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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it’s probably the fact that all of the crazy fucked up shit usually comes from Japan, and their pornography content is not that far from that. Don’t get me wrong, they do offer a ton of great Japanese porn clips that are quite basic or in that range, but there are a lot of bizarre videos that will leave you thoroughly confused; especially if you are not into such weird shit.

Well, if you need ‘Your daily JAV fix!’ then you should probably consider visiting JavJunkies.com, and here I will happily explain why. But, before we get to that, may I just say how retarded it is to put the ‘Are you over 18/21’ on any porn website. Do you really think that works? Oh my, look at me, I am 17 years old, yet I can still enter the site since all it really takes is one click, who the fuck will stop me?

Now ignoring that idiotic part of this site, let’s get down to the actual shit you came here for. Jav Junkies has an already self-explanatory name, and if you do not know what that means, you must be way too young or ancient for this shit; then again, you might just be retarded. In any case, JAV stands for Japanese Adult Videos, which just means that if you are into the bizarre and kinky clips of thin-eyed sluts banging, by all means, enjoy yourself here.

Despite the fact that their design is so horribly made, JavJunkies.com offers quite a hot amount of great JAV videos. Now, I do not recommend browsing the clips here at night, since well, you will go blind because of the pink-white layout… who the fuck thought that that would be a good combination for a fucking porn site?

Unlike what we are used to, this site does look quite different, excluding the fact that it is ugly as shit. There is no basic menu to guide you through to the content that’ll make your wiener dance, but you do have a search box, so knock yourself out. It took me a shit ton of time to actually find anything helpful on this site, and it is located on the cheesy list on the right side.

There, you can choose to list the content by their date, top content, or you can actually fucking learn something about this place thanks to their FAQ and Updates page. Though the FAQ page was not that helpful to me, as it does not really explain much about this place, just states some random facts that nobody fucking cares about. Lucky for you, I am here to explain all you really need to know. You are welcome.

Something that I should have mentioned earlier is probably the fact that you cannot really watch shit on this site, you have to download its content. As you list the content by date, you will get to see a bunch of DVD covers that are pretty useless, because frankly, they are too small for me to see what the fuck is going on in the video.

I mean, I know you table-faced assholes can probably see and do everything better than us, but I literally have no idea what to expect from any of these videos; unless I download them, of course. See, that is probably what they wanted to make us do from the beginning, outsmart the system. Even if most of what they say is pure bullshit, the videos are not half bad, take it from a pro.

If you are one of those people, who actually has a “favorite” Japanese pornstar, you can simply hover over the picture, and the important details will be written in English, the rest is in Japanese, which was to be expected. Personally, I can’t settle down for just one porn slut, I prefer to have a little bit from every ethnicity, mix them all together, like a good buffet. Settling down for just one person is for idiots or women, not for real men, so suit yourself you fucking fairy.

When you are ready to watch some good quality Japanese porn videos, you should just click on the cover image that you like, and you will get to download the torrent. However, with that torrent download, you will also get another tab opened, which is basically an AD or a link to another website. For example, they showed me a good online store that sells all kinds of Flashlights, which was quite insulting.

I can easily get some pussy, I do not need that bullshit in my life, but I am pretty sure that you do. Now, one thing that I found quite annoying is the fact that there are no real categories; you can only list the torrents by their date. Again, who the fuck made this site? Other than the great shit that you get to download, the functionality is so fucking dumb.

I guess, you will have to settle down for the search button on top, and if you are really desperate, just scroll down and you will have some tags listed in an unorderly fashion. There is also a ‘Contact’ page that is not really worth a visit, as it is filled with a bunch of idiots asking stupid questions or telling the admin that the site is ‘great’, basically lying. It is an ‘Ok’ site with ‘great’ content; people, get your shit straight.

ThePornDude likes JavJunkies's

  • Tons of HD JAVs
  • Japanese chicks are the kinkiest
  • Straight down to business
  • Some tags
  • Free JAV downloads

ThePornDude hates JavJunkies's

  • Shitty design
  • No real categories
  • Pop-ups and ads get on my fucking nerves
  • Not enough information for the JAVs you want to download