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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Embrace the naughty euphoria from the nastiest black bubbly beauty from ghetto porn. Well, it’s not that you will find 2Pac somewhere banging some smoking hot ebony ass, but be certain that you will find plenty of women similar to the ones in his videos, only they will be doing much more filthy things than just wiggling their asses. If by any chance you are looking for a huge array of incredible clips showing off the finer side of hood rats, the site up for review today- Hood Amateurs- should be more than a perfect match. Be warned thou; you will be entertaining the idea of fucking a sexy ghetto cutie with a badass trunk. Don’t fret, that’s the best thing that can ever happen to you. I mean, these sluts know how to slobber on a cock, and their bodies are so out of control it’s a fucking joke.

From what I’ve seen, Hood Amateurs is a free porn site with a focus on user-uploaded amateur/homemade videos featuring black hood rats having their pink slits plowed by all manner of cocks. These are not the usual porn stars that are recycled in every other site; they are real ebony hotties from the hood who are dirty enough to share their naughty sides with us. These whores are about to show you what awesome sex is all about as they masturbate, show off their juicy butts and twats and many more crazy ass sexual adventures.

It’s a hot ebony porn galore

What makes ebony porn so fucking hot? Could be the massive black dicks pounding hard and rough or the dirty talk. But the best thing about the smut here is; it’s all real. As you feel your dick swell or your pussy gets wet from watching these scenes, know you might as well be jerking off to that ebony whore you saw on the streets. I can tell you for free that there are plenty of muscular men here as there are hot women being heavily pounded by well-hung men. Cut that, by all kind of men as long as they can get their cocks hard. There’s a mix of white guys and black guys in the scenes, and you can expect some hardcore black-on-black action and also some occasional interracial screwing.

Hood Amateurs welcomes you with the featured videos as well as the ‘most recent,’ and you can start to beat meat to unbelievably hot sluts putting their bubbly asses to work and sucking cocks like pros, never mind they are only amateurs. The best thing about the videos? They come with thumbnail previews, and you have a sneak preview of the action before clicking. You can also tell the number of views each video has garnered with the site also featuring the normal thumbs up/down rating feature. You can see these bitches slipping out of their clothes, giving blowjobs, masturbating, using all manner of dildos and generally getting screwed from different positions. I know you are obsessed with chocolate coochies and this here is your opportunity to cum get some.

The women here are as hot as they are dirty while the scenes are raw and passionate, an unbeatable combination that works a treat any day of the week. I was pleased to find that the site has an embedded video player and scenes can be streamed directly on the site without the inconvenience of annoying redirects. However, you will have to deal with an ad that’s bang in the middle of the video player before you can click play. That’s a minor inconvenience you have to put up with for the love of free stuff. One of my favorite videos is a POV of a big ass whore being banged from behind as she washes the dishes and the ‘badass’ tattoo on her lower back perfectly describes her. Of course, there is much more where that came from, and you can look forward to a hardcore sexual adventure.

A huge selection of free smut

The homepage reads 672 pages, but in reality, there are only 480 pages. Where the fuck did all the other content go to? Don’t get me wrong, the amount of content here is decent, and only an asshole would complain when all the shit is free, but that perfectly describes me, and I’m justified to start wondering about things with such a glaring hiccup. But not being one to dwell on minor things, I quickly jumped to page 480 and immediately established that the site has been around since 2011 which is no mean feat. You will still have thousands of videos to pick from, and there shouldn’t be too many complaints.

One thing you will note is that each video has a HoodAmateurs.com watermark on the clips, an indication that the site’s team checks each of the video to save you from the nasty surprises of seeing some gay or tranny shit when expecting a puffed chocolate pussy. Placing a watermark on a video is a tedious process that requires time reviewing the video, but then someone has to do it, right? That said, the tagging system is a bit wanting with some of the videos not correctly tagged which may be misleading.

The majority of the scenes at Hood Amateurs are homemade, most by mobile phones or web cameras. Don’t expect to jerk off to ultra HD videos. However, many of the videos I had the pleasure of watching offer several streaming options, mostly peaking at HD ready 720p. Not bad at all for amateur shit, is it? In any case, all you should be interested in is the quality of sex which is beyond reproach here as you get the raw product, the vibe, the passion, and the moment in time. If like me you prefer your booties thick and bouncy, the hood rats in here should make for a wonderful fap session.

Questionable organization though

Hood Amateurs’ categories section left me a bit confused. There are only 5 categories to pick from, and they are not your typical categories. Here you only get Black BBW Amateurs Porn, Free Black Amateur Porn, Black Amateur Head Blowjobs Neck, Free Black Porn, and Interracial Amateur Porn. These are certainly not categories. They add up to about 19,342 scenes and if you want to look for a certain video, don’t bother with the categories as nothing is forthcoming in that regard. I honestly find this as a pretty fucked up way of organizing videos, which is not entirely surprising considering life in the hood is equally messed up.

Hood Amateurs impressed me by;

Loads of amateur black porn; whatever you think of other aspects of the site, at least they have delivered on one important area- they’ve offered you the opportunity to masturbate to hot amateur porn featuring hot ass amateur ebony sluts.

Option to upload your own content; not only do you get to beat meat to user-uploaded porn, but you can also upload your own content and show the world what you’ve got if you are feeling naughty and dirty enough and probably have no reputation to protect.

Decent quality videos; considering the grainy, shaky crap other sites present as amateur vids, the scenes here have a streaming quality of 720p which is nowhere near bad.

Videos are raw and passionate; this is pretty much what you would expect from user-recorded videos of ghetto sluts getting fucked which is exactly what you get served with. It doesn’t get rawer than this.

The ugly

Limited categories; the site disappoints with only a handful of categories to pick from which is simply not good enough.

Excessive advertising; these fucks are running a free site and have to get money from somewhere to stay in operation, but the amount of advertising here is simply too heavy for comfort. There are ads everywhere you look including inside the video player, and they will prove a distraction.

Ghetto site design; the site may be dealing with amateur porn and shit, but the design is in serious need of a revamp as it’s currently ‘too ghetto.’

What I think should be done

Sort out the categories mess, and then we can talk. It is criminal for a site with such a respectable collection of videos in their archive to only have a handful of categories. Oh, and could someone also look into the design while at it?

Final thoughts

Despite its shortcomings, Hood Amateurs is a fantastic resource for anyone with a craving for every day ebony babes. It’s a free tube, and it features an abundance of black amateur porn, and while I may have issues with their organization, you will struggle to find a site with so many ghetto bitches that are always down to the bone. It has my vote of confidence which is all you need to know. Go wreck yourself.

ThePornDude likes HoodAmateurs's

  • Loads of amateur black porn
  • Option to upload your own content
  • Decent quality videos
  • Raw and passionate videos

ThePornDude hates HoodAmateurs's

  • Limited categories
  • Excessive advertising
  • Ghetto design