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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wetpussygames is a sweet little porn site where you can play browser games and watch hentai/cartoon videos. The games are all Flash games that you can play straight from your browser and include hentai, CGI, and cartoon games.

Wetpussygames features many different genres. You can play action, adventure, arcade, dress up games, and more. There are also some Rule 34 porn games based on series like Nier Automata and Overwatch.

There are also a bunch of BDSM games. There’s an awesome game called Christie’s Room where you kidnap a bitch from the strip club and torture her in your own personal dungeon. The game comes with a pain and pleasure bar, and you better control that shit carefully so the bitch orgasms before she dies. Hilarious shit.

Wetpussygames also features a bunch of porn cartoons. These are mostly short little toons featuring cartoon and CGI bitches getting down and dirty. Check out “Husband Comes Home with Hard Dick” for a great example of the high-quality CGI that Wetpussygames offers, even if the videos are kind of short.

There’s also a solid collection of hentai videos and movies. Well, movies is a term used loosely, since a lot of these clips are five minutes or less. The video quality is typically 480p, so you won’t find any high-quality videos, but they are easy to stream and watch.

The best part of Wetpussygames is minimal ads. You’ll find a bunch of side banner ads, but I didn’t run into any popups. Best of all, the games and movies load without having to sit through any ad portals. This lets you quickly jump from game to game without sitting through a bunch of bullshit.

Wetpussygames doesn’t have any additional features other than the games and videos. You won’t find any forums, ratings, or general community actions. This is just straight action, but I think Wetpussygames can really benefit from allowing user ratings and comments.

Wetpussygames makes it easy to get off

Wetpussygames gets straight to the action. When you first enter the site, you’ll get a quick site description followed by a huge gallery of the latest updates. The top gallery is the new porn games, and Wetpussygames gives you a screenshot along with the title.

Next up is the latest hentai cartoons, animations, and videos. Even though it says hentai, there’s a ton of CGI porn mixed in as well. The hentai videos will feature the title along with the part, or chapter, so you can watch the full series quickly.

At the right side of the screen is a table that gives you the “hot” games, cartoons, and videos. These are the cream of the crop of Wetpussygames, so if you’re new here you might want to check these out first.

Check out Fuck Harley Quinn for an awesome game with full voice acting. You can shove your cock up her ass or pussy in first person, and she’ll be screaming in pleasure and saying random Harley Quinn quips. Surprisingly good voice acting and music.

The left side of the page is the main menu. Major categories include Hentai Porn Games, Porn Cartoons, Hentai Movies, and Mobile Hentai. Mobile Hentai just changes the layout of the page into one column, so that you phone browsers can easily get into the action.

On mobile, the HTML 5 version of the game will load if available. This is because mobile browsers usually don’t support Flash. This is a great feature so you can get your jerk on from your phone.

There are also links to Adult Webcams and Addictive Games. These are both ads so just ignore them. Wetpussygames is kind enough to put these links in different colors to let you know they are full of shit.

Anyway, let’s get into the action. Click on a game, and you’ll be sent to the game player. The game immediately loads, with no ads or other bullshit. Sometimes you’ll have to turn Flash on, but that’s no biggie.

And..that’s about all you’ll get. Wetpussygames will have the game playing, with full-screen options, but you won’t get any ratings, comments, etc. This is kind of weak since it’s not a big deal to include a comments box, but the games are short enough that you can get an idea of how good they are quickly.

At the bottom of the page is also recommendations to other games. You’ll get about ten recommendations, along with screenshots. There are also some ad links to affiliate porn sites.

The porn videos on Wetpussygames operate in a similar way. You’ll get a big player that lets you play the video right away. If you click on menu button at the bottom right of the player, you’ll see options for Download, Captions, and Picture in picture.

Picture in picture is a cool little feature that will play the porno at the bottom right of your screen. This frees up your browser to explore other games and videos without having to open a new window.

My strategy is to get some porn going on my screen right away. If I’d rather cum to something else, then I’ll click on the picture on picture button so I can watch this subpar porno while I find some realer shit on Wetpussygames. You can also browse other sites with the picture in picture feature on.

You can hold and drag the picture in picture window around your main screen. It also lets you change the size of the window by dragging out along the corners. Just think of it as a borderless window that plays the porno on a new page.

Some other cool features

At the bottom of the main menu, you’ll see links to Tweet, Blog, and YouTube. The blog gives you little entries on random porn games with a link to the game, a quick description, and a screenshot. It’s nice way to quickly browse what Wetpussygames as to offer.

Wetpussygames also has a YouTube channel with hentai game reviews. These are solid reviews over five minutes long each, and gives you a cool breakdown from some dude who clearly jerks off a lot based on his deadpan voice.

These reviews are actually pretty fucking good though. I hope it helps Wetpussygames become more popular since they put some real effort into this shit. I just hope these reviews don’t start fucking with my account.

What I Like

Wetpussygames is solid for both games and porn videos. The streams load quickly and reliably, and you never have to sit through any ad portals to get to the action. That alone makes this place awesome.

The picture in picture is also an awesome feature. Sure, you can just open a new window, but Wetpussygames makes it easy with the automatic borderless window floating around your screen.

I like the variety of games here. You’ll find your standard adventure and RPG games, but there’s also casino games, BDSM, and more. I also like the mix of CGI and hentai.

Finally, there is a lot of Rule 34 action. Overwatch, Final Fantasy, and even Scooby Motherfucking Doo is featured here. Unfortunately Wetpussygames doesn’t categorize the Rule 34 well, so you might have to do some digging.

What I hate

The worst part of Wetpussygames is just the general quality of the games being subpar. You won’t find anything you can fap to for hours, and most of these games won’t last you more than fifteen minutes before you get bored.

The videos are also really short. Most of the clips I fapped to were five minutes or less. If it takes you a long time to cum, you might want to go elsewhere. A thirty minute episode will be broken down into 4-5 parts, so you’ll need to load each part and watch them separately to get the full movie.

Finally, I didn’t find a search bar on Wetpussygames. This is fucking strange, but I guess it makes sense since the content has no tags or anything. This isn’t a place you go if you have something specific in mind. I’d say that your much better off coming here and just browsing and looking around for some fap material.

The CGI porn games are ace

Overall, Wetpussygames is a solid porn game site, and the minimal ads alone makes it worth visiting.

The hentai content is cool, but I say you want to come here for the CGI games. Games like Dreamscape and the Exhibitionist are great for a quick afternoon fap, with sexy animations and music.

For the hentai and cartoons, the quality varies a lot. Some of these videos look like they were drawn by a 12 year old, while others are surprisingly solid to jerk off to. You’ll also find Rule 34 like One Piece and Final Fantasy so search for your favorite character.

One last word, if you let the page sit there you’ll get some stripper bitch at the bottom right come out and start playing with herself for you. These are ads, but also fucking awesome. I admit, I took some time out to just fap to these virtual stripper bitches dancing on my screen. They were all fine as hell (8/10 minimum).

If only all ads looked like this…

ThePornDude likes WetPussyGames's

  • Wide variety of games and graphics
  • Pretty respectful and clean in terms of ads

ThePornDude hates WetPussyGames's

  • No AAA blockbuster titles
  • Some games are questionably bad with some MSPaint tier graphics