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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you’re reading this, then you probably disgust me. Why? Because you’re interested in something that has “pee” in its name. Yeah, you knew what you were going to find here, you knew full well, and you clicked anyway. But hey, at least you aren’t as disgusting as the people who click on scat porn sites! Instead, what you’re after is the best pee porn that money can buy, and in that case, you’ve hit the motherload with But don’t worry, if you’re absolutely broke, you can still enjoy even without spending any money. It’s good to have choices and having the choice to go premium on any site and still have free content besides that is always a good thing in my opinion.

You need a free account for much of the content

So, I think we should discuss the difference between the free and premium versions of this site. The first thing you need to know about the free version is that you still have plenty of content. Heck, you get to see hot chicks peeing even if you don’t make an account. However, that’s only for pictures, if you want to watch videos of chicks peeing, then you’re going to have to spend those 3 minutes of your time and create a free account on You already know that this won’t be an issue since making an account only takes a couple of seconds. So don’t act like a little bitch and just create that account if you want to get a full experience of

Without an account, there are many things that you can’t do. You can’t access much of the free content. You can’t watch videos. You can’t chat. You can’t even post anything or reply to forum posts. You’re crippled without an account on Then again, seeing as how making an account is free and all, you shouldn’t be complaining. The only thing you should be complaining is the fact that you’re going to be limited in your usage of in some regards without going premium. For example, even with your free account, you can only send a few chat messages and then you get a cooldown. You’re also limited to how many things you can download from this website as well.

A premium membership opens up so many possibilities

That’s where premium comes into play. I don’t know how many of you out there are fucking demented enough to pay for piss porn, but if you are, then you can do it on When you pay for your Gold Membership, or you know, premium membership as everyone else calls it, you get many more options in terms of content and functionality on And what kind of stupid name is a Gold Membership anyway? What are we some kind of fucking alchemist squad? Well, I guess the gold really does make sense when you see the entire deal with You’re watching pee porn, golden showers, yellow stuff everywhere. And in that regard, I guess calling it a Gold Membership is adequate on

So, with your gold membership, you get so many features and so much new content. For one, you get an entirely new section on which is labeled as Video Gallery. This section has so many amazing piss videos (and I call them amazing from your perspective cause it’s still fucking disgusting to me) as well as some exclusive videos posted by the forum members. Other than that, you also get to send unlimited private messages to other users. Then there’s the fact that you get to join a private chat lounge and you get an exclusive look to your name on the site. You will also get the ability to change forum themes as well as added functionalities when it comes to deleting your posts.

A Gold Membership gives you new themes, no ads, and premium content

It seems that premium users have it really good on And it’s true, they don’t even have to watch advertisements like the rest of the users on Non-premium users, otherwise known as MERE MORTALS, have to wait even longer for support, when gold members get priority support. They can even change their username to whatever they want at any time! You’re just stuck with what you pick when you register your account. Luckily, you can always make new accounts sand all that, so there’s not much to lose on that part. You’ll lose out if you’ve built an outstanding reputation on and then you have to make a completely new account. That could be a potential problem for free users looking for a new username.

But hey, if the site were just giving away all of that premium and exclusive content for free, they wouldn’t even be up and running since they wouldn’t be able to afford it. So, I can completely understand where they’re coming from, even though my site is completely free, but that’s beside the point. What I really want to do now is take a look at all of the content that you can find on I know that we’ve been talking about functionalities for a long time and we still haven’t touched on any of the actual content, but that’s because I don’t’ want to watch chicks peeing. If I wanted to watch chicks peeing, I’d watch Japanese voyeur videos for fuck’s sake.

Great pictures, but the free videos can be quite amateurish

The content is passable. Nah, I’m kidding, it’s pretty high quality most of the time. When you take a look at the pictures, for example, you’ll notice that all of them seem to be quite well produced. It’s like the entire photo session that you’re watching was based around the model pissing herself. And you’ll notice that there are many different subgenres of these pictures that you can check out as well. Once you click on the Pee Pictures section, you’ll be able to choose between chicks pissing through their panties, pissing in the bathroom, pissing on someone else. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of picture content you can find on here.

The Pee Video section also has plenty of high-quality stuff, but it’s much worse than the pictures. I guess it has to do with the fact that it’s a lot more expensive to produce good videos of chicks peeing. That’s why a lot of this video content is amateur in nature. There are some premium pissing videos to be seen too but usually, these are behind a paywall with the Gold Membership. Other than pictures and videos, you can also hope for some real-life stories and encounters, fictional stories, an FAQ section for peeing fetishists, as well as a special section dedicated to content where men are the ones peeing, if that’s what you’re into which is even weirder.

A thriving community with tens of thousands of members and topics

Pee content isn’t the only thing you can hope for. But before I mention the general content on, I should probably talk a little bit about the design of the site. For a free forum site, the place looks like exactly what you’d expect. It has that classic forum vibe to it, which makes it a bit boring at times, and there’s also the fact that it can get a bit messy and cluttered with all the posts and all. I mean, there are almost 24,000 members on here with over 192,000 posts to their name. With that much content, it’s bound to get messy and cluttery with the user interface eventually.

But at least the color scheme is simple, and even though it’s pretty bright, you can change the theme when you have a premium membership. For the rest of you, you’re stuck with this piss color, which I’m guessing isn’t that bad seeing as how you have the fetish and all. But yeah, there’s some general content that you can check out as well which isn’t related to peeing whatsoever. There are porn pictures, videos, and even a General Talk section where you can discuss politics with people whose mind you cannot change and who you’ll never meet in your entire life as you waste your time debating meaningless nonsense on the internet. Check out today!

ThePornDude likes PeeFans's

  • Loads of posts and pee content
  • A lot of the pics and vids are free
  • Thriving and growing community

ThePornDude hates PeeFans's

  • A paywall for many functionalities
  • You have to pay for premium content
  • Boring design which is prone to clutter