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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Alright, let’s face it. You just can’t survive on porn alone. Sure, porn is really great and all that, but it can get really tiring after a while. We all want to feel something real every now and then and that’s where porn just won’t cut it. Instead, we need to look for some hot action elsewhere and today we’re looking at one of these sources of this kind of fun in the form of This place just oozes of amazing opportunities that you’ll have with all sorts of single girls the moment you read out the domain name. I mean with a domain name like that it’s no wonder that is one of the best places to get some actual sex with singles that you’ll ever find on the internet.

Dating sites are getting more modern by the day

The concept of a dating site is something that has been around for a while now and that gave these sites plenty of time to perfect their craft as far as showing and presenting all of these hot singles to you. If you’re one of those dudes that just want to meet some babes as soon as humanly possible then get a load of all of the services that has to offer you, you’ll no doubt enjoy them as much as the next dude. It’s the thing that makes dudes come back to every time. I mean you can try out other dating sites but really has that something that you’ve been looking for.

So, what the fuck is special about anyway? Well, actually, nothing much except for the fact that they’re bringing the whole dating game to the next level. I’m talking about having some of the best designers out there since they managed to make a site that actually looks usable as opposed to other dating sites which just look way outdated for today’s use. I mean you can say what you want, but the moment I see some regular checklists and things like that I immediately want to barf. It’s 2019 guys, you should manage to have enough resources to make some modern websites by now. Luckily, does just that.

Making a free account here is really quick and easy

One thing that you won’t like is the fact that you’ll have to make an account if you think about using at all, to begin with. I mean it’s the same story with every other dating and chat site, but I guess that they could at least make the guest option a little bit more extensive since right now you can’t really do much on other than make a membership account before your login. You can make the account for free though, which is great news if you’re looking for a great platform to meet other people and potential sexual partners without actually having to pay a single cent. I think that all sites should strive for this since that means that you’ll be able to get all of the amazing perks of the site without having to open up your wallet and grab your credit card. has all the features that you’d expect out of a regular dating site except that they manage to give you a few extra features that you’ll definitely appreciate, and which will allow you get all of the most amazing chicks on the platform by using them. Of course, I’m talking about the chat function the most, and where some dating sites only let you exchange messages with your match, on you can chat whoever you want as much as you want and it’s instant messaging as well so you don’t have to wait for your message to arrive every time that you’re chatting with someone.

Modern graphics, but pretty weak identity of the site

The design looks fairly modern when it comes to I mean I’m not a big fan of the bright colors. The yellow on the site is actually pretty horrible if I am to be completely honest. I don’t know, I guess I’m just not a fan of yellow at all. And don’t get me wrong, I fucking love orange, but this sort of yellow is a bit too much. Actually, I guess that you could say that this is a sort of orange, but the problem is that the rest of the site is way too bright to compliment the rest of the colors on it. And when it comes to coloring your website that will definitely be something that’s incredibly important when it comes to your website identity.

Don’t even get me started on the logo design on I mean I’ve seen worse designs before, but this one really is up there with the rest of the horrible designs that I’ve gotten a chance to see over the years. You can say what you want about the logo, but it’s just way too small, and it’s not even good. You can tell that they were going for this really established design thinking that it would put their site on the map, however, the logo is just way too small to create an identity for At the end of the day, I guess that the identity aspect is what is really missing here. You can fix a lot of things, but identity is something that’s hard to fix with a few changes so they’re going to have to rework the whole color palette and all that on

But at least the rest of the graphics are fairly nice, and you’ll notice it when you’re sliding around the website and clicking on buttons. It’s not like the site is a total mess graphics wise, it’s just the colors and the logo that I have a problem with. But then again, I’m sure that most of you mother fuckers just want to get some pussy and you don’t care what the site that you’re getting all that pussy on looks like in the first place. The only thing you want to see is an inbox full of babes waiting for you to fuck them and I’m sure that you can manage to do that on here if you’ve got the appropriate game.

Some amazing chicks await you to fuck them later today has some pretty hot chicks on here, and you won’t be able to just go over then without noticing how hot they are in all actuality. I mean you can try, but you’ll just be unable. And as every free dating porn site, also suffers from too many dudes on it. It can be a real sausage fest in here, but I guess that there are plenty of chicks on here for guys who are good-looking enough. I guess all those Indian dudes are just going to have to find a different site to find chicks that they can sext. You, on the other hand, you’re going to have a blast on no questions asked.

And you’ll notice that there are many versions of the site if you’re checking it out from all the different locations around the world. They are mostly based in western countries though, and Australia as well. So yeah, mostly European and American countries are available for use on I mean it makes sense when you’re making a good site like this one to have some functional countries as your base model since you really can’t expect much from like third world countries. I mean, you’re more likely to get stabbed in a third world country if you go on an internet date than you are to fuck a chick raw.

All in all, I think that is worth checking out if you’re the sort of dude who would like to fuck chicks and you’re sick and tired of waiting for the right time to strike. There are plenty of chicks that you can message on here and you’ll have one hell of a time as you spend your time trying to win these girls over so that you can spend the rest of the day fucking them and nothing else. Check out and see what this place has in store for you in all the various versions of the site in different countries.

ThePornDude likes BeNaughty's

  • Plenty of chicks that you can get in contact with
  • Chat with them instantly without any delays

ThePornDude hates BeNaughty's

  • Somewhat bad color palette for the design
  • More dudes than chicks on here