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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I’m going to be as blunt as possible in this intro since there’s not too much to say about this page that isn’t visible as soon as you make your way inside of it. At Humoron you’ll be able to see a whole lot of videos that are pretty much all about hardcore porn, bizarre porn and shocking videos in general. The one thing that bothers me about this page is that the design is well…nasty, I don’t know how to put it. It’s not exactly bad or anything, I don’t like it. Sure, you can navigate through it easily…however, you won’t like the way it looks.

If you’ve ever been to a flea market in Eastern Europe, you definitively ran into one of those bootleg snacks you can find out there. Like, sure, they’re fine, but the packaging is so ugly you do not want to buy them. That’s the vibe I get from the page. It’s crowded with a whole lot of content, and that’s honestly a great thing since a whole lot of these websites will place fake videos on their page to make sure that they get some traffic. Do you know what I mean? They’ll put in titles such as “dude unloads entire clip into woman,” stuff that shouldn’t even be legal; honestly, no one wants to see that.

No normal person does. But…some of us are curious. Plenty of us are curious, and this results in a whole lot of people clicking on these links with really tiny pictures right next to them that look intriguing as hell, and there you go. You’re redirected to some unusual website with a whole lot of pop-up ads that will annoy you, and those will definitively ruin your experience, but you won’t see a woman eating up a bunch of lead in the end. So yes, you do get to a see a lot of legit videos and all that, and there’s a huge variety of videos on this page. Like, you might see regular porn such as amateur videos, videos of anal sex, creampies, and whatnot…tags are out there too, so you have a chance of running into what you want to see by utilizing the search bar. This is obviously the most important part of the page so that you won’t be wasting your time here.

The videos are divided into a few categories, such as Funny, Shocking, Cool, Sexy, and obviously, some other weird content that you might not want to see, however, if you are one of “those people”, then you’ll have a whole lot of fun in this section as well. I mean, I saw a video of a dude stimulating a girls vagina with one of those weird electric balls Tesla used. At least he tried to; I don’t think that kind of thing can shock the girl or at least stimulate the clit. When it comes to porn, there is truly some genuinely hot stuff in here that a lot of people will want to see, and that’s a great thing. Big booty babes bouncing on massive dicks and some stuff done in the outdoors. Girls giving sloppy blowjobs to guys behind the building and whatnot. First time anal. Painful anal. Actual orgies. Great stuff that pretty much any man can enjoy. Porn for the average man.

Now, there are also live webcams, but you’ll obviously be redirected to another website upon clicking on the link. So, if you want to avoid loading another page if you are on your phone or something like that, so you want to save up on data, then I don’t recommend doing something like that. Now, there is also something for the sickos in here. You’ll find a whole lot of nasty stuff, but the stuff is nasty and legit. I mentioned beforehand that people like to put in a whole lot of fake sensationalist stuff in here to make sure that you’ll click, only to have a whole lot of ads pop up and fill your entire screen up. However, here you’ll see titles that say stuff like “pussy pumping went wrong…Don’t put it on the ass!”, and upon clicking that link, you will actually find what you were looking for.

Actually, there’s a lot of pussy pumping videos on here, and those are honestly weird as hell if you ask me, but if you are that kind of person, then I guess this place is heaven for you…freak. There are also milking videos and videos where some insects are tortured and all that. Like, a girl will put a wasp in a tube and tortured it by trying to suffocate it, but the wasp ends up stinging her nipple in the process, so yeah, there’s that.

However, as you go deeper down the rabbit hole, you’ll find that this stuff gets even weirder. You’ll even find some Russian version of the Jerry Springer show. Alright yeah, that’s obviously not the weirdest thing you’ll see on here, what I meant was actual videos of human bodies decomposing because of poor hygiene. Yeah, that happens. It’s unbelievable to people living in first and second world countries, but it’s out there. So yeah, if you’re up for seeing a woman’s vagina infested with maggots falling apart before your very eyes, then you’ll find some good stuff in here. I mean honestly, I don’t know what kind of reaction someone is supposed to get from these videos…am I supposed to get hard? Do people get hard to these? It’s weird.

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  • There's a lot of user-submitted content
  • It's exactly what you expect to see, no false advertisements

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  • The page is sort-of ugly