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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I was never really good at math when I was a young child. I am not good at it even now as a man-child. I never had interest in multiplying tables, brackets or square roots. Today, I’m interested in multiplying my wallet contents though. Well, now that I checked out this site called 3xPlanet.com I realized that 3x doesn’t stand for multiplicity, it does stand for XXX, so you can see that I wasn’t that bright as a child, nor am I any brighter as a man-child. Thank god I’m living in 2019, a time where values are messed up, and even an idiot can make money if he wants to. I’m not an idiot, I just behave like it sometimes.

3X Planet.com is a Japanese site where you can download full-length movies that are available for grabbing. This is basically a site that just indexes these links and presents them to the users as a freebie. The videos are all JAV movies, and the collection consists of high end made JAV movies. I like it when they just give them out for free like this when in all reality they would be like $10 a piece! So damn cool when you have an internet site like this that’s just ripping apart the profits of a hard working production company. I guess it’s all for the money, right?

The links are all pointing to UploadGig.com where you can get a fast link, a free link at that and grab a video that’s around 1.4 or more GBs big. The quality is, of course, crispy clear, and you will be getting an HD, at times 4K quality for absolutely nothing, just your loyalty to 3xPlanet.com. Each video is accompanied by a text that gives you information about the video such as the cast, year the movie was released, tags, screenshots and all the necessary things that would entice you to check out the video and the link.

When you land on 3xPlanet.com, you will get a black background site with a few banners that are popping and blinking making you want to click on them. Thank god that there are no pop-ups and the ads are decent enough and civilized. I hate it when they are going at me and are annoying the heck out of me. TPD is a gentleman, no matter what anyone says! Also, the header tabs are consisting of H-Game, Hentai Anime, JAV Censored, JAV Uncensored, Western Porn and Erosekai.com a link to a site that has a 503 Error the moment you click on it. So pro, ain’t it.

Hentai anime is an interesting category because you would expect to see anime hentai videos. That would make sense, right? Well, it’s not like that. This category is mixed up with all kinds of porn videos along with the hentai amine videos. I don’t know if they are just filling up the category so that it seems as if they have more than they actually do but, I checked the pages, and there are only two pages of hentai amine videos. So it’s making sense that 3xPlanet.com is placing regular porn so that it seems as if. But in all reality, it’s not. Get it?

JAV censored and uncensored is self-explanatory. The videos are censored in that typical Asian way where you can see almost, but the penis or the vagina will be blurred. The uncensored ones are the ones that are guess what? Yes, that’s right! Uncensored. These two are typical for JAV, and I’m not surprised to see them placed on 3xPlanet.com. The last one is Western porn. This sounds so damn political. Well, western porn is all about those videos that are coming from the west of Japan. I have to say that there are no Chinese porn, no Indian porn, no middle east porn but western porn. From what I’ve gathered, they have mostly European porn, but you can find plenty of videos that were made in the good old U.S. of A.

As I was strolling down 3xPlanet.com, I realized that this site is actually an index porn site. They are just indexing the download links to porn movies, and they just made the platform where they are promoting these links. If you are looking for links that have plenty of JAV videos and they are full-length movies at that, then immediately head on to 3xPlanet.com because this site is free and they have so many links that it will spin your head around. Check out 3xPlanet.com and enjoy all the free porn that you can get. And remember kids, learn your multiplying tables, you never know when they’re going to come in handy!

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  • JAV content
  • They have lots of download links
  • The browsing is easy

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  • The site could look better
  • Some categories are mixed with other content
  • Piracy?