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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Feminists, for all of the problems that they have caused, come with few other things that work in our favor—most importantly that they’re filled with daddy issues and a need to please. Their hatred of men often makes them try to give up dick and try pussy in its place. And who could really blame them? Soft skin, a plump ass, and big tits sure sounds a lot nicer than your disgusting hairy body and wrinkly balls.

Combine all of these tendencies and we’re left with a wonderful present. Perhaps its the world’s way of trying to give straight men a bone to make up for all the damage these girls have done. A whole bunch of adventurous young women filming their drunken experiments and rebellious fuck sessions with other girls and putting them for the whole world to see.

If there’s one upside of feminism, this is it. Sure, that leaves fewer girls for guys like us, but trust me when I say that those aren’t the types of girls that you would want to be interested in men anyways. Even the hot ones are more of a headache than they’re worth. Basically, these lesbians remove themselves from the dating and fucking pool so that you don’t get stuck with some #MeToo slut, and leave wonderful presents for you online as a side effect. Maybe feminism isn’t so bad after all.

But what’s so great about lesbian porn? Think of it this way. Consider everything that you come to my site for. Tits, ass, and pussy. Now double it for twice the fun.

Then think about the parts of porn that you only go along with because they’re there. The dude. The dick. The balls. That weirdly common angle when you just want to focus on the hot slut getting pounded but the cameraman decides to zoom in on the guy’s quivering asshole just a bit too long.

Double all of the good stuff and take away all the bad stuff, and you’ve got lesbian porn. It’s the vodka of porn. A distillation of everything you like about it, with none of the extra crap. If you want to get hammered, vodka should be your go to, and if you want to jack off without anything getting in your way, you can’t beat lesbian porn.

PornHub is the reigning king of lesbian porn. If you’re a modern, liberated twenty-something babe who wants to feel progressive about their latest drunken mistake with another girl, you’re more likely to upload the video to PornHub than anywhere else. They made it easier to upload porn, easier to build a following, and easier to make a bit of money off of your debauchery than anywhere else. While none of this matters directly to you because nobody wants to see your disgusting ass, it has a side effect of creating a treasure trove of jerk-off material to help you out on lonely nights.

But it’s not just a place where random strangers go to share their pussy-eating adventures with you—it also has one of the world’s best collections of professional stuff. Sure, with pro-lesbian porn you’re more likely to find two girls who are pretending to like pussy, but sometimes I think the fact that it seems forced is part of the appeal. Plus, you’re more likely to actually be able to see what you want—the girls—and less likely to see a dark bedroom filmed with a camera so shaky that you’ll need to throw up right after you cum

A Pure Porn Experience

PornHub has its design down to a science. More than just about any other site, it disappears into the background and lets you focus on the good stuff. It might not be fancy, but that’s kind of the point—whether you’re tugging yourself in your mom’s basement while she’s out buying groceries with your speakers turned up to 11, or on your phone in the bathroom with the shower on before she wakes up, PornHub’s lesbian category presents its fruits to you in the same clean and attractive package.

The site is focused on the videos themselves. The thumbnails are large and play previews when you mouse over them or tap them. What more could you want? It’s a simple, tried, and tested formula, but it works. Find something that looks good, watch it, and splooge all over yourself. Rinse (literally, you disgusting piece of shit) and repeat.

What Sets Pornhub’s Lesbian Stuff Apart

Look a bit beyond the two hot teenagers scissoring for a second (if you can manage), and you’ll find a surprising depth to PornHub’s lesbian content. This is what really sets the site apart from the competition. If you’re not picky, you’ll be able to find some kind of lesbian porn just about anywhere on the internet. That’s why it exists, after all.

The lesbian page on PornHub has all of your standard features—you can jump right to amateur stuff only, or just look at the paid professionals. You can sort by featured videos, popular videos, and highly rated videos. This is all good stuff, and necessary for any run of the mill masturbation session.

But say you’ve got more discriminating tastes. You’ve been beating your meat to girls fooling around since you were twelve, and now it takes something a bit more unique to get you going. This is where the filters come in. And oh man, is PornHub’s lesbian section filled with filters. You might think you’re fucked up, and you’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean PornHub doesn’t have your back.

Even for normal people (as if any are reading this), the filters can come in handy. In the mood for Asian lesbians because you like pixelated girls who sound like a squeaky bedframe that’s hating every minute of it? You can find that in a single click.

But it goes deeper. By combining filters, you can narrow the selection down to just about anything you can dream. No matter how strange your desires, PornHub will let you find something in minutes that you might have to search for Four hours elsewhere.

Are you looking for a lesbian BBW British brunette with big tits who is into bondage? Put all of that together, and your dream video will appear before your eyes.

Or maybe you want to see two amateur Arabs pissing on each other. PornHub’s got your back, and they won’t judge. I will, but I was judging you already, so nothing’s changed there. But being judged and having your dream jerk-off material presented to you on a silver platter is better than being respected and spending hours mindlessly browsing for the fucked up shit that finally makes you cum, isn’t it?

A Few Problems PornHub’s Lesbian Content

Here’s my biggest issue—I’m just here to watch two hot girls eat each other out, bust a load, then go about my day. It’s my God-given right to do that, so why does PornHub keep trying to take my money?

On one hand, they’ve got PornHub Premium. This is their pay-to-play service that offers some higher quality professional videos, an ad-free experience, and a few extras for about ten bucks a month. If you prefer the likes of Brazzers, Mofos, Girls do Porn, and Digital Playground to teenagers with cellphone cameras making bad choices, this might be worth your while, but for the rest of us, PornHub’s got plenty of amateur lesbians willing to churn out content for free.

If Premium is up your alley, you should know that PornHub is kind enough to not plaster their name over your credit card bill, so when it’s time for mommy to check over your expenses she won’t know that you spend your time watching women who pretend to be in love shove their fists inside each other.

But here’s the biggest kicker—the pay to cum model is infecting PornHub’s amateur lesbian content too. Once our last refuge from the commercialization of masturbation, PornHub has made it easier for any girl with a phone to profit from uploading spank-bank material. A lot of these girls will lure you in with some free videos, then hide the good stuff behind their own personal paywall. Maybe you can watch her and her friends make out for free, but if you want to see them share an eighteen-inch double dildo, that’ll be $4.99, please and thank you.

On one hand, this makes putting up great porn more compelling, so once the liquor wears off and the shame creeps in, these girls have more of a reason to keep their videos online. But paying for porn? We should have left that behind in the 90s along with high-waisted jeans, but now both are making their unfortunate return.

ThePornDude likes PornHub Lesbian's

  • Combinable filters let you find just about anything
  • High-quality amateur content
  • Huge network of professional producers

ThePornDude hates PornHub Lesbian's

  • Ads (unless you pay to get rid of them)
  • Two categories of paid content