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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Alright, so this is a really interesting one. It’s interesting because of two things. First of all, it’s a site which reviews adult games, and it just so happens that I have plenty of those reviews as well. The second thing is that is about a specific type of adult gaming that not many people seem to be aware of. It’s transformation. And that’s where gets its name as well. Transformation can be really hot in many ways but game developers really need to nail it in order for people to really be a fan of a certain game which has nothing to offer but that transformation aspect. Don’t get me wrong, it can be hot, but you still need something else as well.

Adult games with an emphasis on transformation isn’t just about transformation in adult games. There’s a lot more at play here and you’ll notice it when you start browsing through all the reviews, games, authors, genres, and so on. I really like that they have such a simple design and it’s something that they’re really proud of. Basically, they take all the information they can find and put it into one place so that you can have a very concise and accurate description of every game. One thing that makes this a great way to present information is that you can have a lot of info in one place and it will be clear what you need to click on in order to read what kind of information about any particular game.

The simple gray color scheme is great, but I would have appreciated if came with a dark mode as well. Unfortunately, the light gray color is all you get with and you’re going to have to figure everything else out on your own. I like the game though, and there are very few flaws that I could find with it. Actually, it’s hard to call any of these flaws since they’re just as intended features when it comes to the design. Everything is simple, minimalistic, and you need to know where to look for something in order to get a hang of the site itself. However, it’s all clear as day once you start figuring where all the features are on this website.

Minimalistic design but with no game pictures

For example, you’ll notice that there’s a lack of pictures on here. That’s because the minimalist design doesn’t really care about pictures, and you can find the pictures with a quick google search. However, I see this as a flaw, because it wouldn’t cost them much in speed and processing power if they just added one or two pictures of each game like I add pictures of sites which I review. This is just so that the user can get an overall picture of what they should expect going forward with the game. If they were just here to read, then they would go and read some kind of story porn game site. Instead they’re here to play games, and it’s not going to be easy to decide with this many titles which one to choose without any pictures.

Other than that, you’ll also notice that there are no other graphics either. It’s all just very basic design with some buttons, a navigation bar on the top and on the right hand side, and then some other features as well. All the text has a simple border design and pretty much everything on is as gray as it gets. Listen, I don’t have anything against the color gray. I mean, is pretty gray too. But they could’ve added just a little bit of color to the damn site. I know that they have some color in the logo, but if I am to be completely honest, I just don’t see that as enough.

So many games, genres, and engines to explore

Back to that number of titles that I was talking about. There are over 1,500 games listed on Each one of them has their own category, their own synopsis, overview, plot, and even a walkthrough as well. There are also, you guessed it, reviews! You can find many community reviews of your favorite adult games, or explore some new titles that you have never heard of before and then get the community to tell you whether the game is good or not. There’s nothing worse than wasting your precious time on a game that turns out to be complete horseshit. That won’t happen on if you look at the reviews, because at the end of the day, it’s the community who knows best.

With so many titles, you can also expect many categories. There are 9 regular genres and then 26 transformation genres. The regular ones are things like lesbian (or female/female in this case), domination, pregnancy, and so on. Then you have the transformation genres and these are a bit more specific. There are 26 of them and they range from age progression which is fairly mild, to some more extreme things such as animal, shrinking, and even involuntary. Yep, you can get away with anything when you’re making games and the porn isn’t real. People just seem to be a lot more okay with that than when you make actual porn where the actresses have to act like they’re in these situations.

Genuine and only authentic reviews

There are also hundreds of thousands of reviews on these games do that you can make an informed decision on whichever game you end up wanting to play. It doesn’t matter whether these games are 2D, 3D or even which engine they’re running on. Whatever the case may be with these games, there are swats of people ready to give their definitive review of these games. It’s also important to note that many of these reviews are considering the different updates that the games receive. Listen, you might find an amazing game at one point in time, but soon after it might end up to be a total cash grab after q couple of updates. It’s on these reviews to tell you which of these games have a history of being amazing throughout their existence.

And when it comes to the engines themselves, most of the games seem to be running on HTML. There are also Unity games and also games which run on some engines such as RPG maker. All of these are great, but with over 600 entries, HTML seems to be the most popular choice. However, HTML usually results in poorer gameplay then games which are made with Unity for example. All in all, it’s great that you can see all these small details about the games themselves, but it’s super stupid that you don’t get to see any pictures of the games in action, which I’ve already expressed.

Speedy and snappy for a very smooth experience

One thing that has going for it is that many of the people who review the games usually don’t hold back with criticism. This makes every review very genuine and you get to see the full picture of what you might be getting yourself into. You don’t have to worry about fake reviews since everyone who posts on here is an actual human, and not somebody who is trying to sell you something. In fact isn’t trying to sell you anything with the fact that they have no ads on their site. This place is community supported through Patreon, and this makes it a much better experience for everyone.

No pop-up ads, no video ads, not even banner ads, seems to be one of the cleanest free porn site experiences out there. With an impeccable grasp on simplicity, and the fact that everything seems to work so fast, this place is genuinely one of the snappier porn site experiences. That’s something that review sites need to be careful of and that’s why my site runs so smoothly as well. Of course, with the simplicity that has, there are problems that you’re going to notice no matter what. But still, even with some lacking features, this still seems to be one of those porn experiences that you definitely want to be a part of if you’re into adult games in the first place

ThePornDude likes TFGames's

  • Completely free experience with no ads
  • Minimalistic approach to the functions
  • So many games, genres, and reviews

ThePornDude hates TFGames's

  • Pretty bland and gray color scheme
  • A lack of some general features and sections
  • No pictures or screenshots of the games