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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you love spending hours and hours on random porn forums checking out random GIF’s and WebM’s, you have probably requested a source from the person who posted the content. If the OP decides to finally send you the link to the full-length porno, you are usually not taken some “regular” porn website like PornHub or XHamster or something. Rather, it’s always some website that’s not in English. Well, that’s probably how a lot of people found out about, and I swear to god, the entire experience is quite confusing. At first, I didn’t even realize that it was a porn torrent site. After a thorough investigation, I understood that there will be a lot to talk about Porno Lab.

I know why you’re here on but one of those things definitely isn’t to learn Russian. I’m in here to deliver a review, but here’s the twist. I don’t speak Russian! At all. I do kind of understand some of it because I am somewhat familiar with Slavic languages and those are all pretty similar, but basically, the only words I understand are “titty” and “booty,” and I think that’s enough. Because it’s all in Russian, the site can seem confusing at times and I know that was the case with me.

Let’s take a brief look at and see what we can find. The home page seems inviting enough with a caveat, there are a lot of ads here. However, these won’t mess up your browsing experience so we should ignore them. The page doesn’t ask for payments or nothing, so this entire thing is completely free. However, if you want to post on, you would have to create an account. Also, since this is a Russian porn torrent site it would be wise to register and get access to all the torrents that offers. The selected torrent programs are given that will work for PornoLab, get them, and just click on the desired torrents that you wish to download. Once grabbed, there you go, fresh porn ready to be consumed! That’s the great thing about torrents, they are fast, they are free and they are on your HD forever and ever!

Basically, when you get the hang of the torrent programs, clicking on the torrent files and finding them on PornoLab will be easy as pie. One click and the download is initiated. This is not the gist of the site since there are plenty of other sections that offer value. The Novosti section is dedicated entirely to the news and the most popular released on the website. Furthermore, you’ll find a bunch of full-length movie pack links here. These aren’t always pornographic in nature, but you’ll have to admit these are useful. Next up, we have the board that is entirely dedicated to rules and frequently asked questions. I’d usually advise you to check the tab with all the rules because you don’t want to act like a total chimp on a website like this, right? You don’t want to annoy the people here. However, you can’t speak Russian at all (most likely), so let’s just skip that section, it’s the best we can do.

The next section is the one that is simply named Chat Forum, however, this board still has some topics going on, and it’s all about adult movies, requests and stuff like that. Basically, this is where you go if you want to see some boobs and some butts. I doubt Russians like gay stuff that much (westerners are very familiar with this fact, are they not?), so you don’t have to worry about running into some stuff you don’t want to see (and by this I mean gay stuff). Keep scrolling downwards, and you’ll find another board that is great when it comes to seeing some great porn. It’s all videos and photos of nude babes, content that we all strive for. You won’t have any trouble navigating through this part of the website, that’s for sure. I mean, all of the sub-forums have English names, so the language barrier stops being a thing at this point.

The first sub-forum in the “video & foto” section is entirely dedicated to softcore pornography. You’ll find some erotic movies here, documentaries, general nudity, and even cartoons. The next sub-forum should interest you a bit more. You’ll find some full-length movies here. There are some full-length movie packs, classic porno movies, gonzo movies, amateur movies from 1991 to 2018 and even some movies that have an ethnic theme behind them. Furthermore, there are a lot of movies that have been recorded with cell phones. Basically, you can expect a lot of amateur stuff in here, so just imagine drunk Russians getting freaky with each other. It’s a blast.

There’s a sub-forum named “zarubezhnie film v visokom kachestve” (at least I think that’s how you read it), and this is where you’ll find a lot of full-length high-quality movies, Gonzo movies, documentaries, and even vintage porn. Keep scrolling, the “Russkoe porno” board has a lot of all-Russian videos where you’ll usually see Russian teens fucking, but that’s not all. Obviously, this board also has a lot of vintage and modern movies. At this point, the creators of the board kind of ran out of ideas and started posting random stuff and as a result of their creative laziness, you’ll find a board full of random videos and JAV videos. It’s all pretty damn nice, and all, but this section of the website seems to be poorly organized.

I understand that most of us can’t really speak any Russian, maybe some of us have heard some funny phrases that have sadly been memed into the mainstream (stuff like suka blyat and other random swear words), but I doubt that the language barrier will stop you from enjoying After all, we’re all here for boobs, butts, girls. Nudity in general! Along with the free torrents and the videos and pics that you can check at PornLab, this is what a torrent site is supposed to be like, filled with content while you are getting free content. Fight the power man!

ThePornDude likes PornoLab's

  • An abundance of HD videos is available
  • Torrents are hella easy to grab
  • Tons of amateur movies are available

ThePornDude hates PornoLab's

  • The design of the website looks quite "friendly," but it's still not that pretty
  • More parts of the website should be translated into English