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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

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Oh, shit son, it’s time to review Summertime Saga! Summertime Saga is one of the most popular ongoing indie porn games on the planet. As a combination of RPG, visual novels, and simulation, Summertime Saga gives you a nice mix of porn and adventure to keep you engaged.

In Summertime Saga you play as a young horny dude whose dad just died. Such a shame, especially with a ridiculously fuckable caretaker and roommate in the house. It’s up to you to become the rightful head of the household and fuck them both silly.

Not interested in brunettes? You have plenty of other bitches to catch. You start off with the goal of raising college tuition money and finding a prom date. You’re an average dude with a nerdy friend and a telescope to spy on your neighbors.

I know, it’s like the game is based on your life.

Everyday you get to go to the different places around town, meeting bitches, making dough, and getting into trouble. As you get deeper into the game you’ll unlock new locations each with their own adventure.

Think high school Sims mixed with Skyrim, old school point and click adventuring and a whole lot of fucking.

The coolest thing about Summertime Saga is that it’s 100% free. You get access to everything, and you won’t go through bullshit like buying in-game currency.

In fact, the game comes with a cheat option so you can rush through quickly and get to the pussy.

Feel bad for the developers working for free? Please. This fucking game gets 50k a month from Patreon donations alone. People really fucking love this game.

When you play it, you’ll understand why. I’d recommend this to asexuals, the base game is so goddamn good.

The game hits a ton of different fetishes. You have church bitches, goths, MILFs, maids, athletic bitches, and more. You can even get some of these cunts pregnant.

It has a fantastic blend of sex, character building, and high school adventures. Think back to the times running into Stacy by the lockers, only to have Chad Thundercock come in and take her away.

In Summertime Saga, you might just get your revenge. That is, spilling your revenge all over Stacy’s face and inside her ass.

A sweet little city

Summertime Saga is a point and click adventure game at its heart. You start off in your own room, and immediately you’ll see a broken computer to fix, a telescope to spy on your neighbors, and a bed to sleep in every night.

You navigate the world by clicking on shit. You can click on doors, hallways, roads, etc., to make your way around the city.

And what a great city it is. There are dozens of places to explore and meet bitches. You have the Park, where you can meet your goth bitch Eve at night and impress her with freestyle battles (not even joking).

You have the school, where you can impress all your MILF teachers, including the principal, for educational fuck action.

You even have a library, where you can check out books for school, flirt with the librarian, and “accidentally” peep a couple fucking in one of the rooms.

The core problem you’ll have is raising money. You need a ton of money to buy all the shit at the mall that will help you get into these bitches’ panties. If you want to make dough, check out the pizza place to apply as a delivery guy, or do chores for the neighbors.

If you’re playing the game straight, you’ll spend most of your time building up your dough stash. Luckily, at the beginning of the game there is a cheat option that gives you tons of cash so you don’t have to waste your time with all that shit.

That’s right. A cheat option that doesn’t require you to pay the developers more money. It’s fucking insane isn’t it?

I don’t want to spoil too much, but just know that the stories get DEEP. This isn’t any “meet and fuck” action like you get in most porn games. You’ll have to be patient, and go through many days of plotting and wooing to get into panties with Summertime Saga.

You can play this shit on the go, too

Summertime Saga is a PC game, but you can also play it on Android. Sorry Apple cucks, but those faggots at Apple won’t let you play such a sexy game on their platform. Try soy drinking apps instead.

For Android, you won’t find it on the Google app store. I suggest researching how to install apk files on your own (it’s really fucking easy). The pussy is worth it trust me.

What really makes Summertime Saga shine is that it’s a great game even without the porn. Just stashing cash and exploring the world is really fun by itself. When suddenly a female character offers to suck your dick, well, that’s called a cherry on top.

Oh and speaking of cherries, you’ll be busting hymens in this game also.

What I Like

Summertime Saga is completely free, and doesn’t have any mechanics to try to drain your wallet. The game openly welcomes you to cheat and rush through the content, confident that it’s so good you’ll be begging for more.

Patreons get bonus content, like behind the scenes videos and access to the latest versions. But I’d say most of them genuinely support this awesome game. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out much from not having the latest version.

The art is fantastic and a good breath of fresh air from hentai. The bitches are all fappable, and the quality is super consistent. Love the art and passion from the team. Every girl looks really unique and serves a different fetish.

The stories and events are more subtle and complex than even the shit you’ll find in Skyrim. The game throws you little teasers, like a broken computer you have no idea how to fix, or a neighbor’s yoga mat mysteriously left lying around.

Of course, all this shit leads to some sexy situations.

This game really reminds me of the point and click adventure games I grew up on. Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, these were my shit growing up. It felt good just going back to exploring a detailed and living world.

What I Hate

The game is still in development, and it shows.

Lots of scenes will not have any music. It’s awkward how many scenes are just silent. The music that does exist is great though.

There are also some minor bugs. For example, if you are on mobile don’t ever go into the options menu. For me, it opened up my keyboard and I was basically stuck there without some finagling.

The mobile version also suffers from not having adjusted text sizes. The font is super tiny, like a Japanese dick, making it painful on my eyes to read. The PC version doesn’t have this problem though. There’s also no Apple version, although I blame this on Apple. It’s a goddamn shame that so many people won’t get to experience this gem just because Apple is run by a bunch of faggots catering to consumerist soccer moms rather than real human beings.

I also have some personal issues with how some of the bitches look. I get that the game is trying to hit every fetish possible, but some of these fat pimply bitches just aren’t worth pursuing.

One of the best out there

Overall, Summertime Saga is a sweet game that will not only bust a lot of nuts, but also teach people how great point and click adventures are.

You see a suspicious looking alley or passage, well, these games will always let you explore that shit and find new adventures.

If you simply want to bust a quick nut, well Summertime Saga might not be for you. This game is about slowly building relationships and storylines, and your character will experience a ton of blue-balled nights before finally getting that good-good.

I love the big variety of characters. My favorite characters are Roxxy and Mia, who are the top cheerleader and some horny church bitch, respectively. It’s always fun to conquer the bitches who make it hard.

Some of the women in the game look plain nasty, but that’s just my personal taste. Overall, the art is really good once you are used to it, and definitely fappable.

Summertime Saga is made by DarkCookie, who runs a super successful Patreon to fund his game. Summertime Saga continues to have updates every 2-3 months, although you won’t access the latest version unless you are a Patreon member.

The game is currently on version 0.21. The main story is pretty much done, though there is plenty of extra content that still needs to be filled in.

Even though the game isn’t finished, you’ll pull dozens of hours of fapping out of it today. Check it out. One of the few porn games that you might continue playing, even after you bust that nut.

ThePornDude likes Summertime Saga's

  • Completely original art and story
  • Everything is unlocked from the get-go for free

ThePornDude hates Summertime Saga's

  • Game has some bugs and is clearly incomplete
  • Takes awhile to get to the fuck action