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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Whether you’re jacking off in your public library, your parents’ basement, or your marital bedroom while you’re wife is in the shower (nothing like a quick sneaky fap … the risk of being caught makes it all the better … of course, if you’re wife was worth marrying in the first place, if she caught you stroking your cock to porn on her way out of the shower, she would just come over and help finish you off), you don’t have to always do it to images and videos of dirty sluts getting their assholes stretched by massive cocks and throat fucked to the point of nearly vomiting.

That’s right, it may not be the most popular opinion on the planet, especially among scumbags like you and I, but porn can, indeed, be a classy, sensuous, and erotic affair. Of course, there will always be a time and a place for hardcore asshole gaping and bukkake videos (if that’s your thing), but these kinds of porn aren’t always going to do the trick. It all really just depends on your mood. Sometimes I want to see a tiny teen get her tight little pussy torn wide open by a monster cock just like the rest of us. But not always. Every once in a while, what I want to see is a beautiful supermodel-level lady lying back on satin sheets as she slowly touches herself, rubs her clit, and moans lightly from pleasure in the gentle light of morning.

Every individual boner has its own appetites. Just like snowflakes, no two erections are alike. And, therefore, you need to have different kinds of porn at the ready to accommodate the dick’s myriad different and unpredictable desires. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have a broad range of smut in your arsenal, to make sure you have something at the ready for whatever kind of horniness you get stuck with. I’ve found that the classier, softer, more erotic type stuff, for me anyway, tends to be what I want on like a Sunday morning. You know, that sleepy morning wood, the kind of craving that can only be satiated by something a little less extreme, something a wee bit quieter, if you will.

And, believe it or not, there are fuck loads of this kind of porn available on the internet. And not all of it is created by and geared toward feminist fuckers who get off on women’s rights and armpit hair. You can, it turns out, find some awesome, hardcore solo porn of glamor girls of the highest order. The only difference is that they run the show. And, come on, let’s face it, we’re not always trying to look at some bloke’s big, fat cock every time we watch porn. In fact, more often than not, I’ve found that it kind of gets in the way. Or, even worse, some dude’s hairy fucking asshole will wind up be the focal point of a shot. My least favorite angle in porn – which, for some idiotic fucking reason, seems to have become almost a staple of the genre – is the one behind the ball sack POV.

Why in the name of Satan would anyone want to see a girl getting fucked from that angle? First of all, it’s an angle that you, thankfully, will never possibly be able to come close to viewing while actually having sex; and secondly, it’s a well known and generally accepted fact that the testicles are the least attractive body part of the human anatomy. Pornographers: ‘don’t forget the balls’ is a reminder to chicks for when they’re blowing you. It is not the philosophy you ever want to follow when it comes to filming your pornos. Please take notes.

Girlfriend Experience Videos

So, as you can see, there are a multitude of reasons why your dick might crave something a little more personal, and not all of them are because you are a pussy. Another reason: porn is becoming more and more interactive and personalized as time goes on. And there are some sites out there that cater to and capitalize on that, allowing you to kind of get to know the models before and/or after you jerk off to them.

This is similar, I suppose, to the idea of the Girlfriend Experience – a service that many escorts (at least the really good ones) will offer to clients, blurring the lines between the typical exchange of fucking a hooker for money and having a girlfriend just for the night. She’ll usually make the experience more intimate, maybe she’ll talk with you, cuddle, watch Netflix or whatever while blowing you. All the perks of having a girlfriend. But the genius of it is the fact that after an hour or two and you’ve bust your load, you never have to talk to her again. What a beautiful time to be a man.

One particularly high-quality website that caters to this demand for a sort of Girlfriend Experience porn is Stasy Q. The models on this site, first and foremost, are some of the hottest you’ll find anywhere on the net. That is the main takeaway for me. And, coupled with the fact that their videos are artful and of the highest quality you can imagine, Stasy Q should definitely be on your radar. Especially if you don’t already have a site to fulfill the more intimate cravings your cock sometimes has.

Music + Porn = Art?

The videos, though, are not your typical porn videos. Not by any means. If anything, they’re more like artistic, erotic music videos, each featuring a different model slowly and sensuously stripping along to the music. Stasy Q videos are produced, edited, and mixed by the EDM group, Said Energizer, and so it is really like an entirely different approach to porn. The music and the supermodel-level beauty go together perfectly, creating an all-new erotic experience. And if you just really love the music, the site even offers its own streaming radio, providing the perfect mix for when it’s time to switch gears and concentrate on work (since you know you just jerked off in your office anyway).

Plus, the site, in terms of design, is equally high-quality. It’s clean, minimalist, and easy to navigate. With absolutely no clutter or confusion, you can browse an enormous catalog of erotic sexy videos. The intimacy, too, doesn’t stop at the porn music videos that Stasy Q offers. They are one of the few porn studios that gives you a glimpse behind the scenes. The Backstage section of the site has unadulterated footage of the models during their shoot, as well as sexy outtakes. There is an Interviews section, too, which really lets you get to know the girls on a deeper level, only aiding an entirely new dimension to the videos and that high-end girlfriend experience Stasy Q executes so perfectly.

That’s not all either. In addition to the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, a dope soundtrack to jerk (or work) to, and an unprecedented level of intimacy that the porn industry has seldom seen before, Stasy Q even offers virtual reality videos. As if they didn’t already create one of the most experiential porn sites on the web. But VR really does make a lot of sense for this site, because now, once you’ve gotten to know your favorite Stasy Q model on a deeper level through backstage footage and interviews, you can virtually enter the room with her and have her give you a lap dance as she slowly strips out of lingerie and expose her perfect body. All for you. Be careful with this one, though, folks: Stasy Q has all of the ingredients to make you fall in love with these girls.

But, honestly, I can’t come up with a single complaint when it comes to this site. It’s as close to perfect as you can get, really. I mean, I would definitely like it if there was a little more in the way of hardcore XXX. And what I mean by that isn’t these beautiful angels being sodomized by BBCs or something. What I mean is, it would be nice if the girls would have a little more exxxplicit fun. Show us those supermodel pussies being fingered and toyed! It’s a little bit of a letdown, but the girls are beautiful enough and the video production is of a high enough quality that I may just be willing to let it slide, just this one time.

ThePornDude likes StasyQ's

  • Extremely beautiful models
  • Sensuous, artful erotica
  • Amazing site design
  • Great music and video quality
  • Very intimate

ThePornDude hates StasyQ's

  • Lack of hardcore action