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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Anyone interested in seeing some dark chocolate angels enjoying cock better pay close attention to what I’m about to say. You are about to realize the role that porn plays in uniting people. How, you ask? Where else do you find interracial gangbang scenes featuring fuckers from diverse races? When it comes to sex, there is one common uniting factor; all pussies are pink on the inside, and that certainly rings true to the stunningly unbelievable ebony whores lined up in the site up for review today- Tasty Blacks. To tell you the truth, you will struggle to find a hotter collection of ebony smut on the entire internet. A site doesn’t garner over 11 million views a month for being mediocre, does it? Tasty Blacks is a porn aggregator that draws its content from a variety of the hottest sources to bring you the tastiest chocolate pussies. My advice? You had better call in sick at work and have enough lube stocks before you click enter. It promises to be a fucking fap fest.

But first, the homepage antics

Judging a book by its cover is not a smart idea, but my experience tells me it’s OK to use a site’s first impression to determine what to expect down the track. Luckily, Tasty Blacks has a relatively fine display with the site immediately presenting you with a bunch of categories to pick from. Some of them are a bit confusing (for instance, what the fuck is Latina doing here), but you will still find plenty that should be relevant to your chocolate pussy interests. But FART porn? Seriously guys, slow the fuck down. Anyway, who am I to judge your sexual interests? We are all pervs in our own ways after all.

Where black porn comes alive

One thing you need to realize is Tasty Blacks doesn’t host the content here. It acts more like Google, but only searches for porn featuring ebony sluts having their brains fucked out. But speaking of the content, the site welcomes you with 120 of the most popular categories although as you scroll down the homepage, there will be even more atrocities to pick from.

One thing that sucks is that the thumbnails are static with no preview feature. However, the list of tags next to each video should give you a clue. For instance, I saw one video under the ‘orgasm’ category showing a big tittied slut with a contorted face, and it’s tough to figure out what is going on. But the tags conveniently informed me that the video features a webcam, squirting, explosive orgasm and is homemade. I quickly concluded the twisted face was a result of a massive gush probably after a few minutes of furious clit rubbing. As mentioned, below the list of popular categories is a more comprehensive list of categories complete with the number of videos per category. I don’t have the time to do the maths, but I can assure you there are enough pink chocolate slits here to last you a lifetime and probably more. Are you into chicks with fat asses getting smashed? Or maybe you prefer skinnier whores taking in huge, raging boners in their tight assholes? It doesn’t matter. As long as it involves ebony whores, Tasty Blacks have scoured the web to bring you the hottest scenes right in front of your screen. The figures point towards a black porn stash of epic proportions. You fucks needs to be fucking grateful.

Hunt for ebony porn is on in the categories

After hitting a category, you are taken to an archive page where the videos available on the site in that particular category are presented. Well, ‘available’ is quite a loose term to use. For instance, I chose to go with the blowjob category which has over 190k videos, but none of them is available here. Sounds dumb, right? Wrong. The thing with Tasty Blacks (as is normally the case with many porn tubes) is that it sources its content from third-party sources like PornHub, TXXX, Bravo Tube and xHamster among others. This obviously has its merits and downsides, but whether you want the site to curate as much ebony tube content as possible is not up to you to decide. I personally have no problem with that.

Anyway, the categories present the best options in your hunt for tasty ebony babes. As you would expect, the typical fuck film categories are well-represented here and include lesbians, teens, threesomes, gang bang, interracial, strapon, big clit, huge dildo, and cumshot among many others. For y’all sick toads whose tastes run deeper, there are freakier categories to pick from including Femdom, Public, BDSM, fisting, cum in mouth, casting, gloryholes and much more. Those who prefer gay, shemale, and ladyboy content also have something to get their rocks off. See, there is something for every perverted ebony lover out there.

So, what happens with the clicks?

Some tubes archive embedded content, but Tasty Blacks chooses the ‘click to navigate’ path. This is what that means; once you pick a thumbnail that tickles your fancy, the site loads to the original tube where the content was sourced from. It is not an entirely straightforward process, but it is above board as far as I can tell and you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with viruses or any of that shit. Needless to say, playback quality options, downloads, and the rest depend on the site you land on. Considering the mammoth amount of sweet black adult entertainment, such a small inconvenience should not prevent you from taking a look.

Sorting options? There are quite a few

If you want to sort the content on Tasty Blacks, you may use the tabs at the top of every category. Some of the options include popularity, upload date, and video length among others. Want my advice? Popularity is the best method to approach such a mammoth collection. You do want to beat meat to the best of the best, don’t you? I don’t know about you, but I personally like being able to view lengthy clips for the many times in my life that I need a lengthier stroke. You see, The Porn Dude is actually a guy of simple needs. Just give me an hour-long video featuring a big ass black chick enjoying a shaft and you best believe I’ll bust at least two nuts. Have I enjoyed my time so far at Tasty Blacks? The fuck I have.

Reasons to be excited about Tasty Blacks

An insanely huge collection of ebony smut; this site is a pretty simple destination: it offers a shit load of videos featuring sweet ebony whores and not much else. However, it is the sheer size of its archive that will leave you thoroughly impressed with millions of videos to pick from.

Free to use; such a mammoth collection and the site doesn’t even require you to part with a cent. Damn, you don’t even have to register to jerk off to the tasty ebony whores lined up.

Daily updates; if you thought Tasty Blacks are resting on their laurels because they already have a mammoth archive, think again. The site regularly updates with new scenes, and for content, the ‘All New’ option on the homepage has over 700,000 videos. Loads of categories; the collection at Tasty Blacks serves pretty much any black porn genre, and the huge line up of categories is a testament to that. There are even categories for shemale, lesbian and gay content to choose from which speaks volume about the diversity of the collection.

The potentially negative elements

Third party content; not everyone will appreciate being directed to the hosting site as Tasty Blacks doesn’t host any of the content on their archive. It’s a potential inconvenience.

Some non-ebony content; it’s hard to be 100% perfect, but not all the content here features ebonies. I bumped upon several videos featuring Caucasian dudes and dudettes which could obviously be a nasty surprise for some.

What I think should be done;

Getting an embedded video player ASAP seems like the sensible thing to do. Otherwise, there is potential for spam on other sites.

The addition of a thumbnail preview feature could also go a long way towards improving user experience.

Bottom line

Anyone who likes tossing their snag to sweet chocolate twats will find what they are looking for here. The archive is fucking huge and sourcing the content from other tubes makes the collection diverse. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a free tube archive website that devotes its efforts to hot ebony porn especially when all the shit is available for free.

ThePornDude likes TastyBlacks's

  • An insanely huge collection of ebony smut
  • Free to use
  • Daily updates
  • Loads of categories

ThePornDude hates TastyBlacks's

  • Third party content
  • Some non-ebony content