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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty. The hardcore has just gotten even more hardcore! Hard-extreme.com is an extreme BDSM/fetish site that’s presenting the fans with some more graphic and more over the top sex scenes that at times, even I, the grand master of site reviews, had a hard time dealing with plus, I wasn’t sure if some of these scenes had to do anything with sex at all. This is just not my cup of tea but that doesn’t say that it has to do anything with the content itself. Sure, to some, more normal people, this might be disgusting, very disgusting but then, to others, it might be just what they needed. I feel sorry for those poor souls honestly.

The main page welcomes you with a top banner that shows you pussy lips stapled together, some meaty images and some candles being poured onto one’s pussy. I mean, it sets the tone for what it is that you are about to see and I had to admit, I was bracing myself! However, my initial thought was, okay, this site is not playing around so, with that said, they had to level their game up and show me the type of quality that an expectation like this sets you up for. I checked out the presented clips and thank god, most of them were dealing with the more toned down fetish videos such as fisting, jumbo dildo penetration, pissing, spitting and some BDSM craziness. It wasn’t too bad so I remained calm for the remainder of my stay on the main page but to my ignorance, that now I understand why so many call bliss, the worst was about to come.

The videos were all trailers and they were not even videos, they were a montage, around 8 seconds long. I found some that were longer but it was more of the same. It almost looked like a blog since there were a few screenshots above the trailer showing you the video. The actual video could be downloaded for free, but there are possibilities to become a premium member and then you get to download unlimited files and there is no waiting time. Whoopee! So it is a half-half of a deal. You give some, you lose some. Left a bitter taste in my mouth this Hard Extreme, and I didn’t even get to the Scat videos yet. Just wait for it…

So there are these top sections that you can click on right, Scat, QueenSnake, Fisting, Peeing, BDSM, and FemDom. What do you think, which one interested me the most? Yes, you guessed it right, and it wasn’t because I am sick in the head or something but it was the pure intrigue, the rawness of it all. Who would rub their own shit all over themselves? I thought that this was all fake, seriously. Then, I clicked on the section and my whole world got flipped upside down.

Well, guys and girls, I lost faith in all humanity after I glanced at one of the videos that Scat section had. There was this dude, with a balaclava on, and he was being face-sat by a freaking hog who was enjoying being rimmed by the masked villain but then, she just had to do it…she just had to! A chunk of poopie started coming out of her ass, the kind rabbits poop out, the ones that look like grape formations but brown and shitty like, and I’m just going to leave the rest of the scene to be played out in your head since it was god damn disgusting! Why on earth would someone want this? No. Freaking. Clue. I’m just going to move on from this godforsaken place since I want to reach heaven once I’m worm food, if it even exists at all. Goddamnit!

I kind of liked the way they set up their filtering section since it is the first thing that you see when you reach the main page. You just click on all of the parameters, basically, months and you get your videos sorted by popularity, most views in 2016, 17 and 18. The site has a disclaimer that says that they do not store any files on their own servers. Hard-extreme.com is only indexing and linking the content that’s being provided by other sites. Smart move. But for a site that does this, they actually seem like a legit fetish site. Turns out they are just the middleman. A middleman that wears a suit that fits the bill. Nice job.

When all said and done and barfed up in a bucket that is supposed to be right next to you, just in case, Hard-extreme.com is a cool site that offers great videos IF you like this kind of fetish content. It is not for everybody by any means but I appreciated that even the most sickly of us had their fair share of porn to enjoy in. Be warned that some of these videos are too damn graphic and that you might get deeply disturbed by some of them. I was, and now, I’m gonna get wasted to forget all that I’ve seen and will never talk about this ever again in my life. Heaven, here I come.

ThePornDude likes Hard-Extreme's

  • Neatly orchestrated site
  • Good visuals of the site

ThePornDude hates Hard-Extreme's

  • All the unnecessary upsales
  • Trailers are in screenshots
  • They don't host the actual videos or files