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Updated on 05 February 2024
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For starters, I am a staunch lover of chocolate babes. Forget all that classy shit they talk about; few things beat seeing these ghetto bitches twerking and making their gigantic booties clap onto stiff meat rods. Most of the times, black porn is fetishized in plenty of mainstream porn sites, and the number of white porn stars outnumbers their ebony counterparts by far. You can imagine my relief when I bumped upon a site teeming with homemade, hardcore porn featuring hot black bitches having their fuckholes absolutely wrecked by huge dongs.

Today I’m all about or simply ShesFreaky, fap mates. When a site has a logo that reads “She’s Freaky and she knows it…”, then you know these fellas have taken a freaky direction with their branding, and they are not hiding. The site is filled to the brim with sexy amateur ebony women with their thunder thighs and trunks that are jam-packed with wiggly junk beckoning you to take a tour inside their glorious fuck channels. Enjoy seeing these whores hungrily slobbering over dick and ravenously munching on vaginas in scenes that are sure to give you one hell of a delectable treat. Are you down?

An abundance of ebony pussy awaits

Once you hit the homepage, you are immediately presented with loads of amateur ebony babes with their massive racks, nice dripping pussies, and an insatiable love for the OG dick. Most of the content at ShesFreaky is amateur as the site looks to appeal to all the hood chicks with a love for cock that don’t mind sharing their bedroom antics with the world. They will turn you into one maniacal pervert, that is if you are not one already. Needless to say, majority of the scenes feature ebony babes taking huge black dongs and if that’s not what you are looking for, better piss the fuck off.

But if by any chance you are looking for wet chocolate punanis being roughly pounded into tomorrow, then you better set up your seat and keep the lube and tissues ready as it promises to be a black pussy buffet. These whores have nothing better to do than take huge dongs up their creamy twats all day long. Oh, and they are all freaky as fuck and will do all manner of nasty shit. Their perky breasts will point right at your damn face as if daring you to suckle at their juicy dark nipples. That thought won’t be too far away from your perverted mind. There will be the occasional Arab, Latina, and interracial porn, but that will only be an issue if you are only interested in seeing black pussies. With that in mind, the correct description of ShesFreaky is ‘mostly a black porn site with a few non-black nymphos thrown into the mix as well.’ In any case, freaky pussies come in all colors and shapes so if you are all down for freaky pussy, ShesFreaky has you covered.

Where amateur porn comes alive

ShesFreaky’s layout is more or less what you would expect of a typical porn tube with search and site navigation bars up top and featured/most recent videos down below. This gives it an organized look and makes it easy to navigate. The moment you delve deeper into the scenes, you will quickly realize that these guys are not fucking around. It appears everything here is user uploaded and a lot of the shit you will be beating meat to are self-shot videos of horny ebony whores making their pussies squirt using vibrators as others ride dildos on camera. There is also a fair share of steamy homemade porn videos, girls showing off their sexy bodies and a little bit of everything to please any lover of homemade smut.

As you know, the biggest downside of user-uploaded porn is the mediocre quality that normally comes with that. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall decent quality of most of the videos here, and it does appear like users have put in some effort before uploading the videos. Throughout my stay here, I didn’t have to go through the agony of flipping through shaky, short ass videos that look like they were shot from a crappy phone in the early 2000s. All credit goes to the members of ShesFreaky for uploading some good quality shit.

Join the interactive and passionate community

As is common with such tubes like this, joining the community might be your best bet to getting your hands on the filthiest content. As you will notice, some of the content on ShesFreaky, including pictures and videos, is locked and is reserved for community members. The good news is, you can unlock it by signing up for free and then sweet-talk the content creators so they can allow you access to their locked nastiness.

There are hundreds of members in the community most of whom are girls as far as I can tell. They could be having daddy issues, but I don’t give a fuck about that as long as they keep posting naked pics and fucking videos of themselves. You are looking for masturbation material, and the whores are looking for validation from strangers. Works well for all parties involved if you ask me.

Another benefit of being in the community is you get to create your own playlists, vote on videos, share content, and interact with other horny members on She’s Freaky. There is no likelihood of getting bored when you have over 2000 freaks to interact with. Is that user account worth it? You decide.

Number of videos could be higher though

Which brings me nicely to one of the site’s major issues- the quantity. It does appear like you will have to sacrifice quantity for quality with the number of videos here nowhere near what I’ve seen in other amateur porn tubes. It’s not like you will be running out of content after jerking off to a few videos, it’s only that you will have less than 20 pages to browse compared to hundreds in other amateur tubes I’ve visited. However, that should not be too big an issue if you get to jerk off to decent quality videos. It’s certainly better than having to choose from millions of shitty scenes.

Should you run out of fap content, which is highly unlikely, you can still choose from the abundance of user-uploaded images. Even better, you could use the upload button to share your own content with the world. In any case, the site has included a list of more destinations for free smut under the “Tube Friends” section which should add another couple hundred thousand homemade porn videos to the table.

ShesFreaky impressed me by:

Amateur black porn; while there is nothing particularly outstanding about ShesFreaky, it is full of hot amateur ebony porn with freaky ebony women getting dicked without giving a damn about what you think about them.

Easy to navigate; the site is designed to help you quickly locate your preferred fap content and get on with it without too many complications. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, and you can expect a smooth ride.

Active community; ShesFreaky’s community has over 2000 dirty freaks posting all manner of videos, and you could do worse than join them given the level of interactivity.

Quality amateur content; most people associate amateur porn for mediocre quality, but ShesFreaky has shown that there are people out there who actually invest their time and resources to making amateur porn of decent quality, which is largely what you get served with on this site.

Possible concerns

The number of videos could be higher; I’ve visited a countless number of amateur sites, and the content at ShesFreaky doesn’t positively compare. There are only a few thousand videos in their archive at best which is nowhere near big enough.

Some clips are too short; the problem with a user uploaded approach to content is you will find some clips that are simply too short. Who the fuck uploads these 30-second videos anyway?

What I think should be done;

I would urge the perverted members of ShesFreaky to keep doing their thing and fill the site with quality content to swell the archive. Judging by what I’ve seen, that shouldn’t be too big a problem.

Final thoughts

If you overlook the relatively low number of scenes, ShesFreaky is actually one of the top amateur porn tubes on the internet. Everything here is user-uploaded with the scenes coming in good quality, unlike most amateur porn sites. The site features a simple design and is easy to navigate, providing a perfect platform for any lover of chocolate pussies to explore their twisted fantasies.

ThePornDude likes ShesFreaky's

  • Amateur black porn
  • Easy to navigate
  • Active community
  • Quality amateur content

ThePornDude hates ShesFreaky's

  • Number of videos could be higher
  • Some short clips