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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Before you even ask, yes PooPeeGirls.com is exactly what it sounds like. Absolutely horrid, disgusting… and incredibly sexy for some people apparently. I don’t know what it is about scat porn that makes some people really enjoy it and all that, but I can tell you one thing for sure, and that’s that this place has plenty of that shit. Yeah, I mean that both in a metaphorical and literal way. And “woah” look at me using all these fancy words when describing PooPeeGirls.com. Honestly, I just do that to prevent myself from vomiting when looking at this fucking place. Anyway, let’s see what it’s all about.

Incredibly simple and user-friendly design and layout

I think the first thing that’s going to catch your eye when you’re on PooPeeGirls.com is how simple it is. I mean it looks pretty barebone, to say the least, and I wouldn’t really say that this is a bad thing. After all, all of the content is going to take your concentration away from the design anyway. I mean, how can you possibly concentrate on the design for more than two seconds with thumbnails like this. Then again, I still guarantee that the barebone nature of PooPeeGirls.com is what you’ll notice first. If only they added a dark mode so that all of you sick fucks can watch these videos during the night as well. I mean, you still can, but you’ll be brighter than Notre Dam when it’s on fire.

Holy shit, too soon? Well, I don’t really give a shit about conventions or rules so I’m going to joke about whatever the fuck I want. And when you’re reviewing a site like this, you sort of have to use the vilest and horrible dark humor possible to offset the fucking disgusting nature of the content. I know that I’m just stalling at this point cause I don’t want to talk about the content but bear with me. Let’s also notice a few things about the design of PooPeeGirls.com like the fact that the buttons are really simple, and everything is so damn plain. This just adds to the shock factor when there’s such a huge contrast between the design and the content thumbnails.

The navigation bar gives quick access to all the sections

And you’ll definitely notice the thumbnails but I’m not talking about those just yet. Holy shit I almost barfed just thinking about those. No, first we’re going to talk about the layout. Everyone needs to know how to use a site before they venture into it. It’s no different with PooPeeGirls.com, so let’s run down all the different sections that they’ve got going for them. I mean, what else are we supposed to do when we’re racing against the clock to the point when I’m actually going to have to watch a video and review that part of the site. It’s going to be a dark time indeed, as dark as a poop shoot. Nevertheless, we stride forward.

There are like four different sections that you can check out on PooPeeGirls.com. They’re all in the navigation bar for easy access and three of them are insanely important and then there’s one extra that’s just kind of funny. Alright so, first of all, we have the Home button and while I’m against those buttons existing cause usually you can just put the home button on the logo of the site, this one actually has a purpose cause it isn’t actually a home button per se, and it’s more of a Videos button. It’s where you go to get the meat of the content, or the shit of the content if we want to be more specific.

Every category that you’ll ever need is listed on here

Then there’s the Categories tab and this one is where you have all of the different categories for the videos on PooPeeGirls.com. They’re as disgusting as they sound, so let’s have a quick rundown of all of them. The first one is “Girls pooping in the mouth”. Yuck. I mean if that’s what you’re starting us off with then I don’t even want to know what the rest of the categories on PooPeeGirls.com are. Then we have Pooping girls, Pissing girls, Girl farts… What the hell, who wants to see or hear girl farts? Moving on it’s Panty poop, Sex with shitting girl, Hidden camera in the toilet (for all you fucking perverts), and Popular searches. I don’t even want to know what the popular searches are…

But I’m reviewing a site here goddamnit, so give me a hazmat suit cause I’m diving into this shithole. So the Popular searches are a bit tamer than what you’d expect from a site such as PooPeeGirls.com. But don’t think that just because these search terms sound vanilla that you’re in for some vanilla porn. These porn videos are as shitty as they get, they are just consolidated with these search terms to give you the nastiest mixture that you’ve ever seen. Yeah, you wanted to see Lesbian porn? Sure, go ahead and click on it, see what happens. And just as you expected, you see a bunch of lesbians shitting. I’m sure that 2 girls 1 cup is in here somewhere.

Not a fan of the video format? Try pics instead then

Moving on, we’ve got the Pics section. This one is self-explanatory, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. PooPeeGirls.com offers not only videos of disgusting shit, but pics of it as well. I know that you’re probably wondering how the hell they managed to make scat pics work for the love of god, and I’ll tell you how. There are a few types of pictures on here. There are pictures of shits that have just left the asshole or are on the way of leaving the asshole. Then, there are also images of girls covered in shit from head to toe and those are pretty disgusting, to say the least as well. And finally, there are pictures of girls in the middle of pissing. So as you can see there are plenty of ways to capture scat in a single frame.

But for all of you people that just can’t go without it being on video, PooPeeGirls.com has plenty of that kind of content. There are so many fucking videos on here that it’s not even funny. I didn’t have the guts (literally) to go through all the pages and see how many scat videos there are on PooPeeGirls.com but let me assure you that there are more videos than you’ll ever manage to watch in your lifetime. So even if you started watching them all and you watched them from start to finish, you’ll never reach the end. Even if you managed to devote all of your time to it, there are just too many new videos being uploaded all the time on PooPeeGirls.com for that to be possible.

All of the scat porn videos and pics are completely free here

Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that all of these videos are free. I mean just because something is free doesn’t mean you should automatically watch it, but it definitely IS free so it’s up to you to decide. I know that I won’t be spending any of my time on here, but if you’re a sick fuck then you can spend as much time as you want on here. And after it’s all said and done, you can go to the Feedback section and leave your comment on the website and tell the owner whether you enjoyed it or not. Add your comment to the hundreds of other nonsensical ones already on PooPeeGirls.com.

So yeah, that’s about everything that you need to know about PooPeeGirls.com. I think that it’s a fair website for anyone looking for disgusting porn to watch in their free time. It’s a perfect place where all of your sick fantasies are available to you for free. You have to be a special kind of fucked up to be into this shit, but if you are then you’re free to roam PooPeeGirls.com in search of the perfect video and picture scat porn content. Shitting, pissing, everything that you could hope for, it’s all here on PooPeeGirls.com. Check it out and see for yourself.

ThePornDude likes PooPeeGirls's

  • An endless number of scat porn videos and pics
  • Both the scat pics and videos are free here
  • Pretty much every category and tag are available

ThePornDude hates PooPeeGirls's

  • Barebone design with really bright background
  • Most of the videos and pics aren’t high quality