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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, it’s about time that we addressed an age-old question once and for all: where is the line between porn and art? Most people, I think, would probably have the gut reaction of drawing a line somewhere between what we consider artful photography and what we consider pornographic content. For example, it seems like if you take a well-done photograph of a naked woman and simply put it in black and white, you could call it art. However, that same photograph, depending on the site you put it on, could also be called porn by some.

Maybe, then, intent is where the line is drawn? Like, for example, if an artist intends to make a work of beauty solely to be appreciated for the artistic merits of the photography, then it may be considered art. But if the same photographer takes the same series of photos with the explicit goal of somebody jacking off to them, suddenly it’s porn? This seems like a really difficult criteria to nail down. After all, the artist/pornographer in question is not always available to answer questions about what they intended their photography to evoke.

Besides, if it really was just a matter of boiling it down to what you could and could not easily jerk off to, the line would become even more blurred. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who gets turned on by paintings. Maybe you go to art museum after art museum, splooging all over famous Picasso and Monet paintings. Maybe that’s your kink. Hey, I’m not here to judge. You do you. Either way, though, some elitist hipster asshole out there in Brooklyn, I guarantee it, would be ready to defend your jacking off on famous paintings as a form of art as well. Art is just too loosely defined, I think, for there to be a hard line between was it creative expression and what is what some might call obscene. It’s a bullshit differentiation, if you ask me.

Is porn art? Most people, I think, would instinctively say “absolutely not,” that there is a definitive line between what is and is not art when it comes to the showcasing of nude women. But the thing is, when you ask these people where the line is, they seem to not have such an easy job explaining themselves. Some might claim that the difference between artistic nudity and pornographic nudity lies in the intent. Art, they might say, has different aims and reasons for photographing naked women than porn does. Taste is subjective, right? You might love the Mona Lisa, whereas I love Lisa Ann. Different strokes for different folks, am I right?

Most pornographers, however, do not aim to make art. And most artists do not aim to make porn. The occasional artist will toy with these lines, though. Take Andy Warhol, for instance. He used to shoot black and white films in his NYC art factory, many of which, by the end of them, unraveled into straight-up porno. The question he was asking, however, is precisely the one we are exploring here. At what point does art become porn? And vice versa? Is it as soon as filmed penetration starts? Can sex, then, by definition never be art?

That seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? I mean, as far as art is meant to mirror and comment on the human experience, and sex is, arguably, one of the most natural and central aspects of the human experience. So, maybe there is room in the world for a type of porn / art hybrid that does justice to the act of sex, or at least to the beauty of the uncensored and fully explicit female form. The pussy is one of the most beautiful things known to man. And it should definitely be showcased at the MOMA or the Louvre. As well as everywhere else! Pussy is my religion, man. And porn is my gospel!

Even though you are highly unlikely to find their photography in an art museum any time soon, MET Art, like Andy Warhol, also wants to tear down the boundaries between what is art and what is porn. Which is precisely what they have been up to since their inception in 1998, when MET Art found their humble beginnings as Most Erotic Teens. And, yes, that is where the name came from. MET = Most Erotic Teens. Very nice. Since they began, they have always sought to showcase tasteful nudity and explicit sexuality through art … photographs and short films bent on adding a high-brow sensibility and erotic artistry to the pervasively hardcore adult film industry.

MET Art’s shoots, then, are frequently high in budget, featuring dynamic videos of beautiful girls posing and teasing in exotic and stunning locales. This, of course, results in a fucking fantastic blend of porn, art, and even erotic literature. MET Art makes you wonder, for a moment, exactly where that line is arbitrarily placed. Until, of course, these beautiful women get your cock hard as a rock and it’s time to say, fuck it, who cares and bust a fat nut all over the screen like Jackson Pollock.

But, honestly, I’m not here to have some pompous ass discussion of what art is and is not. And you’re obviously not here for a fucking philosophy lecture. So, fuck art. I know that all you care about is whether or not MET Art will be the best bang for your buck when it comes to busting a nut on the regular.

Site Design is as Classy as the Models it Features

As soon as you log into the members’ area of MET Art, you’ll probably take not of the fact that this site doesn’t look like your typical premium pay porn site. The design is minimalist and elegant. Plus, there is not a single cock as far as the eye can see. And that alone, as the straight men of the audience know all too well, is a rare and wonderful thing.

Instead, all you will find are extremely beautiful women either fully nude or getting there, posing for some of the best modeling photography you’ve ever seen. Picture something like a GQ or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The photo quality is that good. Except, unlike those lame ass mags, MET Art give you supermodel quality girls exactly how you want to see them – pussies proudly in the forefront and tits completely unobscured.

The site menu bar sites at the top of the page with the MET Art logo resting in the farthest right end. This serves as your main portal to access all MET Art sites. Simply click to access an elaborate (but easy to navigate) dropdown menu. Choose from The Life Erotic, Viv Thomas, Love Hairy, Errotica Archives, Sex Art, MET Art X, Domai, Rylsky Art, Eternal Desire, Stunning 18,, Goddess Nudes, Erotic Beauty, ALS Scan, or, finally, the MET Art Shop. Gotta love a porn site that offers merch. Hey, if there’s any porn site you could be proud to rep in public, it’s probably this one. “No, it’s an erotic art site,” you can say when people accuse you of wearing a porn site t-shirt.

Just underneath the site menu, you’ll find a convenient feed of recent updates. This is where the site starts to resemble other porn sites a little more. Then you’ll find thumbnails of recent videos in the middle of the page. And you can even customize the size of the thumbnails, which is a very nice touch. You can also arrange them to appear in order of month’s updates, the regular, default feed, upcoming scenes, or staff selections. Right next to this, you’ll find a live feed of which girls are currently live on MET Art’s separate cam site, which, unfortunately, is not included with your membership.

Videos are Short, but the Community is Lit

This is all fine and dandy, right, but I bet I know what you’re thinking now: Can you actually bust a nut to these artistic ass videos? Well, the first thing that I notice as I start to click around to different videos is that they are pretty damn short. Average video length is about 10 minutes. Not really long enough to fap to fruition if you ask me.

But, to each his own, I guess. Maybe video length doesn’t matter as much to you. If that’s the case, you probably typically finish within a few minutes. Which is fine for porn, sure, but you’ll probably want to work on that if you ever intend to get laid again.

The customization of MET Art’s site continues in the videos pages as well. You can, for example, choose the “Lower lights” button to create a kind of cinematic experience, which blacks out everything but the video, allowing you to immerse yourself completely in the porn… You can also, of course, rate videos (on this site, out of 10 stars), download, and comment on them too. So, for those of you who appreciate a community in a porn site, you will definitely not be disappointed.

What’s great about MET Art’s community features that seems to be lacking in other porn sites is the fact that the community actually engages pretty frequently. Lots of comments, in other words, have replies and people seem to really enjoy discussing the content and the girls. And seeing as the quality of both are so high, this is probably not a huge surprise.

To Cum, or Not to Cum? That is the Question…

MET Art has a lot of awesome quality porn and beautiful women. However, it is definitely lacking in hardcore content. I, for one, am not convinced that I could effectively bust a nut on this site. But, then again, I prefer to see my porn stars actually, you know, doing porn … getting fucked and sucking dicks or licking pussies. MET Art, on the other hand, simply lets you see naked chicks that are so fucking sexy, you may otherwise never be able to see them naked. So, it’s really a matter of what you’re into. Either way, this site is definitely one of the highest quality sites I’ve ever seen.

ThePornDude likes MetArt's

  • Artistic spin on porn
  • Supermodel-level hot ladies
  • Great site design, highly customizable

ThePornDude hates MetArt's

  • Lack of hardcore content
  • Shorter video lengths