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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Scat Gold

Scat Gold

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Everybody poops, as the saying goes. Most people, that is adults, tend to put theirs in the toilet, and a few on the older side store it in a colostomy bag. But some particularly…strange fetish for putting it all over the butts, boobs, and body.

Does that make you horny? Interested? Grossed out?

To be honest, out of all of the kinky shit that I’m into, scat ain’t one of them. But in the interest in covering all of the top smut sites, I’ve looked into smut for the scat-attracted.

Whatever the case, click here to read more info about a site which gives you plenty of poop porn. I guarantee you’ll be, if anything, shocked.

“Is This Site Real? Is This Fetish?”

For those who aren’t into it, or haven’t even heard of it, yes scat fetish is a real thing. And no, generally speaking, this isn’t simulated anal excretions – the shit coming out of people’s asses, and the stuff they covered in is the real deal.

All Kinds Of Kinky Videos

Yeah, the theme of this porn platform is poop, but you’d be surprised how much variance there is one this site/ In addition to the types of vids which focus on one or several women’s assholes and the stuff coming out of it, there all kinds of variation there is on that.

There are male humiliation videos, dressed up fetish scenes, and sex/scat movies featuring heterosexual and lesbian couples. A particular favorite of the users of this site seems to be seeing women covered in shit – whether it’s there whole body or their face. In either case, it certainly gives new meaning to the term “facial.”

And yes, of course, there are tons of vids of people eating shit.

Slick Site Design

It’s great if you’ve got a lot of content on a website, but if you can’t get around well, then it doesn’t mean anything — fortunately, Scat.Gold has a pretty good design, albeit a simple one. Like other sites, the homepage has a full page promo photo followed by a series of playable videos. To the right is a drop-down menu which takes you to recently fixed vids, the Scat Gold store, and a request video section.

Links to all of the other sections work, though there is one which confuses me. The Request a Video section which seems to me to be a bit misleading. You can enter in a title, website, studio, or producer which you would like to see. After you’ve gone through the rigmarole of confirming that you are not a robot, the site will accept your request. However, I’m not sure how often the webmasters respond to this and, to be honest, I don’t plan on spending enough time on this site to find out.

If one of you do, let me know, and I’ll post an update.

Anyway, the site has all of the basics but not much more when it comes to site navigation. There isn’t an exhaustive category section or a tag page, though.

Ads, Ads, Everywhere

If There’s one thing that I can’t stand when looking at porn, it’s being distracted by ads. Granted, when reviewing a site like this, I don’t mind, but I’ll try to be objective. Anyway, on most pages and with a lot of videos you are going to have to put up with adverts all over the place.

Further, if you have ad blocking software running, you’re going to have a problem playing some vids. While it isn’t consistent, some videos will play while others won’t play at all. Similarly, you’ll sometimes have to put up with a stupid pop up which requests you disable your ad blocking software about half the time.

And speaking of pop-ups, you’ll have to put up with a bunch of those as well. When I scrolled through pages, I sometimes got bombarded by two or three pop-ups which I had to click through with my ad blocker down. I’ve got pretty good malware protection, but I still wouldn’t want to depend on it when surfing around this smut site.

So, Should You Check This Shit Out?

Honestly, that all depends.

Usually, if a site doesn’t get my hard dick immediately, or at all, I give it a low rating. But, as you might have guessed, this site comes down to a matter of personal taste – so, it’s kinda hard for me to be impartially when I gag more than the ladies giving head while watching a few minutes the shit on this smut network.

But, dammit, I’ll give it a go.

First, let’s look at Scat.Gold’s design. It’s a bit simple all things considered but highly effective. And like any good site, it’s easy to navigate around. I didn’t have any problems with redirects, though there were a lot of pop-ups sometimes.

Second, the content is certainly unique. Okay, that’s fucking obvious! But judging it by other extreme fetish sites, Scat.Gold has a decent amount of variation when it comes to what you are going to see. Though, as I pointed out earlier in the review, most of the smut focuses on dicks and chicks being covered in shit.

Third, there are far too many ads all over the site. And if you use ad blocking software, you may not be able to watch a video.

For this last reason, I have to take off some points for that last bit, but when weighed against the other parts of the site, I give it four out of five hands.

So, if you do like evacuation your balls while watching a guy evacuate his bowels on a woman, then you’ll love this site. Everyone else I’m sure will feel more like they want to toss their cookies when seeing a few seconds of a dirty salad being tossed on Scat.Gold.

Check it out at your own risk.

ThePornDude likes Scat Gold's

  • You get tons of shit smut for free
  • There are other sub-sites within the network
  • Scat.Gold’s design is simple but effective

ThePornDude hates Scat Gold's

  • You cannot watch some content with ad blocking software running
  • There are far too many fucking ads and pop-ups
  • All of the shit, to be honest…