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Updated on 15 January 2022
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All Japanese Pass

All Japanese Pass

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I have never been to Japan before, but you can bet your ass that a trip is in order for some point in the near future. Sure, all of the history, monuments, and ancient architectures and cultures are cool and all, but that’s not the real reason I’d be going. I can’t imagine, if I went to Japan, that I would spend a whole lot of time outside of my hotel room, enjoying the main attraction of this country. And what is that, you ask? No, it isn’t Mount Fuji or trying some dope ass traditional sushi or sake in Tokyo. Although, sake and sushi would definitely be on the itinerary … more like a footnote, though, as opposed to a main activity … something to do in between what would really make me come to Japan; which is, of course, cumming in Japan!

God, Japanese chicks are unbelievably sexy. And anyone who says otherwise is either a racist or a flamer. I mean, just look at them! Their incredibly petite bodies; smooth, porcelain skin; sexy, exotic eyes; shy and innocent little giggles. Not gonna lie, it’s getting me a little half chub right now just thinking about it! So, yes, I am most definitely going to Japan at some point for a nice, long Asian fuck fest. Hell, maybe I’ll even hit up South Korea and China, too. I mean, might as well, right? When in Rome … you fuck like a Roman! That’s how the saying goes, right? So, when in Japan, you fuck like a samurai. Although, come to think of it, I don’t think I would be interested in fucking like a Roman. They were into all kinds of weird shit with little boys, weren’t they? Well, actually, they still are … I mean, if the Roman Catholic church is any indicator.

Fucking like a samurai, on the other hand … now, that I could get behind. Especially since samurai probably fucked almost exclusively the sexiest bitches in all of Japan! Oh man, I can’t wait to eat that delicious Japanese pussy all day like sashimi and rice. Definitely adding a trip to Japan to the fuck-it list, no doubt. They have no idea what’s about to hit them … My dick’s about to take that entire country by surprise. Like the A-bomb. Except for the mushroom cloud will be filled with cum and pleasure instead of deadly radioactive chemicals. Still, though, for thousands of years people will be telling the tale of how one dick decimated hundreds of young Japanese pussies, ruining them for any other dick for the rest of their lives.

But until that day comes, I am going to just have to make due with what I have here in front of me. And that is precisely one metric fuck ton of Japanese porn to fap to in the meantime. This shall be how I train and ready myself for the coming Acockalypse that I will usher in with my cock on lips. First it will be Japan (since they have the sexiest, worthiest sluts), then I will slowly spread outward, taking the world down, one pussy at a time. Luckily, though, there are sites like All Japanese Pass out there to sate my thirst. Who knows, this site might actually be good enough to stave off the acockalypse forever … only time will tell. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Your Passport to Japanese Ass

All Japanese Pass is pretty much exactly what it sounds like … it is a JAV porn site that provides you with a pass to a wide variety of the best Japanese porn studios out there. “All” is pretty hyperbolic, sure, but I suppose “A Lot of Japanese Pass” does not have quite the same ring to it, does it? So, I think we can let the misleading name slide. Plus, who knows, one of these days, if they keep at it, keep providing awesome and high-quality JAV porn at the completely reasonable rates that they do now, maybe one day they will acquire the rights to all Japanese porn on the web. They might be plotting a little world domination of their own. Perhaps a pornopoly is on the rise!

Honestly, based on what I’m seeing, even from just a quick glance, of All Japanese Pass, I would be totally okay if they completely cornered the market on Japanese porn. They curate and provide some bomb ass JAV with style and a high level of usability. I could definitely get behind using this site regularly.

Tons of JAV + Tons of Variety = Tons of Busted Loads

All Japanese Pass seems to be setting themselves up to be your one-stop shop for all your JAV porn needs. And, hell, they seem to be coming pretty close to checking all the boxes that a JAV fan would want to be checked before committing to a singular site. It’s designed fairly well, well-organized, contains a shit ton of awesome content, and a high degree of porn studio diversity. They currently boast 22 different professional JAV porn studios … check; 17,038 different movies to choose from … check; 2,658 models … check; and 5,243 DVDs to browse … check! What more could you ask for?

On top of the variety, quality, and amount of content available on All Japanese Pass, you also get to enjoy a well-organized and decently designed site for browsing and downloading all of it at your own discretion. The site has a professional and modern feel to it, with a site menu bar at the top of each page, and a slew of thumbnails to browse underneath it. The site is straight to the point, and I appreciate that.

From the site menu bar, you have quite a few options available to you for browsing as well. Choose from Home, Videos, Pictures, DVDs, Models, Categories, Review, Network, Discounts, Tags, Top Searches, and Live Cam (which takes you to Sakura Live, an all-Japanese cam site). Unfortunately, access to the cam site, however, does not come with your membership. But that’s okay, you’ll have more than enough awesome JAV porn to keep you occupied for months.

Some Easy Design Fixes…

There are a couple design flaws, though, that need to be pointed out, since they would definitely factor into my decision to subscribe or pass on a premium pay porn site. For one, the video thumbnails do not provide previews of any sort when you hover your cursor over them. Not even a gallery of screenshots, unfortunately. So, for the most part, you’ll be doing a lot of blind movie selection. Which results in, of course, a lot of wasted time. Secondly, the videos themselves do not give you previews of what’s to come, hotspots, or anything like that. Sure, you can click into the screenshots section of the video, but then you have to click through page after page just to see what happens later on in the video (and since it’s JAV, as you probably already know, these videos can be hours long).

So, that’s a bit of a bummer, for sure. The other thing that blows my buzz (but not my dick) when it comes to this site is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a large quantity of uncensored Japanese videos to enjoy. Anyone who’s even peripherally into JAV understands well that a lot of it is, of course, censored due to federal Japanese law; however, some JAV sites are better about sneaking in a fair number of uncensored videos as well. And, sadly, All Japanese Pass does not seem to be one of them. There are some, don’t get me wrong, but not nearly as many as I would like to see in order to confidently pay a monthly subscription. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, though, longtime veterans of JAV porn will likely be more accustomed to this than someone like me. So, if that’s not a problem, well, shit, you may have just found the perfect site!

All in all, I think All Japanese Pass is a pretty awesome site. Especially for the relatively low price ($12.99 per month), seeing as you get access to thousands upon thousands of videos, photos, full-length DVDs, and 22 unique JAV sites. Not to mention the fact that you can download virtually everything on the site. If you love JAV, are in the market for a new premium porn site, and don’t mind the lack of video previews or uncensored content … All Japanese Pass may be just what you need to turn your daily fapping habit into a daily fapping passion!

ThePornDude likes All Japanese Pass's

  • Huge selection of sexy Japanese pornos
  • Large variety of porn, 22 different sites
  • Videos, photos, and DVDs
  • Everything downloadable
  • (Extremely) Mobile friendly

ThePornDude hates All Japanese Pass's

  • Relative lack of uncensored JAV
  • No thumbnail or video previews