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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan

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This site looks like an IP address central or something! Damn, you can give this page a little bit of soul! Leave it to Japs to make things efficient, minimal and colorless. The good thing is that I didn’t even get on the site yet but already I got the feeling that whatever I might be looking for on Tokyo Tosho I just might find it, and I’ll find it with ease. That’s the first impression that I was left with. Now, what’s or Tokyo Toshokan all about? I have no idea yet, let me check it out and in the next paragraph I’ll expand on the subject matter.

I’m back. Did you miss me? As I was saying, looks clean and simple. I wanted to check out the links that are posted underneath the homepage since I realized that this was a torrent site for JAVs and Mangas. I clicked on one of the links so that I test it out and there it was, a torrent was downloaded to my computer without me knowing that I’d grab a torrent at all! Damn, that was efficient! No popups no nothing, just straight up downloading of the file! Awesome, just awesome! I knew that this is going to be a walk in the park, just didn’t think it would be a stroll on the beach. Nice job!

Now that set the bar so high I expected them to mess it up on another not but, if this is a torrent site and they are dealing with torrents and I already have a torrent on my computer that I didn’t even know was going to be downloaded, what else is there to check out? They did their job to the best of their and probably anybody’s abilities, so what else is there? There’s always something else, believe me. Just trust me. Let’s find out the crappy parts of this site.

Each of the listed files also has a Details and Website links to them. The Details are showing the information on the files, pretty straightforward but the Website link is a bit tricky. It is redirecting to a website that I personally couldn’t open since it was sending me to an image site that took way too long to load and while it was trying out my patience numerous popups annoyed the heck out of me so I hit X and returned to See, I told you that something crappy has to exist. It always does, the secret is just to look for it.

So the site is not just about dirty stuff. is expanding into music as well. They have music videos to download too and they are videos that have to do with hentai and their cartoons since most of their cartoons have a music montage where the main character is kicking ass and what not. You know those montages where lights are blasting your eye retinas and you are close enough to have a seizure. You know those videos don’t you? Well, those kinds of music videos. Find a link, grab it and enjoy the foam coming out of your mouth. Let the good times roll man. If it’s not foaming it’s crap is what I always say.

There are also these other categories that are offering content that’s not as explicit as hentai and mangas. Drama is also anime related but non-explicit material, Other is just some random Japanese cartoons, the ones that are also prone to setting that epilepsy on. The non-english material is also available for a grab. Many cool files are placed on since it is a specialized torrent site, one that does a fine job at weeding out the bad and sawing the good torrent files.

What’s left to say about that’s relevant. Nothing. The very first thing that I did on this site sealed the deal for me. It is a torrent file, I got the torrent. That’s it. Since I’m no expert on hentais, mangas and animes I can’t say if the selection of the files is top notch but I will leave it up to you to check out and report to me ASAP if the selection of the files is on point. That’s pretty much it. Give a run and download that free material. Who knows for how long it’s going to be free.

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  • Fast dowload of the torrents
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and responsive

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  • The site looks like it needs a makeover