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Updated on 15 January 2022
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For the old souls who are looking for a place where they can chat with other individuals who share your love for everything naughty, welcome to This place is quite a 90s hangout if you ask me, and that can be a good thing if you ask me. I imagine that all those who are searching for such a place are searching for a place that looks like this.

In today’s world of porn, it is quite weird when somebody actually searched for a chat place, right? Those are often old-school lovers, and that is why I think that they will enjoy With that paragraph, you already know whether you will find something you are looking for here or not. So, continue reading, check out the site, or fuck off if you are not interested, quite simple.

Those who are actually expecting porn after I just clarified what this place is all about, are probably idiots. Since the site is free (for those who want to browse), the premium for those who want to use it, and worth the visit for those who want to chat with random strangers outside, you are welcome to check out and see everything has to offer. Or you can continue reading instead.

Back to the 90s we go.

I’m guessing that they are only trying to appeal to the older audience because they look like shit. I mean, the design itself is not bad, but the colors they decided to use or whatever the fuck is a bit annoying. You have a completely black background and then you have a lot of white and dark blue readings, which makes like 0 sense.

Do you know how annoying it is to read with dark blue letters on a fucking black background? I swear to Lord, whoever created this is a moron. I understand the white letters and all, that is easy to read, but they should change that black color to something that actually makes fucking sense because my eyes started to hurt after a while.

You will understand what I mean when you visit the site, and I think that that is one aspect that is making it look quite fucking old, to begin with. The whole complexion it offers, and the fact that is a site where you can chat with people… I mean, what else screams 90s more than that?

Oh well, as far as the layout and all that shit goes, I am pretty sure that you will find your way around with ease. I mean, everything is where it should be, there is not much to think about that. I think that you will love everything this place has to offer, trust me… if you are into this, to begin with. If you are not, do not worry I have reviewed many other sites out there, and you are free to check them out.

Whether you will like what has to offer or not is a whole new story, since even if you might be here for that good naughty chats, you might not fancy what the site has to offer, or however the fuck you want to put it. I guess this all really depends on what the fuck you are searching for since those searching for a chatting site have surely found a place worth the visit.

The options are pretty slick, and even with the design being a bit iffy, I think that everyone will grow fond of the site… somewhat. You will understand what the fuck I mean when you see what this place has to offer, and I think that with just a bit of browning you will know whether you like this place or not. Of course, you can also read to see what I have to say since I shall share all the good and bad things about this site.

So, you like chatting?

I mean, if that were not the case, would you still be here? Of course not. You have a lot of shit to check out here, and a lot of people to meet. Of course, this all depends on the time you actually visit the site, or so to speak. There are lots of members here, at least form my experience, but that can vary a lot… since I’m guessing not all of them will be online at all times.

On top of the site, you can choose where you want to go, since the homepage will not really give you the chat rooms, you will have to search for them yourself. You will have a lot of rooms to choose from, and you can check them out in a separate tab. You will have a list of rooms to visit, and depending on your dirty fetishes you get to choose what you want to check out.

You also have a separate section for the users, and a section where you can join the site, obviously. When you choose to register, you can see what the site really has to offer. Of course, I mentioned this above, but this is a premium site with all kinds of chatting options, so you will have to purchase a membership to enjoy it fully.

You can purchase the 1 – month membership that will cost you $9.95/month, the 3-month membership that will cost $19.95/90 days, the 6-month membership that will cost $29.95/180 days, and the 1-year membership that will cost you $44.95/365 days. I think the memberships are pretty cheap, but then again that is to be expected when this is just a chat site.

With the membership, you will be able to enter any room you want since some rooms can be locked. You can talk to the moderators and support whenever you want, have a special screen nick, be in 5 rooms at a time, post 3 images at a time, customize your user list, upload your own avatars and so on. You get all the basic shit that you probably expected.

Lots of rooms.

Some of the rooms include a certain fetish, for example, gangbang, leather and lace, hairy, cuckold, chicks with dicks and so on. Of course, you had some other type of shit as well, like a section for just the milfs, those who prefer it rough, men who like to wear lingerie… when you look at it from a different perspective, they really have a lot of naughty rooms to show.

So, the first thing you should probably do is check out those rooms, since that is where all the action happens, or so to speak. Once you go through all the rooms and the ones that seem the most interesting to you, feel free to browse and check it out as much as you want, simple as that. There is not much else for me to tell you… just pick your fucking poison.

Every room you choose to open will be different, depending on what the fuck you are looking for. Of course, all the rooms will also have their rules and whatnot, that you should follow, otherwise you might be kicked out of the chat room or you know… from the site. This all depends on how you behave, but with so many rooms out there, you will find the room for your desires, so there is no reason to act like a dick.

Also, if you will choose a room with a specific name, make sure to follow that theme or whatever the heck, make sure to follow the theme since, with so many rooms, you are bound to find whichever fetish you have. You can also chat with whoever you want, share dirty images and a lot of other naughty crap, just like most chat sites allow you to.


There are so many dirty rooms and naughty members on this site, that I am sure that you will find whoever you are searching for. Trust me, there is a lot for you to explore, and you can start exploring whenever the fuck you want., With so much for you to see, you are bound to find somebody who suits your taste here.

At the end of the day is all about chatting and meeting new people, right? You have so many different people to chat with, and you can find the people who share your fetish, buy choosing appropriate rooms. Isn’t that what the fuck you are here for? Well, take your time, explore and have some dirty fun.

ThePornDude likes Chatropolis's

  • Lots of chat rooms
  • Friendly members
  • Cheap memberships

ThePornDude hates Chatropolis's

  • You have to pay
  • Shitty design