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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Apparently, there aren’t too many porn games worth playing on the internet. Especially if they are free! This means that pages such as H-flash.com are indeed a blessing. In the end, if you’re really that addicted to porn games and shit like that, I guess paying a little bit of cash in order to keep that addiction in control isn’t that big of a price to pay. However, the majority of us aren’t helpless porn addicts, so we don’t like paying for our games as they really don’t make up a huge part of our lives.

So, what are we supposed to do? Obviously, you ought to rely on websites such as H-flash.com to help you bust a nut, that’s what! Honestly, I’ve been oblivious to the pleasures of porn games for my entire life, quite literally. I’ve seen a few when I was a kid and all that, but I really didn’t dig them as I didn’t understand what was going on in those games back then. However, now that I do understand them, I am ready to take up all of their blessings. In the end, what’s the point of other people making these games if I don’t play them? They deserve to be played, that’s for sure!

I mean, if these games are good, then they should be played. Are they good, though? Well, yes, of course, they are. At least the majority of the games I’ve seen on this page are good. There are all sorts of games up in here, too. I will talk about that nerd shit a bit later, though. I know I keep repeating myself, but I like starting off these reviews with pretty things, nice things that that won’t occupy your mind too much. If I started this shit off with a bunch of pointless details, that would be an immediate turnoff.

The looks of the website

While this might seem to be unimportant to you folks, it matters a bunch to me. See, what I like about H-flash.com is the fact that the website has a nice, simple design that welcomes all newcomers. I find to be aesthetically pleasing, as I’ve found no obvious flaws in the design. While the color scheme might seem to be a bit too “girly” for my taste, I can dig it either way. Hell, even the ads that cling to the corners of the screen (which is exactly why I don’t even mind them) are wonderful. These ads include hot girls with amazing bodies, and they’re usually performing some very, very repetitive action, They’re either sucking on a dick in the exact same way, or riding one, and that’s about it. But hey, the ads aren’t that important anyway. As I said, they only appear in the corners of the website, so you don’t need to worry about them.

While this page is indeed a free one, and we all know that non-premium pages like filling their websites up with a whole lot of annoying ads, this one looks surprisingly clean. No matter where you click, you won’t have an ad popping up on your screen and fucking your entire experience up. Of course, if you click on the animated ads that taunt you all while you’re playing with your anime girl, then yeah, you’ll get some ads up in your face, but that’s something no one really does, isn’t it?

The kinds of porn you’ll run into

Rejoice, straight men, as you’re going to get bombarded with a bunch of straight video games on this website. For the most part, this page has none of that gay shit, and there aren’t even that many lesbians up in here anyway. However, the straight porn in here does tend to get a bit degenerate every now and then. I mean, this is quite understandable. Do you know why this happens? Because porn in real life is restricted to a few fetishes, but when you take porn to the 2D world, the realm of possibilities expands. You can fuck all kinds of creatures that resemble humans. You can get huge cocks, huge tits, girls with all kinds of weird hair and shit. You can fuck elves. You can become an orc and fuck an elf, and so on and so on. All in all, a lot of freaky shit is bound to happen, and it really is a shame if it doesn’t happen.

You’ll find that there’s a lot of furry shit on this website as well, but luckily, that kind of stuff has its own category. We will talk about these categories a bit later, for now, we’re just gonna talk about the basics, alright? Then, I’d like to mention that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of original characters in these movies, but a lot of people here will implement their favorite anime or manga characters into their games, and they’ll come up with ways for you to fuck them.

The game mechanics are pretty god damn simple, to be quite honest. For starters, while you usually expect these games to provide you with a whole lot of ways to fuck your girl, from what I have seen, you usually only get one position, and that’s about it. You get a blowjob, and then you get to fuck the girl by clicking on her over and over until the meter in the corner of the page fills up completely. Usually, when this thing fills up, you will cum, or the girl you’re fucking is the one cumming. This shit seems pretty normal so far, right? You also get to utilize toys every now and then if you feel like it. Now, there’s some content for those of you who just so happen to be bicurious. There are lots of trap-related games on this website, and I’m not talking about that one genre of music. Fucking a girl with Chief Keef or Migos bumping in the background? While this is unusual, it’s not really a turnoff, is it? However, this isn’t what’s gonna happen to you in these games. You’ll usually find a soft, feminine trap somewhere in the game, and you’ll get to fuck her. The mechanics are always the same: Click on the jiggly parts and the hole and do what you want.

And now, the actual categories

So. now that we have all of that sorted out let’s talk a little bit about the categories on this page. First off, we have the “simulation” category, which is pretty much the “vanilla” category on this website. Then, if you happen to be one kinky motherfucker who loves dressing his girls up in all sorts of weird ass outfits, then the “dress up” category is made for you. What you’ll find in there are girls and traps that you can dress in embarrassing outfits before you drill their holes.

Now, there’s the controversial Loli category which features girls that look younger than they actually are. This one’s probably going to be disgusting to a whole lot of you folks, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Then, the “game” category is a tad bit weird because I have no idea what this category is all about anyway. There’s nothing that makes it unique so I wouldn’t say that I’d like to spend my time in there. Then, you’ll find the “futanari” category, too. Now, this category is supposed to cater to a rather specific fetish: Fucking a girl who has both a pussy and a cock. However, traps are usually to be found in this category, too, even though they are basically dudes who underwent hormone therapy to become girls, so this categorization isn’t exactly great. Then, we have the furry category. You’re bound to find all sorts of weird shit up in there, so enter at your own risk.

Then we have the “schoolgirl” category which should be lumped together with the “stocking category” and forced into the “dress up” category. I mean, if you’re going to have a “dress up” category, but also two categories that are literally about clothes just laying around, you better have a good reason for it. Finally, we have the inevitable x-ray category where you can see your cock as it glides through the girl’s guts while you fuck her.

In the end

If none of these categories do it for you, then you might as well check out the “loop” category and see if you’re going to be able to cum to a single scene playing over and over for you. This is a nice option for those of you who like keeping their hands busy while you play your porn games. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the “funny” category, but I don’t think anyone really cares about that one. I came here to wank, not to laugh. While I do appreciate this page, I believe it should have better categories. All in all, I’m still pretty happy with it.

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  • Needs better categories