around and read. Or, become a member yourself.

Four membership options.

If you are interested in the prices, I think they are pretty basic, more or less. They are pricier than most premium sites, but then again, they are not that over the top. The first membership you can choose is the 30-day membership that will cost you $39.95, and it is non-recurring. The second membership is the 3-month membership that will cost you $29.95 a month.

Then you have the yearly membership that will cost you $99.95 a year, and the 730-day membership that will cost you $149.95, which is the best option. Sure, that is a big amount to pay once, but at the same time, you have two years of content to enjoy. Not to mention that they are still coming up with new videos, and not like they will change their quality.

Their memberships are pretty predictable, and I think that there was no need for me to go more in-depth. If you like what you see, become a member. If you do not, there are many other sites I have reviewed before, so take a glance at those. I am pretty sure that you will find whatever the heck you are looking for. But, I am also sure that x-art.com is a site you have been looking for.

Members get a lot of candy.

Once you become a member, the design pretty much does not change, which is a good thing. You will get to see loads of gorgeous babes presented right off the bat. You can start exploring the site and enjoying all their content, since I am sure that you will find something addictive fast. The site’s design is also very slick and dark, which I personally enjoyed.

There are no ads, so that is a big plus. You will get a couple of main tabs, which are the updates, videos, models, and favorites. Of course, the videos are where I first went, and honestly, their shit is hella lit. Every video will have its own description, the tags, and the beauties who are starring in the clip. And that is all that matters, honestly.

There are over 1000 scenes that are all of different length. I found clips that were only 11 minutes long, but some clips were 25 minutes. So, it all depends on the clip. At least one thing that never changes is their quality, which is what got me interested in this site, to begin with. Their videos are fucking hot, and they come with a set of images you can enjoy as well.

Of course, you have some galleries that are not connected to a certain video, and thus there are over 2086 galleries currently. The galleries will usually have 45 pics, give or take. All the members are able to download both the videos and the images. Which is what I assume you would want to do. There are also 350 different models, and you can all check them out in their separate section.

Honestly, when it comes to covering all the basics and that shit, I think that x-art.com does its job. The design is pretty nice; the dark layout will make it relaxing to browse. You do not have to worry about the annoying ads or any of that shit; you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Quality porn videos for fapping.

Now, I am 100% sure that we are all here to enjoy the videos x-art.com has to offer. The galleries are nice, but they are like just the cherry on top. Nobody is going to become a member here for the galleries. So, I spent a lot of time browsing to see what x-art.com has to offer, and I must say, me and my dick are satisfied.

This is a place where the hardcore meets glamour. Thus you have scenes that are filled with passionate ramming. They have been in the business for quite some time, and with so many scenes, they know what they are doing. Some of my favorite scenes included the hottest beauties, which is not difficult to find on such a hot site.

Let’s start with a scene where two passionate lesbian chicks made each other feel good, first with some making out, then cunnilingus, and scissoring at the end. I mean, what more could you ask for? There was also the hot foursome fucking sessions, where everyone had a taste of everyone, and that was fucking hot.

Let’s not forget about the passionate solo scenes, where the beauty will take her time and pleasure her drenched pussy, while we all get to watch her in action. The duo scenes are the most passionate, by far. One of the scenes showed a gorgeous babe in a trench coat, visiting the office and fucking a dude before she tied him up and left him naked.


I think that it goes without saying that x-art.com is a site I would recommend to everyone. Sure, this is a premade site, so you will have to pay. But, the content you are offered is definitely worth it. You have thousands of scenes and galleries, all shown in HD, featuring the hottest babes who love to get fucked. I mean, what more could you possibly ask for?

Sure, there are a couple of negatives, every site has them, but they are so small compared to what they have to offer, that they are not even worth the mention. Therefore, just take your time and start enjoying what x-art.com has to offer since I am fucking sure that you will love it.

ThePornDude likes X-Art's

  • Great HD content
  • Thousands of scenes and galleries
  • Good community and a blog section

ThePornDude hates X-Art's

  • No advanced search options
  • No separate photo-sections
  • No bonuses with your membership