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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, I guess that we’re doing this. We’re about to head into some of the foulest, most vile, most disgusting porn that you’ve ever seen in your life. And while that’s great news for some of you guys, I gotta tell you that I’m personally not too thrilled. I’m sticking my neck out for you guys, I’m going where no sane man has gone before just to bring you the best scat websites, and one of those sites that I’ll be talking about today is Xpee.com. This place is just completely off the rails with what they’re offering. Seriously, there’s nothing that you can imagine that can be more disgusting than some of the shit that you’ll see on this website.

Scat porn for all your weird fetishy needs

Anyway, Xpee.com is always there for you when you’re looking to have a fun time watching some of the vilest pornos that the internet has to offer. Some of these pornos include shit, some of them include vomit, and some include piss as well. It’s on you to decide where you want to branch off into, or if you don’t want to experience just part of the fun then you can actually get the full package with some video containing all three elements. I’ve gotta say, guys, I have no idea why the hell you’d want this shit on your screen, but it makes me sick just looking at it. You guys are just messed up in the head, that’s all that I can tell you.

An old and dated design that could use a makeover

First things first, let me just mentally block out all of this shit imagery from my head so that I can actually see what Xpee.com looks like. When I can see all the shit on my screen then I can’t concentrate on anything else. Literally, the only thing I can think about is all the shit that’s on my fucking screen. Anyway, once I’ve done that I think that it’s time to tell you a little bit about why this site doesn’t only offer shit videos, but also offers a shit design. Metaphorically shit design of course, as you can’t have a design that’s literally one big shit or something. I guess you could, but when’s the last time you saw a brown porn site?

Either way, it’s time to concentrate on the design of the site so that we can say what exactly makes Xpee.com so appealing to some people. I actually can’t figure it out. This place is so fucking narrow that it’s really hard to use properly on desktop. They could easily just stretch it out so that it’s usable on desktop as well as mobile. Instead, you’re stuck with this narrow ass design that dates back to when the monitors were mostly 4:3 in aspect ratio. It’s no wonder that people don’t like these designs anymore since most of their field of vision is just blank space now. I get that the most important stuff is in the center, but look at every other site in existence and you’ll see that they’re all wide, edge to edge.

Now, you might get the impression that I’m taking too long when talking about the design and you’d be right. I just don’t want to think about the actual fucking content on here. I’m getting my ass that you’ll love it if you’re into scat and piss and all that other shit, but I just can’t take that shit… LITERALLY. Anyway, I’ll get to the content in a bit, but let’s mention the layout as well since that’s pretty important if you’re looking for a proper user-experience where you’ve got everything that you need exactly where you need it. No convoluted or confusing mazes on Xpee.com, just a simple ass design that you’ll love.

The navigation is really simple and easy to use

You’ve got all of the most important tabs at the top of the site right under the logo. And the logo is really simple too, so it won’t be distracting you from the tabs either, which is good. You can check out the Home tab where all of the main things concerning the site are held. There are a few more tabs that we should go over and each and every one of them has something that you should know about it. You’re going to love all of them though, as each section has something special to offer you in terms of scat porn that you’ll absolutely love while other people would probably barf if they saw it.

Pretty much every category that you could hope for

So the Categories tab is the place where you’ll spend the most time on Xpee.com. There are multiple reasons for that, the first one being that you can actually determine what kind of content you’re looking for on this section. You can choose between 5 distinct categories that all have to do with the disgusting fetishes of urination and shit and all that. We’ll go over all of them in a bit but just know that this place is where all the magic happens. If you don’t want to choose a category you can just leave it on the All setting which acts as a sort of the sixth category on Xpee.com. This one shows you all the videos on the site.

Over 28000 scat porn videos to watch and enjoy

And when I say all the videos, you better be ready to find out just how many videos there are on here. Xpee.com has over 28000 videos for you to watch, so if you were worried about ever running out of content, well let’s just say that this should be the least of your concerns. The most important thing that you need to know is that this place keeps getting new uploads so even if you were planning on seeing all of the 28000+ videos that Xpee.com has to offer, you’d still have a hard time going through all the new uploads that get submitted to Xpee.com. You can even submit your own content on the Upload section.

Alright but what about those categories that we were talking about? Well, there’s the Girls Pooping tab, and this one is self-explanatory. Now that I think about it, they’re all pretty self-explanatory. This one lets you see hot pornos of girls having shit coming out of their asshole. Then there’s the Girls Puking section where there are hot chicks puking their hearts out. You’ve also got the Panty Poop section if you like having the shit stay mysterious. I thought liking shit in porn was weird enough, but now you’re watching it in pants, now that’s fucked up. Anyway, there are the Pissing videos and Scat videos too, if you want to check those genres out.

Every single video is completely free here

Probably the most important aspect that I don’t think I’ve emphasized enough about Xpee.com is the fact that all of the videos on here are free. Now, as with all free porn tube sites, there are some ads that you’ll have to go through and these are probably the worst part of the site. I mean the content is the worst part of the site for people like me who can’t stand shit, but for fucked up people who like it, the ads are there to be annoying as hell. I mean it’s a fair trade. You get to watch your fucked up and weird porn and the ads get to pop-up in your face so that Xpee.com can stay afloat.

When you look at the whole thing Xpee.com really is one of those sites that you just have to check out if you’re a fan of this sort of content. I don’t know many people who are that into this sort of scat porn, but I can safely say that if you’re into this stuff, then Xpee.com is the place to be, with countless videos that are going to be perfect to sustain your fetish and even bring it to a whole new level and new heights that you’ve never had the chance of exploring before. Check out all the free scat porn that your heart desires on Xpee.com.

ThePornDude likes Xpee's

  • More than 28000 porn videos of the scat variety
  • Five incredible categories that were made for this fetish
  • The videos are completely free with frequent uploads

ThePornDude hates Xpee's

  • Bad design that was made for monitors that are 4:3
  • Pop-up ads that are going to annoy you a lot