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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The first time I saw the name of this site, I thought that I was going to see a lot of fucked up shit, but it is safe to say that this place does not live up to its name… or maybe I expected too much. I mean, when you see, you think that you will see the bizarre part of pornography, and while their clips are a bit out of the ordinary, nothing is too weird…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not particularly into such weird crap, but I prefer when sites tell you what the fuck they have to offer in their domain name, and this place is just not. On the other hand, I am not saying that this place is not worth the visit or whatnot, but there are other bizarre places I would recommend instead of this one if that is the type of shit that makes your dick hard.

At the end of the day, we choose a site that sounds the most fun and then we look at the content, and well I am here to say that while their crap might be a bit out of the ordinary, do not get your hopes up too much. They do have a lot of good shit, but then again so do other sites. Then again, I still recommend this place, so make sure to visit.

Plain site design, and basic shit.

When it comes to the design, there is not much I can say. They offer quite the basic design and all of that crap, so there is really no point to state anything specific. On top, you have the usual menu that can help you find the crap that you find interesting, and on the homepage, you have a lot of videos listed. I mean, that is literally it, there is nothing else for me to state.

If you will offer such simplistic pornographic content, you could have at least made your overall design a bit more attractive. I mean, there is really nothing that will make this site stand out, just the name, which is not even fucking true. Sure, they have a lot of great videos, but when you hype them up with the name, I expected more.

Hyping up your crowd for a disappointment is never a good thing, and that is why I am here to tell you what really has to offer, and whether you decide to visit this place or not is completely up to you… I really could not give a rat’s ass. Start by browsing the videos they have listed on the homepage because there is not much else to see here.

Lots of hot porn videos.

This is a free site, so I am sure that is a big plus to most of you fuckers who do not want to pay for original content. Now, as I was browsing, I also noticed that like 90% of the crap here is user-submitted, and most of it is amateur, which is to be expected. If you dislike low-quality amateur porn, I am not sure why the fuck are you still here?

One thing I should have probably already mentioned is the fact that this site does not really have any videos, it is a host website filled with lots of videos that you can watch on other sites. Yep, these types of websites actually exist, and I have reviewed a shit ton of them on my other domain website… I mean, they do not really serve any purpose, but they are a good source of free porn.

Almost every porn clip will have a small description or almost no description, as some of them had just the words “haha” or “hmm” whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. However, most of the videos are very basic, or a bit out of the ordinary, but nothing to be called inhuman… which is why I was frustrated when I first read their site name.

There are so many different names they could have used, and left this domain name to a site that actually offers bizarre shit… but oh well, this is what we are left with. The overall content is not bad, and I enjoyed the majority of the videos, so I am sure that you will enjoy them as well. Most of the clips here will be of low or lower quality, just so you know.

The first clip I checked out was only about 6 seconds long, and it showed a cutie masturbating over the towel, and her man walking in on her with the camera. Sure, that sounds hot and all, but the video was so fucking short, I do not understand why the fuck it even exists… not like anyone can wank their stuff in 6 seconds.

The second video I chose to watch came from, and it was actually fucking weird… but then again Asians were involved, so I did not really expect anything normal. It was about a cute Asian chick getting surgery or some shit, and later you had some odd sex scenes, and then some other shit happened… I am not even fucking sure what I have watched.

There were also videos that were the basic shit, threesome with amateurs, solo videos, POV fucking, and all of that. So, while I am sure that you will find all the kinky crap you are looking for, I think there are better sites for you to explore. It all depends on what the fuck your dick prefers to get hard to, and I am sure that you are the only person who knows that.

No search options…

I understand that this is a host site and all that shit, but they could have included at least some search options. Well, they literally have none. So, if you are into something specific, or whatever the fuck, you will have to browse manually to find the crap you are searching for, and I am pretty sure that is something nobody wants to do.

Including the simple categories or whatever the fuck is not that difficult, not to mention that most of the host websites I have visited and even reviewed in the past were actually fucking filled with categories… so I am not sure who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to make a porn site with no search options… probably a woman.

Instead of any of those kinds of options, on top, you will have a couple of sites suggested, and while those sites are not bad, I am still fucking disappointed with their lack of user-friendly crap. In addition, I cannot really tell you much about the videos since I do not know where all the videos are from, and that is what matters when describing the features.

If this place does not satisfy your needs, you have a lot of other shit suggested on top, from VR places to sites where you can play dirty porn games. On the other hand, you can check out other sites I have reviewed, either on this domain or on my other… it is all up to you, and nobody would blame you if you give up on this site.

I know that this place has a lot of good aspects, and the pornographic videos are not really that bad, or whatnot, but they are also not that great… which is what most of us are looking for, right? At least the site is free, so that is a big plus, and you are often taken to the known free porn sites, such as PornHub or xHamster.

Is it worth the visit?

I know that the thing most of you are wondering is whether this place is actually worth the visit, or have I just wasted both of our times exploring this site and talking nonsense… well, I’d say that this all depends on your perspective of porn and the crap you are into. If you like to watch random usually amateur porn videos that are free, and you do not give a fuck about the quality, then you have come to the right place. is a site that does not live up to its name, but they still offer a lot of great porn videos for you to explore. I am sure that you will find the dirty crap you are into, but you will have to spend some quality time browsing. All the crap here is free, so enjoy yourself.

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  • Just a host site
  • No search options