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Updated on 05 February 2024
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xHamster Black

xHamster Black

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Do you know why men of African descent have evolved to have, frankly, monstrously-long cocks? It’s because their anatomy is on average more elongated than men of Caucasian descent – I mean how do you expect to fuck a big booty black woman with just a six-inch member? It’s possible, but it’ll take a lot more work than if your dong measured over 10 inches long. This is why ebony girls usually have the biggest booties, and those booties are partly the reason why the ‘Ebony’ category has remained as one of the most popular XXX genres in internet porn history. There’s no popular porntube out there that doesn’t feature this genre as a standalone category, and it ebony porn itself might be one of the main reasons why men throughout the whole world suddenly start exhibiting a strong preference for black women.

You might not be a person who is too heavily into Ebony porn, but after reading this review you might be persuaded to give it a try, and what better place to start than XHamster? This website is what I’d like to call one of the ‘Big Three’ porntubes on the internet (next to XVideos and PornHub), and its standalone ebony category is so well-equipped that it might give whole ebony-themed websites a run for their ad and traffic money. There’s no way to get specific about ebony pornography without mentioning something race-related, but I’m gonna go ahead and try to unite both black and white into a unified race that strives to achieve one common goal: Pussy. And if pussy can’t be achieved, then the next best thing can, and that’s none other than good old fashioned free internet pornography.

XHamster is a Top Notch Porn Website Regardless

It doesn’t matter if you go on here looking for porn with Hentai dick-girls in it, pictures of old hairy grandmas or ebony porn – XHamster is a top of the line website that will never fail you in terms of content delivery and overall quality. This site’s content is well organized into several different categories as well as dozens of tags, and all of the video links it contains are in-site videos that are stored within XHamster’s database – you won’t be redirected to an alternate streaming website or anything like that. You’ll definitely get to enjoy the service of a top-tier porn website when fapping on XHamster, regardless of what you’re actually fapping to.

Plenty of Amateur Ebony Girls Here…

There is a ton of amateur content on this website, and that, of course, means that there’s more than enough amateur ebony porn to go around. If you like ebony girls in authentic homemade amateur environments getting banged by their boyfriend or whoever paid to bang them (they could be hookers, you never know) then you’re bound to find plenty of material that will kick your sex drive into gear and get you fapping faster than you can say porn addiction. This site contains a massive amount of amateur ebony content, and there’s plenty of variety too; not only is there a ton of teen black girls getting pounded on video here, but there’s also a whole lot of MILF action too. You can’t lose! Well, maybe you can if you’re more into professionally-made porn…

As Well As Plenty of Professional Actresses Too

Oh yeah – if you like well-paid ebony XXX actresses doing their thing on camera then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Sara Banks, Diamond Jackson, Kira Noir, Evi Rei, and just about every other popular and unpopular black porno actress can be found here, regardless if they debuted into porn a few years ago or have been in the business for over a decade. There’s really no shortage of pro-porn here featuring beautiful, voluptuous, petite and lean black women of all ages, shapes, and sizes – all you gotta do is look around a little and you’re bound to run into some grade-A content. And looking around is made so easy here thanks to this site’s tags…

Each Video is Outfitted With Plenty of Usable Tags

The tags on XHamster are no joke – every video is outfitted with plenty of them. Every single notable theme, topic or element that can be found in a porn video on this site has been stored into its own tag-based category, and finding them is as easy as opening a couple of videos. But if you don’t want to keep opening videos repeatedly you’re always welcome to check out this site’s standalone tag section, which contains hundreds of individual tags. When it comes to ebony-relates tags though, there really only is the one (ebony), but the category alone is enough to keep your craving for ebony-themed porn satisfied.

As Well As Several Quality Options

There are quite a few options on this site’s video players that can help you tweak a few things if you need to. Normally I don’t use any video options when fapping, but I could see how some of you might want to turn up the quality setting to make sure you’re seeing every single pixel possible, or maybe tweak the playback speed of the video so you can see that girl’s ass and tits bouncing up and down slowly as you work your dong. This site’s video players let you do just that: You can tweak the quality settings of every video (usually works better with professionally-made HD videos) as well as tune the playback speed similar to how you can on YouTube’s video player.

There’s Even A Photo-Based Ebony Section on This Site

Oh yeah – in case you were wondering, there’s definitely photo-based ebony content on this site that you can access for free if you’d like to enjoy any still-image based content of beautiful black babes. I know that most of you don’t fancy picture-based content too much, but some of you wouldn’t mind fapping to a still image once in a while. Well if you happen to be in the latter group of people (the ones who actually have enough brain power to masturbate to a picture) then you might just like this site’s photo-based content, regardless if it’s ebony or not.

Every Single Video can Be Played From Your Phone

Yes, every single video on this website (regardless if it’s ebony-themed or not) can be played from any smartphone. What does this mean? Well simply put, it means that you can jack off in virtually every bathroom, especially those that are in range of a Wi-Fi network. And if any of you happen to have great data plans on your phones you can do it just about anywhere you want to (even places where there’s limited privacy, which should work up a thrill and make the fap session that much more exciting).

ThePornDude likes xHamster Black's

  • One of the best sites to fap on, period
  • Contains amateur ebony porn
  • Contains professionally-made ebony porn
  • Fully optimized for mobile use
  • Video players have plenty of options

ThePornDude hates xHamster Black's

  • Only one ebony-based tag (ebony)
  • Amateur videos can’t really be tweaked to HD settings
  • Content isn’t organized to be more in-depth than just the plain ‘ebony’ category
  • Site’s visual design is a little bland and uninspiring, also a little too bright
  • XVideos and PornHub’s ebony categories might outperform this one