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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I haven’t beaten off to any Asian porn in a long time, maybe like five or six hours. I’m really into the chicks, so I would probably do it more if I didn’t run into the same issues over and over again with Japanese Adult Video. In the squirting schoolgirl film I watched earlier, the ripe young thing pulled down her panties to reveal a flesh-toned Tetris game of pixels where her pussy should be. I ended up getting this really weird urge that made me ruin my old Nintendo. I guess I’ll have to sell it AS IS to some eBay neckbeard who thinks he can scrape the spunk out.

All you weaboos know exactly what I’m talking about, but the normal perverts might be a little confused. That’s alright, because JAVHD.com is a premium Japanese porn site for everybody. They get about 30 million visits a month, largely because they’ve got what every JAV fan wants but very few other sites offer.

Holy Shit! Uncensored Japanese Vaginas Getting Fucked

Let’s cut right to the fucking chase. If you’re already an Asian enthusiast or a Japanese Adult Video connoisseur, you’ve always got one question on your mind when you’re looking for a new adult paysite to help ease that yellow fever: do you get to see any pussies or cocks, and do you still get to see buttholes once they’ve already been penetrated by an eager wiener?

The answer is yes! I’m not sure how they did it, but JAVHD delivers Japan’s most forbidden fruit, and I’m not talking about those cube-shaped watermelons. It’s hard to find JAV where all the private parts haven’t been obscured by a pixelly mess. Japan comes up with the freakiest and most deviant sex practices and fetishes out there, but they’re also really big on censoring the best parts. Go figure, right? JAVHD dispenses with that typical bullshit and serves up fully exposed Asian poon, usually filled with big, unobscured dick.

The preview page has got me lubing up my silicone French maid vagina already. There are mega-hot Asian amateurs having sex on camera, superb Asian Creampies, housewife blowjobs, and a pretty Japanese lady in a very nice dress getting her face covered in hot sperm. Kazumi Nanase sucks strong penis so well, and Maomi Nagasawi is squirting a shower all over the dude she’s riding. By the time I finished the preview for Miku Ohashi Enjoys Her First Time Cream Pie Asian End, I knew I needed a ticket to the member’s area.

A Premium Price for Premium Asian Porn

The Landing page of JAVHD has a big banner with a couple of buxom Japanese ladies showing off their tits, and a big, bold statement claiming you can GET 75% OFF! The special only applies to a year-long membership, so be prepared to shell out a big chunk of change right from jump. You may have to sell some of those collectible anime figures or ask your mom for a raise in your allowance anyway, because the standard monthly rate is about 50 USD.

That’s considerably more than most sex sites cost these days, but if you browse my Premium Asian Porn list you already know that JAV sites tend to cost a little bit more. JAVHD is one of the pricier ones because it has even more to offer.

Besides the fact that they’ve got uncensored Japanese twats on display, JAVHD is also dealing in bulk. You’re not going to run out of amateur outdoor sex or office lady orgies when they add at least five new updates every day. The JAVHD Premium Network, which you’re subscribing to with the membership, includes 17 niche sites with nearly a thousand models starring in over 2500 dirty movies. Your insurance covers Cialis, right?

But Wait, There’s More! (To Pay For)

I got logged in and saw the standard layout you see on most premium porn sites. The main difference is that here, all the women fingering themselves, eating cock, and getting their faces blasted with cum are Japanese — and not a single one has her cunt blurred out!

A big image at the top of the screen shows Megumi Shino having her hairy pussy stimulated in a threesome. There’s a dude cramming her vagina from behind while another stuffs the hungry girl’s face. I got to watch a three-minute video of the scene before the site cut me off; even though I’ve got a premium membership, some of the scenes still cost extra to watch. This one’s a little under 4 USD, but I want to jerk off to what I already paid for before shelling out anything else.

There are 15 thumbnails from the newest movies on the front members page. While the network has multiple daily updates, I’m happy to see that the main JAVHD site also updates every day. Yesterday a girl named Aika did a double blowjob in an MMMF group scene, and the day before that Chie desperately wanted to suck a dude off. Based on the preview of the 11-minute clip, she succeeded marvelously.

Some of you marathon wankers are already thinking, 11 minutes? That’s too short, just like your penis, right? Well, there’s a fair amount of range on the daily updates. Most seem to hover around 20 to 30 minutes, though the shortest one I see is just under six. Given the volume, some quickies ain’t a real issue. The one I’m about to watch, Hot Japanese with Long Legs Group Fucked and Made to Swallow, clocks in at around an hour.

Dorks Like You Banging Beautiful Asians

The 1080p HD movie opens with a typical porno interview of the star of the show, Rena Ayana. There are no subtitles and I don’t speak Japanese, so I’m not sure exactly what’s being said. She’s wearing nothing but a button-up shirt and high heels, though, so I already get the feeling she’s a kinky girl.

I skipped ahead a few minutes. Six dudes surround the chick, groping her body as they slowly undress her. Japan only has one porn stud for every thousand chicks, and that’s pretty clear here. Instead of chiseled abs and big dicks, all I see are a bunch of Asian dorks. You’d fit right in!

When the vibrator comes out, Rena gets a little bit louder. The dudes take turns working it on her, and then she grabs the little machine to show them how it’s done. She gets herself off before they start using her body for their own gratification. Rena is exactly the kind of sex toy I’d like to take home.

Considering JAVHD is still trying to charge members for additional content, I kind of assumed the downloads would cost extra, too. Fortunately, no pay wall appeared when I hit the button. JAVHD offers iPhone, Low, Normal and HD quality downloads as part of the membership.

Asian Schoolgirls, Gangbangs, MILFs and More

Click the Sites link in the header to see the full list of Premium Japanese Network Sites included with your JAVHD membership. Like other sex networks, it’s all divided up into sexual themes that make it easy to get what you want. AVanal is full of Japanese girls taking it up the ass, while AVtits is all about the J-boobies. There are SchoolgirlsHD, GangAV, HeyMILF and a dozen more havens of Asian perversion.

Most of the sites on the network have a few hundred scenes, though a couple of the newer ones are still pretty small. Oookuny, AV69, and the central JAVHD site all have thousands of movies. Any way you slice up this pie of Asian creampies, you’re going to have plenty of servings for breakfast, lunch and dinner for years to come. Invite the family over and make an evening of it sometime!

JAVHD doesn’t offer the cheapest premium memberships in the world of online sex. In fact, it’s one of the pricier ones, but it’s easy to see why they’re able to charge that much. Not only is this one of the hugest sprawling networks of Japanese pornography, but you get to watch it without putting up with spam or annoying blocks covering up all the pussies and penetration. For true enthusiasts of Japanese Adult Video or just Asian porn fans in general, this is still one of the best deals on the market.

ThePornDude likes JAVHD's

  • Uncensored japanese genitals
  • Beautiful asian pornstars and idols
  • Massive archive of xxx jav
  • Daily updates
  • Downloads included

ThePornDude hates JAVHD's

  • Seriously premium price
  • Membership doesn’t include everything