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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There are 9377 pages of content on so regardless of the impression that they give out that the site might be new and empty, the site is just relatively new. Their first post was in November of 2017, so they are fresh to the market. Considering that they already have so many videos posted, in this industry that is considered a success. Newest XXX is a porn site that delivers their content as if it is a blog so there are posts with porn videos more so than the actual videos. Same thing different package but on a tube site, you get to watch videos immediately. Here, the story is a bit different.

The content that is found on is all production house made. So there are no amateur videos, no homemade productions, just straight from the lab, HD produced porn flicks. The videos are grabbed from their partner sites probably but what needs to be noted is that the site only streams videos from other providers. The streams are going to come from, and the links or rather the files that you can download are going to be uploaded on uploading sites. So doesn’t host files they are just the middle man, the one who promotes the hell out of the video and provides you with the link. Pretty clever when you don’t have the rights to the videos, huh?

The posts seem empty. That is the trademark of a site that is not dealing with original content, one that is young and still in its evolutionary stages. When you click on a post, you will get the main image, taken from the video, the thumbnail as they say. Then, the links and later, the screenshots that are also uploaded to where you are redirected when you want to see the file. So now that I think about it, is a site that has links, and it can be compared to a fancy torrent site more so than to a blog site. Visually it reminds you of a blog site. Once you dig deeper, you start getting the message.

Not to rag on, they still are providing content that’s cool. The videos are all HD, some are in fact 4K, and there is even a category that leads you to all the 4K videos. On further inspection, the videos are in fact 4K, but they are not on but rather on a redirect site, one that is a partner site. There are header tabs that deal with other sites more than with SiteRips, ManyVids, OnlyFans, Chaturbate, these are all links to the sites that provide a different type of adult content than After checking all of these links out, I kind of didn’t get what the actual value of was, even though the links are an asset but, not that much. Basically, it is a link that’s redirecting you to a place that’s not Well, if I get a redirect, I’m never coming back to again. That’s just me.

The site looks very empty I must say. If it weren’t for the sexy images of the girls in porn videos, this would be one very boring ass site. White background and images plastered onto the page. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a theme taken from WordPress, and it was done in like an hour. There’s also a comment box, but even the comment box is promoting a link that’s not So this is like a damn surrogate for 17 other sites, a mouthpiece that’s seemingly giving you videos but in all reality, it’s a promotional tool for all these other sites. That’s it, I had enough. The final verdict. is a site that’s offering links and redirects to videos and sites that are not’s. These videos are selected and grabbed from other well-known sites and placed as a blog when in all reality, it’s just a fancy way of pushing a link onto the walking through visitors. In the end, I didn’t like because the site is not original, and I’d rather go to a tube site and watch these exact same videos than go here and deal with the buffering up, the popups and the potential viruses that I could get from going on sites that I didn’t want to visit in the first place. Check it for yourself so that I don’t end up looking like an asshole.

ThePornDude likes NewestXXX's

  • The new videos are always welcome
  • Very clean looking site

ThePornDude hates NewestXXX's

  • All content is redirects and links
  • The site looks empty
  • Other sites seem to be in focus rather than
  • Piracy?