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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Space Paws

Space Paws

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Gamers and people who fap on a daily basis are the kinds of individuals who don’t stray too far from each other when it comes to hobbies, fandoms, and overall character profiles – I know that the majority of you who visit my site and have a need to find some new fap-worthy material are gamers at heart and have probably sunk in a few hundred hours in some online MMORPG not to mention have likely spent money on some in-game items and whatnot. Gamers who are serial fappers, and by extension serial fappers who are gamers spend obscene amounts of time on the internet, and their gaming and porn preferences have most likely aligned and resulted in them becoming fans of porn games – or at least a good part of them anyway.

Think about it; if you experience urges to masturbate every few hours, wouldn’t you want your game of choice to contain some porn in it? I’m sure that any avid gamer here who plays a minimum of five ranked League of Legends games per day wouldn’t mind seeing Katarina, Miss Fortune, or at times even Annie in an X-rated rendition, I mean it’s only a natural course of thoughts seeing as how these people fap at least once a day and spend at least 4-6 hours gaming, so it’s nothing strange really.

This serial masturbating-gamer demographic is precisely what Space Paws was made for – a game that requires you to sink in at least a few hours into it, and rewards you at every major milestone you’ve reached with some top-of-the-line fappable content that’s sure to bring you a higher dose of pleasure and overall euphoria due to the fact that you earned it by gaming. You’re probably used to gaming anyway, so you’re definitely going to be up for the challenge of this dialogue option-ridden, gaming sim-esque game that’ll keep you interested all throughout with its unlockable XXX scenes and whatnot. Let’s dig into Space Paws and see why there’s so much hype around it.

This is a Game… With Furries!Dialogue Options – Classic

Yes, almost the whole entirety of this game is made up of you picking the right dialogue options, so you’d best get involved in the plot and actually listen to what the NPCs have to say to you instead of randomly clicking dialogue options in hopes of getting to that long-awaited animated sex scene at random because chances are you’ll fail multiple times until you eventually pick the right options, which is definitely NOT an efficient way to fap. Here at The Porn Dude, we’re all about promoting efficient masturbation to internet porn, regardless if it’s videos on some porn tube or a XXX flash game with space furries – with that being said, I urge you to not play this game if you’re after some instantaneous fappable content.

If you’re someone who can actually get into this game, analyze its plot and figure out which dialogue option to pick (which in other words means if you’re someone who can exercise at least a little patience), then this game can be properly enjoyed by you. If you’re a raging horny monster who needs instantaneous pornography that can be fapped to, I’m sure you can find plenty of websites on our site list that can take care of your debilitating urges.

It’s Free – But There’s Also a Premium Version

This game is 100% free, and it can be downloaded via a quick Google search which will reveal multiple links (they’re all safe by the way, checked them myself) – if you’d like to support the creators of this game then you can give it a spin by downloading it for free and seeing whether you’d be into it or not. If you are interested in this game however, you can go over to their patreon (TaifunRiders) and download it by offering a measly 2$ per month.

Now don’t think you’ll get the same thing if you do decide to fork actual cash over to these guys – the free version is available everywhere, but the premium 2$ per month version offers you a lot more value, with more story, better animations, updated gameplay and even additional mini-game features which are absent in the free version of Space Paws. The premium version is just a better in every way and offers a richer, deeper gameplay experience than the free version.

The Art is Solid, The Animation is Good Too

From a personal viewpoint, even though I’m not big on furries or Hentai/fictional porn in general, I can tell you that this game delivers a solid, visually-pleasing art style which should definitely please you if you’re the kind of person who’s ever fapped to drawn porn before. It’s not too anime-like in its art style, but it also isn’t too Western either – I’d call it a fine, delicate balance between the respective Japanese and Western cartoon art styles, with solid animations that look like they’ve been made with some actual effort put into them as opposed to those pathetic second-long animations you can find on most low-tier XXX flash games.

It’s Basically a Glorified XXX Flash Game

At the end of the day it IS a flash game, and no it’s not made for mobile players – even this game’s creators say this, but just because it’s a flash game doesn’t mean that it’s bad. This game, especially the premium version, has a LOT of story, plenty of mini games, great art, solid sound and animation, and pleasing sex scenes that are actually fappable, especially if you’re the kind of person who prefers to ‘earn their porn’ by playing. If you can see yourself enjoying this game then you should definitely download the free version, take it for a spin and see if it’s the right game for you – if you can afford 2$ per month then you should definitely download the premium, fully-updated version of Space Paws and slay some furry space alien pussy the premium way.

ThePornDude likes Space Paws's

  • Contains plenty of mini games
  • Story is engaging and long
  • Animations are pleasing
  • Sound and art style are great
  • Free version available
  • Premium version is affordable and contains much more value

ThePornDude hates Space Paws's

  • No support for mobile devices
  • Dialogue can be a little tedious
  • Sex scenes can be too short
  • The free version doesn’t have that ‘replayability’ factor
  • You must earn content in this game that you can fap to