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Updated on 05 February 2024
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XVideos Lesbian

XVideos Lesbian

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When it comes to pornography, the internet is certainly a sumptuous buffet that it sometimes becomes hard to find a specific niche or popular category of smut that will fulfill your fantasy fetish. Sometimes you’re simply overwhelmed by the variety of porn tubes and end up browsing for hours with a hard-on, just trying to find something that can help you dump a quick cumshot. It’s even a lot harder if you don’t know exactly where to look at in the random mix of crap on most of the free tubes. But some porn sites are making their mark among porn fans and professional critics from all over the world by serving specific niches in a bid to stand out. xVideos has been dishing out free sex videos for over a decade now, and the site has videos to serve different niches from straight, lesbian, black, Asian, to any sick fucking shit your crazy mind can dare to imagine.

xVideos.com is one of the biggest porn tubes in the porn world that has performed well when it comes to providing free sex videos for any fucking sick pervert out there who wants to enjoy them. The site’s homepage claims that 10,000 new clips are added on a daily basis – that’s a fucking staggering amount! Although I could not independently confirm this claim, I noticed they have more than 8 million clips in their archives and achieving that number surely requires an enormous injection of new scenes daily. So perhaps it’s true they really add that number of videos per day. Who knows? All I give a fuck about is that there is a ton of free porn here and when they claim to be the “best free porn site,” they are not really taking us for a ride.

Classical, User-Friendly Design

The homepage is where I found the hottest videos showcased. The videos are displayed in a thumbnail format and scattered all around the homepage. You can see the title of the type of content in the clips, the number of views on each video, and the channel that uploaded the clips. Additionally, the duration of each clip is written just below the thumbnail, so you don’t have to go back and forth opening a video with the intention of watching a short clip and later realizing that it’s a whole movie. Personally, that really pisses me off. You can also see a short preview of what to expect in the video by hovering your cursor above the thumbnails. The previews last only a couple of seconds but certainly enough to show you what kind of nasty action to expect.

However, you’ll most certainly want to use the search feature if you are trying to find a specific niche. So if you’re into lesbian porn, I personally recommend using the search tool so you can really get a good sense of the best lesbian porn the site has to offer. Besides the search tool, you can look out for particular trends of interest in your specific country. Here you can catch up with all the latest, hottest lesbian porn, like sex tapes of your favorite lesbian couple from your country. The other way to browse through all the porn clips here is through the channels or the porn star index. Alternatively, you can also check out each category to see what fucking gems you might unearth.

A Pretty Modest Yet Functional Video Player

The xVideos.com player is definitely one of the most popular porn video players out there for a number of reasons. Not only does it have a simple, user-friendly design, which is really awesome, but it doesn’t contain those fucking annoying pop-up ads you must watch before you watch a video. It also doesn’t force you to watch any ads while the video is playing. In fact, when you click on a video it opens right away and in case there is an ad accompanying the video you have the option of skipping the ad within 2 to 3 seconds. You know how irritating it gets with other sites, right? When you try to rewind and click on the player, a ton of ads pop up in your face. This usually gets on my nerves and I am pretty sure it fucks up the mood for most porn fans.

Awesome Lesbian Content

If you’re into lesbian sex and watching bitches kiss or split each other with 9-inch dildos and other sick sex toys is the kind of thing that makes you want to bust a nut, xVideos will surely not disappoint. In fact, the lesbian portion of the site isn’t merely another category but rather a sort of mini-site on its own. I recommend you only step into this part of the website if you’re truly interested in lesbian action because that’s all you’ll see from the moment you press the “lesbian” link to the moment you exit out of that section. They have clearly spent a lot of time and effort developing the lesbian section because it has a little bit of everything from big tits, fingering, blowjob, fisting, creampie, gangbang, to any fucked up shit your sick mind can dare to imagine. That’s right you crazy pervert! Damn! They even have a section called “fucked up family.” I don’t have a bloody clue what kind of sick shit is in those tabs but I am damn sure it’s something that sounds interesting if you’re into that sort of shit. In short, there’s something for everyone with a lesbian fantasy fetish in this section, whether you love amateur lezbo action or pro.

Quality of the Videos

The quality of the videos here seems to depend on the upload and I found some videos provided in HD quality. While the average scene lengths are about 10 minutes, I found some going for up to 2 hours. But I had to look around for a while before I found the really long ones. I also stumbled upon short ones between 3 to 15 seconds long, which I basically think are money shots uploaded by people I guess wanted to get straight to the point. Overall though, I found most of the videos to be quite decent. Most of them are available in 720p but I came upon some 360p ones mainly in the amateur portion. One thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that the homepage contained some rather spectacular HD videos spread out with the rest.

The Advantages of Signing Up for an Account

Registering for an account on xVideos comes with some perks that are worth mentioning. Registered users enjoy the option of downloading their favorite scenes to watch later. It’s free to register for an account and perhaps the biggest advantage of registering is that you can download videos to your satisfaction. There’s no fucking limit on the number of clips you can download! Although you don’t need an account to access all the free porn, your experience will be a lot better if you register. Also, only registered users can upload content so if you’re planning to contribute some of your nastiness to this collection, I suggest you get an account.

Still, on perks and a better experience, you may also want to consider the premium version of xVideos, xVideos Red. This premium version promises a more enhanced experience, free of any annoying shitty ads. You also get access to thousands of dirty videos in HD only. That’s right! No fucking low-quality amateur crap here. There’s even another premium version called xVideos Red Originals that is not available anywhere else but here. The premium version is available on a 7-days free trial and if you find it good you’ll have to pay $10 per month once the free trial period ends.

ThePornDude’s Final Take on xVideos

Overall, xVideos is a pretty awesome porn tube. In my honest opinion, it definitely gives other porn websites in the same league a real run for their money, especially when it comes to the sheer number of videos in its collection. This is one of the few porn sites out there that has a perfect balance between amateur and professional porn. While they could do a few things to improve the overall quality, this is free shit and there’s plenty of it so I really don’t give a fuck if the quality in a few videos here and there is a bit low. Also, the fact that the player is great, hosted in a simple, neat website, and doesn’t throw numerous ads in your face is pretty dope. I have a few regrets when watching porn on xVideos.

ThePornDude likes XVideos Lesbian's

  • Thousands of new porn clips daily
  • Free videos, both HD and amateur
  • Unlimited free downloads for registered users
  • No numerous annoying ads
  • Super-fast streaming videos

ThePornDude hates XVideos Lesbian's

  • Lots of non-HD videos
  • The site could be made to look a bit better