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Updated on 05 February 2024
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RedTube Lesbian

RedTube Lesbian

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A lot of people in the world don’t mind watching pornography that depicts girls getting railed by muscular, well-hung men who probably look dozens of times better than the dudes who are watching them, but I’m not saying this to put down mediocre-to-average-looking men who watch pornography, I’m saying this to prove a point that these men, despite their looks, don’t care about watching pornography which features guys who look better than them because they’re comfortable with their sexuality and comfortable in their own skin.

Then there’s a whole other demographic of porn consumers who due to a lack of confidence and/or fragile sexuality (which typically borders on homosexuality), prefer to watch porn that does not include any men in it whatsoever. These guys don’t like looking at dick because it either makes them feel small and inadequate and/or scares them off because deep down they know they’d take that dick in them, and they fear their own unawakened homosexuality.

These guys cling onto whatever’s left of their masculinity by watching porn that includes only females going at each other like hungry hyenas. These estrogen-filled videos that these borderline-gay dudes favor are for whatever reason capable of giving them the affirmation that they’re big macho men, and the absence of ‘meat’ in that content makes them know for sure that they’re ‘totally not gay’. I mean if you can’t stand the sight of ‘meat then you’re probably hiding some feelings in the first place, because after all, you’re not focusing on the dick itself when you watch porn, but rather the girl that’s on it.

However this is too much for some people and they’d prefer to have their content free of all kind of ‘meat’, which is likely the sole reason why lesbian pornography has been a staple of the porn industry ever since the 70s. I mean sure, two hot girls going at it is pretty damn hot to watch, but if you’re the kind of person who frequents sites like Redtube’s ‘lesbian’ section over here then you might just be leaning towards the LGBTQ agenda and not knowing it. In any case, let’s get on with the review and see what’s what with this corner of the internet porn empire…

Plenty of Great Premium Cut-Out Scenes

One of the things which will always be commonplace for a website like RedTube is the abundance of cut-out premium XXX scenes which compose most of the site’s overall videos. There are literal mountains of individual cut-out scenes on this website which are taken from full XXX works and titles, and that, of course, includes a lot of the scenes within the ‘lesbian’ section too. Almost every video you see here will be an excerpt from a full XXX feature, and while that may not essentially be a bad thing it does still mean that whatever plot the full XXX feature is now redundant because it’s just one solo scene.

Now you may not be a person who is necessarily turned on by plot in pornography (as much of a cliche as that may be) but rest assured that there are plenty of people who are, and they won’t get to experience a build-up of arousal because they won’t know why the two ladies who are tribbing in their XXX vid of choice are tribbing in the first place. Moreover, a lot of these scenes skip out on the stripping part when the girls take their clothes off, which is another highlight for arousal in many porn fans, and last but not least, the scene transitions like for example when the performers switch positions are also usually skipped within these scenes, leaving you with nothing but 5-10 minutes of sex. The orgasm parts are also usually skipped too – you’ve probably fapped to dozens of heterosexual porn videos on these popular porn tubes which have cut out to a ‘subscribe now’ scene right as the dude’s about to blow a load on the girl’s face, well, the same thing happens with lesbian porn too…

But A Severe Lack of Focus on Authentic Amateur Scenes

There is just not focus on amateur content whatsoever on this site’s lesbian section (and on other non-amateur categories too), which I can’t say I’m a fan of because number one; I love amateur stuff that you can just tell is authentic and homemade, and number two; there are other popular porn tube sites which exercise a nice ratio of amateur-to-professional porn videos, and I’m sad to say that Redtube isn’t one of them. Yeah, half of the world’s internet users loved fapping to this site back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, but I’m afraid that by now it’s been overtaken by bigger and better porn tubes that just do its job better than it does its own…

There IS Some Meat In These Videos After All

(predominantly lesbian ffm vids)

Also, if you thought that all of the videos in Redtube’s ‘lesbian’ section were purely lesbianic in nature, think again; there is the occasional female-female-male threesome video which contains SOME lesbo action, but only up until some guy comes intruding with his dick out and starts banging both of the chicks that were going at each other. Around one in five videos will feature some ‘meat’ in them here, but I’m yet to see any amateur videos whatsoever – it seems that Redtube’s algorithm has reserved the amateur stuff for the ‘amateur’ section itself…

Several Filters For Your Preferred Lesbian Content

There are several ways you can separate, filter and organize the lesbian videos here on RedTube, and it’s laughably easy to do. This site gives you a dropdown ‘sorting’ menu which allows you to filter videos depending on how many views they have, how new they are, their rating, how ‘favorited’ they’ve been, their length as well as their ‘featured’ status. In addition, there’s another ‘filter’ dropdown menu right next to the aforementioned one which lets you filter in all the most popular videos for the day, week, month and all-time. Lastly, if you can’t make up your mind, there’s always the preset search queries set up by RedTube itself which show you some popular lesbian-related searches such as ‘Lesbian Scissoring’, ‘Lesbian Milf’, ‘Lesbian Orgasm’ and ‘Lesbian Squirt’.

There’s Also Photos And Cam Models Here Too

If you’ve had your fill of videos and would like to ‘try your hand’ at some other format of XXX content here on RedTube, you’re always welcome to check out the photo section, which also contains a seemingly endless amount of girl-on-girl XXX content that’s provided to you in the classic still image format.

Now you may not be the kind of person who can get aroused by still images and would much rather prefer to fap to videos, but hear my advice; fapping to images is much healthier for your brain than fapping to videos because it forces your brain to use its imagination more, therefore promoting neural activity which is otherwise redundant when fapping to visually over-stimulating XXX videos. Masturbating involves a lot of biochemical processes in the brain, and those processes vary depending on what kind of digital format of pornography you’re fapping to.

There’s also a live cam section here on RedTube which is dedicated to lesbians and fapping to live cams causes a lot more activity to occur in your brain’s biochemical cocktail. Your brain will reward you with that delicious feel-good oxytocin whenever you receive a response from a certain live cam performer you’re fapping to, because that response ‘tricks’ your brain into thinking you’re actually having sex with that cam performer in real life, and oxytocin is heavily produced by the brain while experiencing actual real-life intercourse. So if you want to trick your brain into producing more of these feel-good chemicals, all you have to do is fap to some live cam models (why do you think that fapping to live cams is almost always a premium service anyway?)

Fully Optimized for Mobile Use

It’s no secret that RedTube, as one of the more popular XXX porn tube websites on the internet, is 100% optimized for mobile and tablet devices – you can freely access this website from almost every smartphone device and maybe even an old Motorola Razr V3 flip phone that’s capable of browsing the internet, as well as virtually every handheld electronic device that can do the same (regardless if it’s an Apple tablet or some cheap knockoff that could explode in your hand without warning). So if you’ve ever got the need to fap to any of this site’s videos (not just the girl-on-girl ones), you can easily access it from your phone and make your way to the nearest bathroom.

ThePornDude likes RedTube Lesbian's

  • A reliable website that responds fast
  • No spammy ads, can use the site with AdBlock turned on
  • Plenty of content filters available
  • Fully optimized for mobile and tablet
  • Contains some great premium lesbian scenes
  • The dark background makes it visually appealing

ThePornDude hates RedTube Lesbian's

  • Not a huge focus on amatuer lesbian porn
  • There are non-lesbian scenes in some of the videos
  • The site doesn’t exactly deliver on authentic amateur content, only replicated stuff
  • Is overshadowed by larger, more popular porntube websites
  • Lots of its premium videos are dated