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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It’s no secret that the Japs have been having a lot of trouble getting laid these past few years. For some reason, Japanese women don’t feel the need to sleep with men, and men, well, they’re making due with pornography, VR and humping body pillows. But you know that means – all the hardcore double penetration in Japan happens behind closed doors, specifically in porn studios that wrangle the hottest bitches off the streets and pay them to do porn.

Japanese women might try to pretend that they’re prudes when they’re out and about, but you put them in front of a spotlight and pay them a week’s worth of rent and they’re just about ready to swallow anything you throw their way. Such is the case with Erito’s selection of primo Asian hardcore videos.

A Bit of Culture

The Japanese are a seriously fucked group of people, and not just because they’re Asian. Beyond that, the Japs are the only nation that openly advertises pedophilia and schoolgirl fetishes out in the street. I might be a perverted kind of guy, but the Japs still manage to freak me the fuck out with how far down the depravity pit they’ve sunk.

So I was kind of surprised to find that this site is actually… very tame. I mean yeah, dicks go into chicks, and sometimes in their mouths, and here and there you’ll find a nice anal scene. But overall, these are very basic-ass, vanilla videos.

The ones that really stick out, oddly enough, are the squirting videos. Those are anything but timid. These girls squirt gallons of she-cum all over the place, and onto their own faces. But the majority of the videos are all about good old doggy style vaginal exploration, and this is very unfortunate. The videos are each an hour long on average. There’s a lot of room in there to get creative. I like me some sushi pussy, but an hour of nothing but slow ass thrusting and pleasure moans? That’s not my cup of tea. These whores and their talents are not being taken advantage of properly.

How does Asian Pussy Compare?

Well, first of all, I gotta tell you that the pussy on this site, along with all the other naughty bits is absolutely not censored in any way. As a personal creed, I avoid censored porn like it’s the devil. There’s just something really offensive about covering up the best part of the woman with a blur filter, but leaving in a guy’s crisp clear face – like yeah, that’s what I wanna jack off to, a 4-foot Asian midget boy with a bad case of wiener dick.

The girls themselves are for the most part drop dead gorgeous. I even saw a few triple-A celebrities on there like Ai Uehara, so at the very least you know you’re in a place of high monetary value. – These bitches get paid. And I know I razzed on the dudes in Asian porn videos, but on Erito, at the very least most of them are pretty tolerable dudes with decent looking faces that won’t give you nightmares. They don’t invoke memories of 1980s old Japanese dude stereotypes.

But I say some of the dudes because there are quite a lot of short ass, old ass bald men in these vids, that look like they just got done doing a press conference about stocks or some shit. They do not belong in porn. You can even tell when the girls are really not feeling the vibe when these fellas whip out their 4 inchers and start yanking them. But beggars can’t be choosers – most of these dudes are hired because the girls need a cock, any cock at all. I think the site would work a lot better if Erito managed to pull together a bunch of tall, white European dudes with giant penises so at least the pleasure moans would be more believable.

I Like Bukkake

And so do you. But you won’t find any decent bukkake on this site I’m afraid. Now I wouldn’t normally complain about that, but there are at least a dozen videos on Erito that have bukkake in the title, and yet none of them are real fucking bukkake videos. Say it with me: “If her face is not absolutely drenched with 12 or more loads, it is not a bukkake video”. Meanwhile, in the west we got bitches taking dozens and even hundreds of loads in an hour-long scene. Here? Well, she’ll get her pussy fingered for 40 minutes, then lie back and take a couple of loads on her face and call it a day. That’s lazy. Erito, those are rookie numbers, you gotta get those numbers way up.

The Bottom Line

If there’s no real cum in the bukkake vids, no experimental ass-play and definitely no abuse, what else is there? Well, as I said, most of the videos are tame and repetitive. You’ll see the girl lie back and get fingered, before getting fucked by a small cock, before getting fingered again. This will repeat until you’re bored or until 60 minutes go by, and the video just sort of ends. I am just not buying the idea that these girls are in any way satisfied – and I know for a fact that I’m not satisfied either.

So Who is this Site For?

Nasty women. That’s all I got to say. If your girlfriend is into Asian food and wants to spice things up in the bedroom, get her a subscription to Erito. She’ll love it. She can pretend it’s nasty and perverted, but you’ll both secretly know that it’s actually tame-ass vanilla porn for normal people. You can watch proper depraved pornography on your own time, after your girlfriend fingers herself into a coma.

Also, if you’re a Playboy fan with a bit of yellow-fever, you might like this site too. I mean the quality isn’t bad; the videos are all in 1080p and the girls are fuckable little nubiles. You could prop up these vids on your flat screen TV and make a day of it. If I could offer some advice though – start with the few anal vids they have or the squirting videos. I think that’s where these videos really shine. The boring ass vanilla titles like “Cums till she drops” or “Seduced by a pornstar” are all very weak. You might actually fall asleep before you cum. Not good.

The Site, Design and Network

This website’s network drove me up a fucking wall. I run into a lot of websites that like to advertise their partners, but this one was just absolutely obnoxious. First of all, the site banner on the top of every page is not the navigation bar for Erito – Nope, it is the navigation bar for the entire cross-network. If you so much as hit the bookmark on the top, you get bounced out of Erito and you can’t go back without logging in again, for some dumb reason. I logged in 3 times to watch one video because I kept forgetting that the logo doesn’t send you back to top.

The navigation on Erito is crappy on top of that. There’s no way to sort by pornstar or category, you have to do a manual search. And more than 30% of the screen is reserved for cross-platform ads. It’s as is the second you arrive on Erito they want you to leave, and you just paid them a bundle for a yearly membership.

It feels like the people who made Erito didn’t care enough about their own videos to sort them properly or even to give them proper tags so you could navigate between them. They’re just sort of dumped there in a list, and they each have a title. That’s all you’re gonna get. Looking for videos that specifically have lesbian sex in them? Tough luck. You’ll have to scroll through all of them and use the images to guess whether there are dudes in the video or not.


I know I had a lot of bad things to say about this site, and I stand by them. But let’s not forget that in the end, the girls on the site did nothing wrong. They took the dicks and licked the chicks like a champ and they didn’t complain. So if you’re looking for high definition Asian sluts, you’ll find a fuckton of them here. Just make sure to carefully browse through the site so that you know exactly what you’re paying for before you nab a subscription. – Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

ThePornDude likes Erito's

  • Asian Pornstars. They’re gorgeous, they’re slutty and they moan loudly.
  • Lack of censorship. You can see Japanese cooch in these videos. That is the way nature intended.

ThePornDude hates Erito's

  • Cross Network design. I just wanna jack off, stop trying to sell to me so hard.
  • Tame video genres. I like depravity and this site is anything but depraved.
  • High price point. These vanilla-ass videos are not worth $100 a year.