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Updated on 05 February 2024
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So, I heard you are a fan of bizarre pornographic videos… or well I am assuming that seeing as how you clicked to check out this place. Well, in case you did not know, daftporn.com is a site that offers some of the weirdest shit out there, and I personally enjoyed… a part of it. This type of content is not really meant for everyone, so take your time to explore, and you will see whether this place is good or not.

A rather different presentation and lots of weird porn videos.

All the videos will be listed on their homepage because that is as much as they have to offer… more or less. However, the way the videos are listed is not really something you would expect from a free porn site, to begin with. They have lots and lots of content I am certain you will enjoy since I am assuming that most of you who do not like weird shit are no longer here, right?

Well, daftporn.com is a site that definitely delivers that weirdness you are looking for when it comes to porn. Now, when I categorize this site as weird, I am not thinking about the Japanese-level weird, if you know what I mean. I am thinking of awkward and just weird scenarios that you would not often see when watching porn.

Those who are only interested in what kind of content this site has to offer should check out the next section of this review because here I am mostly going to talk about technicalities. Here, you can find some of the weirdest, sometimes even basic, as well as bizarre pornographic videos. A good thing is that most of their videos will have a pretty descriptive title, so you already know what the fuck to expect.

The videos are all listed on the side, and you have some options on top as well, but there is not much else the site has to offer. Honestly, I am not really surprised that a free site is so empty, but then again, it is not really empty when you consider all the naughty ads that are listed all over the site, including a couple of pop-ups that can really piss you off.

Sure, I understand the need for free sites to use ads, but on one hand, there is really no need to have so many. You should have the Ad-block installed for many obvious reasons, and if you have that, you will not have to deal with too many ads. Other than that, I do wish they would change their design… it is just odd and plain, not in a good way.

There is nothing that makes this site stand out visually, and while the content is different and hot, sometimes that is not enough for visitors to stay and explore what the site has to offer. Usually, people will judge the site on the looks, and not continue to explore after they see that it looks like shit. But I am here to give all sites a chance, and I do think this site is worth the visit.

Now, keep in mind that I am not particularly into the crap that I watched here, however, I can look at it objectively and thus tell you whether this place is worth the visit or not for those who actually appreciate such content. This all depends on your personal tastes and what the fuck you would like to watch in the first place… obviously.

Bizarre and weird videos that are worth the boner.

As I have said, their content is pretty weird, but then again it is not too weird for your dick to be confused. The titles are very descriptive, and so you can start by reading them first, obviously. For example, one of the videos said “Interrupted by father” and the video showed a beautiful girl sucking off her man and having a phone call with her dad… which is definitely not something that happened to me.

There was also one video labeled as “Sex with a clumsy Firsttimer” and it was just that, a sex act with a beautiful babe who was not in front of the camera before. I know, at first, I also thought that the chick will be a virgin, but she was just very inexperienced, and thus did not really know how to “professionally” ride a dick, or however you want to put it.

Now, there are lots of videos that offered a rather vague title, such as OOPS, Awkward, I can only imagine and so on. Those are all the titles that showed on the site when I visited in case you are interested in checking them out. No matter which video you click on, there will be at least one weird thing happening.

For example, the OOPS video featured a beautiful teen girl who was brushing her hair and she had a slight nip slip. I am guessing this was at a webcam live show or some shit, because while she did go ‘oops’ she was not too bothered about it. The video labeled as awkward just sent me to the inhumanity site, which is basically a similar place to this one, in both looks and content.

What I really like about daftporn.com is the fact that they have a lot of videos, so there is a high chance that you will find whatever the fuck you might be looking for. I mean their overall content is pretty hot, and while a part of it did cause me to be hella confused, the other part was rather hot… you also have a portion of disturbing porn or whatever the fuck, you’ll know what I mean when you visit the site.

The video quality is very random, and for the most part, it was not really good. I mean, it is not like I expected the quality to actually be amazing, but you know I am a sucker for high quality, which is why I prefer to browse on premium sites. Well, here the quality is passable, and some videos were pretty pixilated, and honestly, I could not watch them.

So far, I did not really find any videos that were of higher quality, which is to be expected. I mean, if you visit a free site, you cannot really expect the quality to be amazing or whatever the fuck, right? Well, here you have all sorts of hot videos but the quality overall is very bad.

No user features, and the search options suck.

The thing that always pisses me off about such porn websites is the fact that their search options fucking suck. With so many different bizarre porn videos, it can be a bit difficult to sort them into categories, but you could at least provide some of the basics, such as anal, blowjob, amateur, petite or whatever the heck… you get the gist.

Well, the search options here are pretty limited, as you literally just have a se4arhc box that allows you to input a keyword and that is about that. Really… that is the best you lads could have fucking done? With so much content on the site, I expected a lot more but apparently, they decided to let their viewers browse and browse until they find the right content.

When it comes to the feature for the users, you also do not have much to explore… since there are no actual features for you. Now, they do offer a section for the pictures, and all that… but that section is even more bizarre than the videos You have a lot of pictures that will basically make you go “WTF am I looking at” but at the same time you will not be able to stop looking.

Their galleries are very bizarre, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed browsing through them, because there Is not much else that you can do on daftporn.com. Sure, the porn is great, but there is not a lot of fappable content for those who came for that. Unless you are into such fucked up crap, then this might be your heaven.

Overall, I think that people who love to watch interesting videos, and are intrigued by bizarre porn images, will love daftporn.com. Of course, you will have to deal with its plain design, 0 user features, and no search options, together with a shit ton of ads, but overall, it is free, so you should not be complaining.

ThePornDude likes DaftPorn's

  • Free porn site
  • Lots of bizarre content
  • Naughty weird galleries

ThePornDude hates DaftPorn's

  • Bad design
  • Lots of ads and pop-ups
  • Mostly a host site
  • Bad quality content