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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Free Strip Games

Free Strip Games

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Even someone like me gets bored with these basic websites filled with nothing but ordinary porn. Usually, I’d move on to a website with cam girls after seeing plenty of regular movies, but at this point, even shit like that doesn’t do it for me! So, what’s a man in trouble to do? I’m no damsel in distress, so don’t expect me to play a passive role…I immediately found myself on Google, plowing through the internet one page after the other, trying to find something to masturbate to.

First things first, I had to narrow my choices down. I knew two things: I’m not heading out for a website filled with nothing but porn pictures, and I’m not opting in for a page with cam girls either, even if it is completely free! So, what does that leave me with? Well, obviously, there’s a realm of porn that I’ve yet to explore. Which one is it, then? Well, I’ll tell you all right away, since I don’t feel like helping the tension rise even more. Porn games became my new obsession as soon as I found out about!

The charms of interactive porn

Of course, I am more than aware of the existence of VR Porn. Matter of fact, this kind of thing seems to be all over the internet lately. The best thing about it is the fact that you get to feel like you’re actually out there, pounding those girls, getting your big VR dick sucked on, and so on. You’re in there in the room with all those girls, and you can even look around. However, one big flaw with VR Porn is the fact that you don’t get to move around in that fake room. So, basically, you get to look around while you get your cock sucked or rode on, but that’s about it. You really don’t get to do much more than that. Now, porn games allow you to move in a variety of ways, and they let you fuck the girls as much as you like, so you don’t have to rewind the video over and over, which is something you have to do with VR Porn, and obviously, regular porn as well.

Now, obviously, there are multiple kinds of porn games out there, but the owners of were really nice, so they put them all in their separate categories. Naturally, all of these games can be categorized into two big groups. However, the folks behind did not feel the need to talk about these two big groups, as they most likely aren’t too important to the visitors of the website. However, the fact that these two groups exist becomes evident to you the more you play around on this page. We’ll talk about this in the next part of the review.

The two sides

First off, I’d like to let you that both kinds of porn games have something going for them, so you should obviously give both of them a shot. I mean, what’s the point if you don’t explore and see if you can develop a unique taste in porn? You always need to keep pushing your limits, no matter what you’re doing. This obviously also includes pornography.

Okay, so, let’s start off with the most “natural” type of porn game out there. These are the games that include “real life” models in them. While some people can only get used to games like this since they actually contain pictures of real girls, you don’t get that much freedom in them. Obviously, all the scenes in these games have to be pre-recorded. So, you only get to switch between short animation loops most of the time, and that’s about it. Sometimes, your time is also limited, so some of these games are even worse than normal porn videos. For the love of God, just let the people masturbate as much as they want to!

Now, obviously, there are tons of hardcore games like this, but there are also loads of softcore games like this on the internet as well, which is pretty neat. I have to admit that it’s easy to get hooked on games like these. However, they do get boring after a while, so you’ll get unhooked as soon as you’re properly addicted to these games. So, you’ll pretty much be forced to go outside of your newly discovered comfort zone. Once you’re out, you’ll discover yet another type of porn games that is in my personal opinion, the best kind!

The kind of porn game in question is the “hentai porn game,” as I’ll call it. Of course, these games often include characters from western animations so they can’t really be called “hentai porn games,” as Hentai almost always refers to Eastern animation, or to be specific – Japanese animation. However, we group all of these games under the newly coined umbrella term “hentai porn game” that yours truly brought into this world. So, what’s the big deal? Well, we find that these games are absolutely filled to the top with all kinds of freaky shit, as they’re supposed to be. Of course, there are some vanilla lovey-dovey 2D games out there, but that’s not the point of these games, is it?

The 2D storm

What’s the point of having 2D games that are more than capable of helping you live through your wildest fantasies? While the definition of a wild fantasy to some people is fucking Jessica Alba or something of the sort, some dudes just want to fuck a catgirl more than anything in the world. Obviously, something like this is not possible in real life yet. Sure thing, you can get your girl to wear cat ears and a puffy tail as a butt plug, but that’s really not it. Putting a girl on a leash just isn’t the same thing. Guys today want a different kind of high, and 2D porn games are there to offer it to them!

Ever notice how all the “cool teens” stopped talking about weed in the past three years and just moved on to being obsessed with prescription drugs? Well yeah, those same teens stopped talking about Jessica Alba, and now they started talking about Hentai chicks and how much they want to fuck them. So, it’s best to adapt and to give them what they want, right? This is the logical choice, without a doubt. Now, is the adequate dealer for this special drugs of theirs that they desire?

An abundance of porn categories

The cliffhanger in the past passage is about to get murdered in the next few sentences, and I’m the only person responsible for that, but oh well. It’s fine. So, I’ll tell you that is more than capable of delivering the desired game to you, and you should be fucking thankful! The website, in general, has a lot of free stuff, but if you decide to subscribe, you get the chance to play more than 50 HD premium video games whenever you want., Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that this number grows day by day. One game will be uploaded to the website every month, so a one-year membership is a must-have, that’s for sure. All of the storylines are original as hell, and you won’t find them anywhere else!

All sorts of games can be seen here, too. Some are basically adventure games, while some will be all about chatting with virtual cuties. Then, you’ll also find some casino games up in here as well. Some of the most recent games in here are playable on your phone as well, so if you ever feel like toying with your dick while your phone’s in your other hand, then you know which website you should pay a visit to.

The actual categories

While it is true that I came up with a bunch of categorizations for this page’s video games on my own, I should also mention the categories that this page has, right? I mean, it would be kinda rude not to do this, right? I totally think that all of these categories are valid and well-made, trust me! I do have some complaints, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

The very first category on the website is called “Sex games,” and I think the existence of a section like that is totally not necessary. Why? Well, on a website like this, you don’t expect video games that aren’t all about sex. Then, there’s the “hentai games” category that seems pretty god damn reasonable to me. Then again, we find two weird categories named”porn games” and “adult games,” and there’s one more called “sexy games.” None of these really need to exist. The “strip poker” and the “category porn” category are completely valid, though.

Let’s wrap it up, then

Do you think this page is neat? Honestly, I do. Not many websites will let you play so many great games without making you pay a lot of money first. Furthermore, I also ran into literally no ads while browsing this website, so yeah, the entire experience is pretty god damn pleasant.

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  • Some categories are pretty pointless