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Updated on 05 February 2024
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By looking at my site, I’m sure you can see that there is a lot of fucking porn out there in the world. Most sites try their best to catalog the hottest, sexiest, most nut-bustingly amazing porn that they can find. High-quality productions, hand picked videos, curated amateur content, slutty cam girls, and more. Every site has its own tactic to keep the good shit coming. But what about the porn that isn’t so great? Where does that end up? Or, hell, what about a site that doesn’t take itself too seriously? I’m talking about a site where you can share, make fun of, and talk about all of the quirky, hilarious shit that happens in porn and adult media. Where having a good laugh takes precedence over busting a nut.

That site is called Efukt.com. If you haven’t heard of these legends, the focus of the site is on sharing funny adult-themed clips, photos, and gifs. Shit like bad porn acting, memorable greentexts, cringy amateur videos, and sexy clips that you probably won’t find elsewhere. It’s this weird and interesting mix of hot and funny that has been going strong since 2006. With such an odd niche you might expect this site to barely chug along, but that is far from the truth. They usually bring in around 14 million people to the site every month. Fuck, that’s impressive. So, stay with me here while I delve into how this unique porn site works.

Simple Site Design Makes for Easy Navigation

The site has a nice dark theme going on. I wasn’t expecting that. Usually sites from 2006 are stuck in their shitty design ways, but the only bright white that you’ll see here will be the preview boxes that run down the middle of the homepage. The first thing you notice will be the site banner near the top. I mean, how could you miss it? It’s an owl with a little cock. If you didn’t already, you know right off the bat that shit is going to get weird here.

Up top, there’s a header for “Video, Pics, Gifs, VR Sites, Inhumanity, Best Porn, Live Sex, and a drop down menu with links to other sites as well as an area to upload your own content.” Basically, all you need to worry about are the first three options. And the fifth, of course. The rest of those buttons take you to other porn sites that aren’t mine and aren’t the one I’m reviewing, so browse those at your own leisure. It is worth noting that the drop down menu has an option to buy Efukt merch if you really want to be that guy, as well as forum that doesn’t look to be active at all.

Large Catalog of Funny, Absurd, and Kinky Pictures, Gifs, and Videos to Browse

The main page has previews for all sorts of content. It’s simply organized by newest to oldest. You can’t change that here, but, luckily, there are more filter options on the other pages. For “Videos,” all of the filter options crop up under a drop down menu. You can browse their collection of odd and exciting categories like “Beef Curtains, Gape, Modifications, Ouch!, and Porn Bloopers.” Each category has a preview image that gives you a relatively decent idea of what you will find there. Aside from those categories, you can browse using a variety of other interesting options like “Cum Haters, Trolling Pornstars, Ridiculous Orgasms, and your usual options like newest and most viewed.” On the homepage you can also hit a random button up top to get a random picture, video, or gif from the site if you’re feeling adventurous.

The pics and gifs sections are less organized. You just have to flip through the pages and see what you get. Goddamn, there is some wild shit here. Some of it is super fucking hot, like watching gifs of hot babes deepthroating long dildos, while other gifs have shit like some chick playing ring toss with some dude’s dick. It’s fucking wild. One minute I think I might be able to settle in and jerk off, but then I’ll hit the arrow button for the next picture and lose any semblance of a boner.

The only previews worth going more in depth on are the video previews. The other ones for gifs and photos just give you a small thumbnail of the image/gif with a title. The videos do the same thing, but you also get a date uploaded, view count, user who uploaded, a title, a category tag, and a funny description of the content. You don’t get video times, rarings, or anything like that, but those aren’t that important for a site like this. Do look out for the category tags though. Some are tagged as stealthy “advertisements” and will take you off site if you’re not careful about it. And you will get pop ups, chat bubbles, and redirects when you use the site. Nothing too extreme, but annoying enough to warrant using an adblocker.

Stream Videos Quickly and Mix Things up With a Unique Video Shuffle Option

The videos play in a snap. No annoying buffering. The video qualities vary from post to post, though you may come across some nice HD gems scattered about. What I like here is that they have incorporated some fun features to the video player. You can hit the next button to load up the next video on the list, hit random to get a random video from the site, or click on the yellow tag below the video to view the full series of videos with the same title. There aren’t any quality toggles or anything like that, but that’s not a dealbreaker here. It’s more about the funny/weird content than crips, professional shoots.

Take Efukt.com’s Crazy Content on the Go With Their Great Mobile Site

I really like the layout of the mobile site. It’s easy to scroll through any of the content that they have on the site. I actually found it easier to browse on mobile. The previews are bigger, so you don’t have to click on the thumbnail every time. You pretty much get the full image right there without having to do anything. Fucking awesome. Even the video player worked just fine on the mobile site. No weird buffer issues or unplayable content. It is a bit harder to avoid the advertisement links on here, but those still aren’t that big of a deal. Just close the pop up and you’re good to go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Efukt.com is that they are unlike any other porn site out there. In an industry that rewards copying the big names out there, they have carved out a unique spot for themselves. The content on here is this fantastic mix of weird, crazy, extreme, hilarious, and hot as fuck. It may not be the best site to fap to, but it keeps me coming back for more content. Not many other porn sites can do that. It’s one of those sites that you browse to pass the time. Just make sure that your screen isn’t too visible while you do.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I get that the site is built around these random pictures and gifs, but some organizational/filter options for those two pages in particular would be nice. Even just a few like new, hot, and top rated would do the trick. I still like those pages and the content that’s on there, but it’s not nearly as well put together as the video page is. At least you can click on the photos and browse by one’s with similar tags.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Efukt.com can be thought of as a bit of an acquired taste. It’s weird to use at first, but you’ll quickly find yourself looking on in shock and awe at some of the crazy shit on here. I don’t really recommend it if you’re horny and looking to jerk off to some regular content. They don’t have much of that. But, if you want to laugh, or if you have some really odd fetishes, then check out the wonderfully weird site that is Efukt.com.

ThePornDude likes eFukt's

  • Large Catalog of Funny, Fetish, and Freaky Content
  • Browse and Stream Pictures, Photos, and Gifs for Free
  • Content You Won’t Find Anywhere else
  • Great Site Design on Mobile and Desktop

ThePornDude hates eFukt's

  • Pics and Gifs Sections Could be More Organized