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Updated on 05 February 2024
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User Rating: is a place where you can read random information about the pornographic world, as well as enjoy loads of naughty content. I think that that should have been obvious from the title or whatnot, but in case you were a bit confused I am here to tell you all you need to know about the NaughtyBlog.

Solid design, and lots of posts.

Usually, when I visit a blog post about porn, I do not expect much… since what the fuck can one even expect from a site dedicated to pornographic articles? Like, what the hell? Well, I was surprised to see that actually had some interesting crap to show, and thus I am here talking about this crap in the first place.

First of all, his design is everything… like, the blog websites that are dedicated to erotic crap tend to look so fucking crappy, so I was shaken to see that this place is actually legit. Those who browse pornographic crap as much as I do should know what the fuck, I am talking about… Their design could have been made a bit better when talking about organization, but overall, I like it.

Okay, I will also complain about the colors they choose, but I am sure that most of you do not give a shit about that, right? I mean you are all here to see that naughty content, and that is what I shall talk about the most. However, I do have to mention a couple of aspects that pissed me off, as well as the shit that I really liked.

Their homepage will list tons of naughty articles that you can read, and later I shall tell you about the actual content you can expect to have. On top, you have some other sites to visit, which are within their network or whatever the fuck, and you also have the usual menu. There you can see just what the fuck this place really has to offer.

There is a section dedicated to videos and movies, which just proves that this place also has the juicy content that we all love. You also have a section labeled as ‘SiteRips’, which will offer content from different premium sites. This is a good thing since now you get to watch actual premium videos before you decide whether you want to become apart of a site or not.

The ‘Sites’ is basically a similar section, and they include a couple of other crap that I will mention in the following paragraphs. But, overall, I think their design is quite classy, and that is surprising as I already mentioned. I think that you will find the right naughty content here, and if not, you can check out other similar sites.

Lots of articles and videos.

I mean, this is a blog site, so obviously you can expect to see lots of random posts about different kind of erotic themes. This should have been obvious from the start. Some of the first articles that I have seen were actually pretty interesting, which is why I think that this place offers lots of interesting crap in general… no, I did not check everything out, I have a fucking life.

Well, the first article I checked out was titled ‘Big naturals’ and it featured the wonderful pornstar Serena Skye who obviously had a pair of huge natural knockers. This is basically a blog post explaining what happens in one of her hottest scenes and why the fuck you should watch it. Below the article, you have a couple of screenshots and the link that will show you the trailer of the movie as well as a download button.

Another blog post I checked out featured two incredibly hot blonde chicks, who blew my mind as their lesbian act was very fucking hot. I am sure you heard about Elsa Jean, and here she was featured with the lovely Novelette Shea, and the two share a hot loving session. Again, you have the same crap listed below, a trailer, screenshots, and download links.

Basically, this blog post is not as useless as I originally thought that it would be. You have many different suggestions of hot porn videos to watch, and the post serves the purpose of informing you what the fuck you can expect from such videos. This is quite a good site for those who have the time to read the crap before watching the actual video.

Now, there is also a section dedicated to just the movies and clips in general, without any actual description. However, the shit will always be the same; you cannot really watch the videos on this site, you will be given a trailer, the screenshots and a bunch of links that will help you download the content to your PC.

Free and premium download options.

Of course, the download options will not all be free, which is to be expected because you are offered premium content. Premium basically means that that shit will not be free, so like I am not sure what the fuck you expected. The downloads will usually have a free option as well, but that one is quite limited, and not worth using if you ask me.

Most of the free download options will limit you to one file per day, with a lot of waiting time and limited download speed… and why the fuck would you choose that? Keep in mind that while you pay for the premium offer, you will always be able to download the videos, and it will be fast and swift. The premium, the price is not really that expensive as well.

However, the download you choose to pay for depends on where you want to download it from; you will be given four different download providers to choose from, and they are not really a part of the site. So be careful as to which download provider you choose to pay because some clips might not offer that option at all… though most clips will always have the same 4 download options.

Some categories, but not enough search options.

I was happy to see that this blog site has the categories because at the end of the day they are offering lots of porn content. However, those categories are not really enough to help you find a specific act that makes your dick rise, believe me. On the other hand, there are many actual porn sites that do not even have the categories section, so not as I can actually complain about this shit that much.

Their categories have the basic crap, so unless you are into something oddly specific, I am sure that you will find the shit that makes your dick hard here. From amateur to premium, VR and all kind of other bullshit. I just wish that they added the usual filter options that at least allows you to select more than just one category.

Seeing as how they have so many fucking categories, I am really interested in how the fuck they were not able to create the filter search system. Honestly, there are too many fucking categories if you ask me… there is no need to have is much, especially if you are not going to allow us to choose two or three at the same time… it makes no fucking sense.

Not much else to say…

I think that if you do not mind paying for the naughty content you are presented with, you will surely enjoy everything has to offer. They have plenty of movie suggestions that explain why the movie is good and provide a trailer with the download link, in case you are interested. These videos are usually taken from other premium sites, which is good.

This means that you do not have to subscribe to just one premium site, you can have random content from random premium sites and thus not be tied to just one genre or theme of a site. You also have a separate section for all the naughty pornstars who have their kinky videos featured here, in case you actually have a favorite pussy to watch.

Overall, I think that while most blog sites are fucking useless, this one is not as useless as I thought it would be. This is mostly because they do not offer any useless articles about some random info nobody cares about, you have actual content and downloadable options. So, check out if you like to watch premium porn videos, and enjoy flapping.

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  • Free blog site
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  • Limited search options