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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Is there any fruit sweeter than a perfectly ripe legal teen getting nasty for the camera for her very first time? That’s a question you’ll probably ask yourself once every four seconds or so while you’re browsing and masturbating to FTVgirls. In case you’re wondering what that FTV stands for, the official acronym is First Time Videos. I also came up with a few of my own: Fantastic Titty View, Fuck That Vagina, Frisky Teen Vixens and Former Tiny Virgin.

Old Layout, Fresh Teenage Beauties

FTVgirls has been around for a long time. The fact that they’ve been alive and kicking since 2002 tells you a lot about the quality of the porno you’re going to be seeing. The web changes rapidly, and you either adapt or die. Most sex sites just die.

The layout certainly does look like some early twenty-first-century bullshit. Honestly, if they didn’t get more than 7 million visits per month, I’d probably guess the site was abandoned a decade ago. Instead of already-thrusting video previews of the newest clips and HD banners for the top movies sliding across the screen, the landing page of FTVgirls is a still header graphic surrounded by text.

It’s a crusty look, that’s for sure, but a note tacked to the top of the screen says they support smart TV, tablets and phones. There are Apple, Android and Windows icons to let you know they are actually a modern website.

Moving or not, I really do like the look of these babes in the front-page graphic. They are young, hot and ripe as hell. One dark-haired hottie has her flawless round jugs out of her top for the camera, another is jogging in little shorts so tight they just demand a closer look. I guess we’ll have to go in and peek around.

The full preview page looks a bit more modern. I love how FTVgirls does what looks like a magazine cover for each of the scenes. It makes the whole thing feel like browsing a dirty magazine rack.

The overall feel ain’t too sleazy. All the girls are smiling and nobody is drenched in hot semen. As a matter of fact, I don’t see a flesh jizz hose anywhere. FTVgirls is all about the girls, usually solo but often in some classy and intimate lesbian sequences.

First Time Viewing These First Time Videos

I watched the preview of 23-year-old Alyssa’s recent movie on the site. The little cutie dances for the camera, strips, and casually talks about putting something in her ass. She also masturbates with her fingers, a few different toys, and then gapes that beautiful twat. What a talented girl!

The two-minute montage is a hell of a tease, though. By the time I’m finished watching the trailer, my little guy is banging on the underside of my desk, mad as hell and demanding a deep tissue massage and a place to dump a few million excess sperm.

A month of members access to FTVgirls costs 30 USD, just like most of their competitors. They’ve also got five months for 100 bucks, Mr. Moneybags, an investment that will certainly pay off in masturbatory dividends.

Fall In Love Before you Beat your Meat

I love how all the update covers have a clean version and a dirtier version. The clean photo always has a girl or two in an outfit that they could totally get away with wearing in public, but you would end up having to hide your tent pants if you’re out and about and saw her.

All the clothed pseudo-candid shots of the girls really add to the intimate feel of the website. They want you to really like these girls, not just want to spear them up the asshole like you’re trying to roast a hog. These pics are like something your creepy ass would find Instagram stalking a bitch, but instead of just inventing your own fisting fantasies you can see real porn videos.

I’m already in love with this 18-year-old babe named Cali in one of the newest updates. There’s a shot of her jogging with her mound nearly visible through her shorts, and another where a girlfriend is hovering a hand over that enticing teenage nether region. I have to squint to see the explicit thumbnails, but my dick reacts to the tiny images by getting really huge. It looks like Cali’s friend is more than just a friend.

Beautiful Scenes All Cut the Fuck Up

The weird, outdated layout strikes again on the video page. Don’t be alarmed when you don’t immediately see a video player, like you would after clicking a thumbnail on any other porn site. It just takes another click through to one of the videos listed beneath the larger magazine cover images.

FTVgirls doesn’t have the typical thumbnail layout, so I assumed those cover images were both for the same extended sex scene. It turns out there are two: Sexy and Sporty 18, and A Very Kinky Start. The latter is only 11 minutes, but the first runs nearly an hour so I settle in for a nice wank session.

The scene opens with the athletic little slut lip-synching to the radio and bouncing her titties. She introduces herself and thanks you for watching her First Time Video. Well, you’re welcome Cali. I’m certainly happy to help and play along at home.

Her friend shows up and then they have salad. I don’t mean they are tossing each other’s salad, I mean they are sitting at some restaurant with bowls of leafy greens in front of them.

The scene cuts and we see them walking to an outdoor bench where Cali whips her boobs out. I’m more than a little annoyed to realize this whole movie is chopped up into eight individual clips. Downloads are available from SD up to 4K, but they are also chopped into eight individual clips.

This setup may have been useful in the days of dialup and no memory to load HD clips, but it’s 2019. Even the shittiest toaster phone can stream long videos without choking. Dividing the scenes like this just makes it harder to find the parts you really like. Porn sites should never ever make those orgasms harder to get to.

Amateur Girls In Professional Porno

The easiest way to navigate through these chopped-up movies is to look at the Scene Previews below the video player. That’s how I found out the up-close shots of the fresh pink meat of that shaved taco appear in clip number six. Her friend provides encouragement while she plays with a big silicone cock, which makes the whole thing seem like two friends just fooling around. Oh, and hey, somebody just happens to have a camera…

FTVgirls movies play out like amateur sex flicks somebody just randomly shot on their iPhone. The girls always seem like genuine newbies just fooling around and having fun for the camera. You almost feel like a fly on the wall, furiously stroking your little insect dick with a bunch of little hooked legs that had previously been crawling around your food, shit.

At the same time, the movies have a level of professional polish that you would never expect from some rando’s home porn movies. The videographer/photographer clearly knows what the fuck he’s doing. If you have a true interest in the arts, you can actually read that dude’s comments at the bottom of the page, beneath the model’s comments.

FTVgirls has a unique charm that is easily one of its best selling points. The whole site has this sweetness that you just don’t expect to find on an adult website. This will really appeal to the bleeding hearts who get tired of seeing bitches get degraded and treated like fuckable cuts of beautiful, sexy meat, and those just looking for a change of pace.

Another major selling point for the totally secure, masculine dudes out there is that you never have to look at another guy’s dong. Since it’s mostly solo masturbation scenes and a bunch of hot lesbian bangs, you never have to encounter any male genitalia but that little junk in your hand.

FTVgirls.com is worth a look if you like seeing beautiful young first-timers showcased in classy solo and lesbian scenes. The content is sweeter and more intimate than you typically find on an adult website, even when the teen sluts are getting absolutely depraved. Just look at these happy girls at play.

ThePornDude likes FTV Girls's

  • Two updates per week
  • Exclusive solo and lesbian scenes in 4K
  • Beautiful, ripe, first time teens
  • Downloads included
  • No weiners allowed

ThePornDude hates FTV Girls's

  • Outdated layout
  • Movies chopped into pieces