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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sometimes men in porn just don’t make the cut for a lot of people who are otherwise addicted to pornography – their muscle-clad, testosterone-filled bodies aren’t soft and supple like a woman’s body is, and the way their schlong flops down on a lot of scenes is definitely something that a lot of borderline homophobic porn addicts wouldn’t want to see on their PC screens – this is precisely the reason why lesbian sex in pornography is so damn popular and has always been a staple of the industry since its very beginning. Yeah sure, sometimes porn fans like seeing big men with giant veiny cocks destroy pussy on camera because it lets them relate in one way or another, but for some men, seeing other men in the fuck flicks they’re watching makes them feel either grossed out because they’re homophobic (and probably avoiding uber gay thoughts and urges) or makes them feel immaculate and insignificant because the men in the content they’re watching are all big and muscular.

But when it comes down to two lesbians going at it, there’s practically nothing that can stand in the way of your fragile masculinity or your homosexual tendencies – it’s nothing but two pairs of ass and tits fucking each other in whatever way they can, either with toys or by scissoring. Lesbian porn is a testosterone-free, estrogen-filled fun time that usually contains scenes of stepmothers seducing their stepdaughters or vice versa, and more often than not depicts the usage of toys – it’s one of the most commonly watched genres of pornography, and you’ll definitely enjoy it to some extent regardless if you’re an ultra-macho dude who scoffs at gays and judges them at every angle or a dude who hates women and can’t stand seeing any content where the lead role isn’t played by a male.

See All the Best Lesbian Videos On the Site

One of the most immediately effective things you can do on Porntrex’s lesbian section is filter in all the ‘Best’ videos by clicking the ‘Best’ filter on top of the page – this will show you all the most watched videos on the site which you can surely blow one or two loads. Now, the ‘best’ videos on this site are actually sorted via their views – Porntrex’s algorithm dictates that the videos with the most views are the ‘best’ ones, which isn’t necessarily the case due to the fact that a lot of these videos with lots of views are actually opened because either their thumbnails look controversial and prompt people to click on them out of curiosity, or because their titles sound controversial (i.e. the whole step-family pseudo-incest shtick, which attracts a lot of attention).

But at the end of the day, most of the ‘best’ videos on this site’s lesbian section are just the most viewed videos overall, so there’s not much to behold here except the most popular public opinion on lesbian porn video thumbnails, which may or may not agree with your standards or preferences. To elaborate; you might be the kind of person who likes blondes, but there may be a lack of them in the ‘Best’ videos filter – the same case can be made with pretty much any specific preference, but overall these videos can be just about anything.

All The Videos Can be Viewed in HD

One of the most noticeable things you can gain from this website is, in fact, its video quality – every video on this website can be viewed in just about every quality setting, from 240p to 1080p, and they’re all set at a default of 720p, so there’s really no chance of you landing on a low pixel quality video that will have you jerking off to things like pixels and other low definition artifacts. There’s just no going wrong if you’re planning on jerking off to this site’s videos for their quality.

Almost No Authentic Homemade Amateur Fuck Flicks

Despite this website having a seemingly endless supply of high definition videos, one of the things which it lacks is authentic homemade videos – you know, real amateur stuff which isn’t as ‘fake’ and ‘glossy’ as those big-budget videos when watched are easy to see for what they are; two people fucking with a crew of 10 people around them making sure that the lighting, sound, and everything else including the dude’s ass hairs are all perfect in every possible instance of film.

Not that there’s anything wrong with those kind of videos, it’s just that they’re kind of over-watched at this point and the porn-fan crowd can definitely use some of those authentic homemade videos to balance things out. So to conclude, no, there are no actual homemade videos here – if you want those I’m sure there are plenty of websites on the Porn Dude’s list that can help you out.

The Tags Are Here, But They Don’t Cover What You May Think They Do…

(can be a little much but are effective)

The tags on this website are best described in one word: Shitstorm. Now, keep in mind that when you’re looking for specifically lesbian videos, you’ll definitely end up opening videos which have tags in them that are properly established in relation to what’s shown on the video, which is good news if you have any specific preferences. However, this is probably the only way you can use these tags at all – if you were to open the standalone tag section on this site, you’ll quickly find out what I was talking about when I said shitstorm; for one thing, they all start in symbols (usually a hyphen or a bracket).

Now, the words next to the hyphen and bracket are mostly sequenced in alphabetical order, but the problem is that this alphabetical sequence occurs repeatedly, with a different batch of words in each sequence. For example, the first sequence might contain words that depict sex play, and once it reaches ‘Z’, another alphabetical sequence of totally fucked up tags begins, however this time it depicts the first names of pornstars… It’s honestly a clusterfuck that’s probably gonna waste your time, so if you do have to resort to tags I suggest relying on those that are already put on existing videos and starting from there.

In any Case, This is a Fine Selection of Lesbian Vids

(full scene cutouts, mostly good quality)

At the end of the day, despite this website’s lack of authentic homemade amateur videos and it’s horrible tag section which appears to be a PTSD-riddled afterbirth of what was once a normal tag section that was later on struck by a meteor, the videos themselves (specifically the ones in its Lesbian category) are pretty good.

Sure, they may all mostly be HD glossy videos that find themselves on popular porn tubes with a certain Brazzers or Reality Kings watermark in the corner, but they do their job, and if you’re ever in need of some gorgeous visual eye candy which doesn’t involve any meat in it whatsoever, then this site’s Lesbian section definitely gets the job done. Even better, these videos can all be viewed in high definition, and there are more than enough VR videos here that can get you completely immersed in some top of the line girl to girl action that might just burn out your visually-cued dopamine reserves for good.

ThePornDude likes PornTrex Lesbian's

  • Totally free premium-level videos
  • All the videos can be played in 1080 pixels
  • No annoying ads on the site
  • There are tags on every video
  • The site functions well
  • Optimized for mobile use

ThePornDude hates PornTrex Lesbian's

  • Lacks authentic amateur content
  • The standalone tag section is a complete mess
  • A lot of the videos are cut-outs of full scenes with the transitions skipped
  • Not able to combine the lesbian category with other categories
  • Most of these videos can be found on other popular porntubes