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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Is there anything better in the world than a sexy, petite piece of ass? I don’t think there is. Nothing comes close to rivaling the feeling of just absolutely dominating a tiny framed teen with a tight pussy and a teeny tushy. You can lift her up with ease, spin her around, hold her up against the wall, and spin her around and around on your cock all day long. God, I love the feeling of grabbing a sexy little thing by the waist and almost being able to touch my fingers around her stomach and her back. The smaller the better!

Obviously, a smaller girl means a smaller pussy. And a smaller pussy means better sex! Not that I have to spell that out for you. But, then again, maybe I do … there’s no telling how many of you could still be virgins out there. Don’t worry, I’m not judging … I’m just saying, you should probably work on changing that. Like right now. I’m not kidding. Stop reading this right now, open up one of my escort site reviews, find a good one, and order an escort immediately. That’s just sad, man … nobody over the age of 18 should be a virgin. Quit being a pussy and order yourself a Little Asian escort. Now. You can fap another day. Today, you become a man.

Actually, that’s not a horrible piece of advice for you porn addicts reading this too. Whether or not you’re a virgin, it is important that you don’t lose touch with humanity, man. Human touch is crucial to survival. If you haven’t been laid within the last, I don’t know, let’s say 6 months. I am going to instruct you to do the same exact thing that I just instructed the virgin to do. Order yourself an escort immediately.

For the rest of you, the ones who may just be going through a bit of a dry spell for whatever reason, the ones who are away for work or whose wives just aren’t fucking us (maybe you didn’t do the dishes enough last week; maybe you went out golfing last weekend and she still hasn’t let you live it down; or maybe you’re just an asshole … who knows), I have a treat. This one is for the perverts out there who like ‘em tiny. Who, like me, cannot get enough of those small little sexy teenies. And, furthermore, for those of us who like our pussy like we like our food: Asian.

Sexy Little Asian Sluts Fuck and Suck in HD

I present to you, a premium pay porn site known as Little Asians. The name is straight forward enough, don’t ya think? They couldn’t have been more on the nose if they called it, A Porn Site of Petite Asian Sluts that You Will Fap To. Eh, not quite the same ring to that one, though. Little Asians is definitely better. Don’t change a thing.

From the moment you log into the members’ area, too, the “little” part of the site’s name will really make itself clear. These chicks are fucking small! Just how I like them. The good thing about the Asian girls on this site, though, is the fact that, even though their bodies are petite, that doesn’t mean that they all have tiny tits or no curvature to their bodies. That’s really the ideal right there: a tiny, petite frame with big squeezable tits, and an hourglass figure. Hey, if she has a fat ass on her too, you won’t see me complain!

There is an impressive lineup of girls who fit this description perfectly, too, on Little Asians. It’s frankly a little surprising, too, because Asian girls aren’t exactly known for their curvy figures. Their little bodies, yes, for sure, but not exactly the first thing you think of when you think of girls with booties or big tits. These girls are fucking sexy, man, I’m telling you. If you love Asians, you will be very pleased with the selection that Little Asians provides. A good variety, too, of nationalities it looks like. Not all just Japanese and Chinese girls to enjoy. You also have plenty of Filipinas, Korean girls, and Kawai sluts as well. A little something for all palettes.

Well, now that we’ve at least established the fact that the girls are of quality, why don’t we take a dive and see how the good the site itself is. As a part of the Team Skeet network, I highly doubt it will be disappointing. Chances are you’ve come across more than a few Team Skeet videos in your days as a skeet addict, fapping to any and every porno you come can get your filthy hands on. And, if that is the case, then you probably already know that Team Skeet is known for their high-quality hardcore porno.

They have won award upon award upon award at XBIZ and AVN, in a multitude of categories, and so they have a certain reputation to live up to. That’s why I have faith that Little Asians will not differ much from the quality of their other sites, such as Exxxtra Small, Teen Pies, Innocent High, and Teens do Porn. They have established themselves as one of the leading porn sites on the web, particularly when it comes to teen and petite porn. And Little Asians definitely falls directly into Team Skeet’s wheelhouse.

Standard Site Design, Easy to Use

The site itself has a pretty typical design and layout. It’s more or less standard for a lot of these big-name top tier professional porn sites. Once you work your way through the Porn Portal, you will be brought to Little Asians proper, where you’ll be able to browse through page after page after page of videos or navigate the site via the site menu bar at the top of the page. From here, you can choose between Home, Movies, Models, Sites, and Specials. Nothing too crazy or overcomplicated. Just the barebones basics … all you really need to bust one out any hour of the day, and quickly.

Clicking into the Models section brings you to a list of all the girls that appear in Team Skeet videos, not just Little Asians … so, that might get you a little off track. Still a cool feature worth mentioning though, because the site lists every porn star available and ranks them, based on user-generated ratings. The number one porn star at the moment, according to the users of Team Skeet, is Riley Reid … followed by Natalie Lust, Elsa Jean, Kimmy Granger, and Gina Valentina (just in case you were curious). Clicking into a girl’s profile will allow you to conveniently see all of her videos in one place, view a few stats and some biographical info, as well as check out some pics.

Little Asians = Little Content

Little Asians, it turns out, is on the newer side. Having just launched at the beginning of 2019, there aren’t a whole lot of scenes to enjoy yet. Actually, that may be a bit of an understatement. Especially since having a robust catalog is such an important aspect to choosing what porn site you will throw your money at. Little Asians, however, only has 17 videos available. Total. Obviously, as time goes on, they will continue to upload more.

But I wouldn’t turn to Little Asians as your choice if you only plan on subscribing to a single premium pay porn site. You will definitely want to pair this one with another that has a bigger backlog of videos to enjoy in between new releases. At least for the time being. As far as the frequency of uploads is concerned: the news doesn’t look much better. It seems as if you can plan on getting two or three new scenes per month.

This is a very important factor to note because there is honestly no telling how long Little Asians might survive. They could pull the plug at any point, if they find that there just aren’t enough people who subscribe to that particular site, if the demand isn’t there, and then you could be shit out of luck, paying for a site that stopped producing content. It doesn’t appear to show any signs at the moment of slowing down, mind you, I just need to mention it for caution’s sake.

However, with that said, there are few hardcore Asian porn sites out there that match the quality and of the scenes and the girls of Little Asians. Plus, even fewer sites out there are dedicated specifically to petite Asian porn (which, as you may be familiar with already, is slightly different in aesthetic and pornographic focus). So, it’s definitely worth checking out. I am cautiously optimistic!

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