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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Regardless of how much you fap, sometimes you need to stop and ask yourself – am I fapping to the best porn possible? Am I doing myself a favor by selecting only the best fuck flicks to yank my dick to or am I just feeding myself with recycled videos that are meant for the masses? Chances are you’re probably jerking it to the same old crap everybody else is jerking it to – you know, those cut-out scenes of full XXX movies that contain stepfathers having sex with stepdaughters and vice versa, it really probably is like that. Any given popular porn tube nowadays contains dozens if not hundreds of these same old video clips which you’ve likely seen repeatedly if you spend your free time browsing these same popular porn tubes and jerking it to whatever their algorithm is feeding you. If you do this (and chances are you do since you came here) it’s time to stop and ask yourself – is this a healthy, efficient way to fap to porn?

If Elon Musk or Bill gates jacked it to internet porn, would they do it as I do? Probably not you moron, they’d go on 1337x and download some top quality full movies that they not only get to have for free but also keep forever on their computer, which is far superior to visiting any given popular XXX domain and seeing which thumbnail catches your eye and proceeding to furiously jerk off to a 5-minute long video that doesn’t even contain all the proper transition scenes to create a nice buildup of arousal for you. You really gotta stop jacking off like that because it’s literally the most basic way to jack it to internet porn – why not visit the ‘popular’ section of 1337x and see what the elite porn consumers are jacking it to, which is guaranteed to give you a far better experience than whatever washed down crap you’ve been pulling your dong to until now.

Only The Best Professional Porno

This site is made up and held in traffic health by a community of active serial masturbators who like you need high-grade pornography in order to keep their mood balanced and emotional health in check. They’re not your average jerkoffs who’d be pleased by some basic ass POV montage of Mark’s Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers, or some random scene featuring Gina Valentina stripping and getting her holes filled by a 12-inch black cock. Oh no, these guys want all the smoke when it comes to their porn of choice, and by that I mean they want full, professionally-made XXX movies that offer unmatchable value when compared to those watered down 5 to 10-minute long videos on PornHub. The community here at 1337x doesn’t fuck around – only the best of the best makes the cut and passes their quality check, which is why this site’s ‘popular’ section contains some of the best, most attractive and fappable big budget professionally-made pornography you’ll likely ever come across and yank it to. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself, you might just become a new member of this site.

And Only The Most Pleasing Authentic Amateur Fuck Flicks

Oh, you thought this site only had that professional crap on it that looks like it’s been filmed with 12 dudes around the couple fucking in order to make sure every instance of the lighting, sound quality and overall cinematography are in check? Well, you thought wrong – there’s also a hell of a lot of amateur-made stuff here which is so good it can give those big-budget Brazzers-style movies a run for their money. The amateur videos here are, as mentioned before, uploaded for an audience of true porn connoisseurs who don’t fap to any low-quality, mediocre bullshit – these guys only want the best of the best, so you can bet both your nuts and all the sperm cells in them that they’re not gonna be some shitty videos poorly filmed by a dude who’s doing his girl from the back while recording with some 5 megapixel camera that sucks. The amateur videos here are homemade and they’re top-tier quality, so if you’re into amateur porn then you’d best believe there are more than enough of them here to help you have the jerking off experience of your life.

You Know These Movies Are Good

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a final time: This site’s been around for a very long time now, and while everything on it might not be per your taste it’s still guaranteed to be solid in any porn lover’s league. This site wouldn’t have survived this long were it not for the porn-loving community that it’s practically built upon, which for the most part have the final say on what kind of content gets uploaded to it, regardless if it’s a fully-professional XXX movie made by a big budget porn studio or an amateur nude photo set of some random girl that was stolen from her phone. The people who run this site alongside its community make sure that whatever any visitor here decides to fap to is top-of-the-line XXX content that’s guaranteed to please.

Free as Can Be, And It’s in Full Format

In addition to the top-tier content that this site is known for, literally everything that can be downloaded from it is downloaded in full; one of the reasons why 1337x is so damn popular is because its visitors don’t have to suffer through those repetitive 5 to 10 minute-long videos you see on literally every popular porn tube, and they have the choice to download full XXX works and titles that show you every transition scene and every minute of the tension-filled, plot-centric buildup that leads to the actual sex scene instead of just the sex scene itself like those short porn tube videos too.

You’ll also get to see the finishing touch cumshot scene properly instead of having your video end right before it happens, which is another thing that those videos which can be found on those popular porn tubes are notorious for. And of course, everything here’s free; all you need is a stable torrent client and you can freely download as many XX pics and videos from this site as your hard disk can fit.

Unfortunately, It’s Not Instantaneous

(gotta download everything)

Yeah, kinda sucks that you can’t please yourself at a moment’s notice on this site because there’s no actual XXX content here that’s instantly playable, but at least you get to take advantage of a gigantic assortment of pornography that you can download for free. If you want to take advantage of this website in the best way possible, it’s best to download a bunch of movies that you’re looking to fap to later on in the day, wait for them to download, then wreak havoc with your penis a few hours later – there’s really no simpler way to put it than that. You can also amass a wide collection of pornography by downloading as much stuff from this site as possible if that’s your kind of thing.

Not Suitable for Mobile Use, But Simple As Hell To Use Otherwise

This site isn’t the most suitable site to use for mobile devices – sure, you can access it and see what’s happening on it, but actually downloading movies from it via a mobile device would be like trying to fit a full-sized dildo inside Tinkerbell from Peter Pan – looks like it could be a thing, but in reality it doesn’t work at all. 1337x Is best accessed from a desktop PC or laptop that already has a torrent client installed on it so that you can be fully ready to download anything that catches your eye here.

ThePornDude likes 1337x's

  • Contains professionally-made porn
  • Contains amateur porn
  • All content is uploaded by a quality-checking community that ensures it’s good
  • Site’s design is sleek and pleasing
  • No annoying ads
  • Plenty of full-length free content to download from here

ThePornDude hates 1337x's

  • No instantly accessible porn content whatsoever
  • Not suitable for mobile use
  • Must have a torrent client installed to download the torrents here
  • Content doesn’t have any real category-based organization
  • Site’s layout looks pretty barebone style-wise