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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Watching people fuck is great whether it’s in the form of a video, pic, or GIF. Reading about sexy encounters can be pretty great as well. But talking about it with someone else is a whole different erotic experience. To make things even better, imagine chatting with a whole room of people about sex topics with the benefit of anonymity.

Well, thanks to the magic of the internet, there are entire websites devoted to providing chat rooms specifically for that. But like everything on the internet, the level of quality tends to be hit or miss.

And given my self-proclaimed mission to review every important porn site, I’ve expanded my focus to include sex chatting websites. While looking these sites up, I discovered iSexyChat which is a bit different from its competitors both in terms of its aesthetics and the user experience.

So, are you interested in chatting with other smut junkies? Then read on to find out more about iSexyChat.

If not, keep reading anyway – you might actually want to check this website out.

How Does It Work?

Most sex chat sites follow the standard open forum model where you click on a link to a chat room and get started. Others might require you to sign into an account and navigate through a few more links, but other then that, they work about the same.

However, iSexyChat adds a bit more structure, but make it easier to talk to the kind of people that they want about the type of stuff that they want. So, when you login into iSC you’ll first be prompted to select the type of room that you want – more on that further below – then you get to pick the gender of people that you want to chat with. The four options you get are women, men, transgenders, and what’s referred to as “something else” and can pick one gender or all four.

After that, iSC will ask you for your gender – and yes, you can only pick one – and then you get to choose a username. Once that’s done, you get to chat for free with like-minded perverts.

What Are The Rules?

Like any chat room platform, iSC has its own rules. First and for most, you’ve got to be at least eighteen or older and along with that, don’t put any numbers or terms in your name which suggest that you are below age.

Next, stay away from taboo or extreme topics which according to iSC includes “incest, pedophilia, beastiality, rape, kidnapping or any illegal activities,” Further, don’t talk about incest. I’m only repeating this because iSC has repeated this on their site and has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to mentioning familial names or conversation topics involving your son, mom, dad, etc. If you violate this policy, you will be permabanned.

Moving on, as a general rule: don’t be an asshole. That means no hate speech, flooding the chat with spammy comments, advertise offsite shit, or hurl abuse at people. You’re advised to keep your extensive roleplay convos kept to a private chat, even if you start out talking with a partner in the Roleplay Room.

Other than that, you’ve got to stick to speaking in English.

Don’t Forget To Check Out The Hashtag Codes

In the rules section is also a handy guide to the hashtags you can use to make your experience even easier. A few of the more common ones are these…

#ifap – Used in general chatting, this hashtag is used to indicate that you want to request a private message.

#thirtyplus – Useful for “older” users (aka people over thirty) but is typically used to signal an interest in chatting in a public room but NOT private messaging.

#samesex – As you might guess, this is like the #thirtyplus hashtag, this one indicates that you are interested in chatting with guys or gals of the same gender.

There are more instructions and ways to use this site where you can set up your own chatroom. For more instructions, check out the iSC Rules page.

So, You’ve Got Sex Chat…

The biggest room on the site hosts is a general sex chat section. As you might expect, conversations range from topic to topic but tend to focus on all kinds of vanilla sex. Or at least usually. It is a sex chat site, after all.

With so many people in a room at the same time, the chat moves pretty quick, but most people are asking for others for a private chat session. So, if you’re looking for a person to talk to quick, this is a good room to go to.

Just be careful, though. With so many people chatting up all at once with an almost spammy quality, you might find yourself caught in a catfish situation.

…Lesbian Chat…

To cater to chatters of all types, iSC has two designated gateways for same-sex chatting. The first, the lesbian category, is surprisingly busy having roughly a hundred or more chatters at any one time.

With a surprising number of ladies chatting up this site, this site might be the reason that we never see any lesbians outside of their apartments.

…Gay Chat…

Similar to the Lesbian Chat, the gay section has dozens of dudes logged in at any time. Further, like the Lesbian section, there isn’t that much sex chat but a general discussion.

Surprising, huh?

I always thought that gay dudes spent more time thinking and talking about sex than me.

…Roleplay Chat…

Like you might guess, this room is great for discussing your desires to tie someone up, flog them down, cover them in wax, or have all of that done with you. Just be sure to keep your more steamy fantasies limited to private convos, so you don’t violate the rules.

…And Even A General Chat

If you’re feeling a little lonely or bored even after you’ve busted a nut or two, check out this section. People here are shooting the shit about all kinds of topics, so you might be interested no matter what your interests are.

You Can Exchange Kik and Skype Info

Private communication platforms are a godsend for those who like to not only exchange personal chats but also exchange pictures and do some cam to cam action. So, to make this easier and cut down the number of steps you need to go through when chatting with someone to exchanging personal info for a super private chat.

And Even Trade Pics, Too

Of course, talking about sex is awesome, but when you’ve started to connect with someone, it’s nice to see what they look like. So, if you’re motor’s running or you’re already revved up and ready to go, go to the Trade Pics room. There are plenty of horny fuckers ready to show off their sexy physiques.

Further, if you’re an exhibitionist, this place is like a candy store…or rather, more akin to a nudie bar. You’ll have no problem finding someone who wants to see flashes of your flesh, no matter what your body type, physical features, or measurements.

Mobile Vs Desktop

According to the homepage, iSexyChat claims to be “… optimized for use on desktop, as well as tablets and mobile devices from Apple iOS and Android. Have a great chat for iPad, chat for iPhone, etc.” But in my experience, the desktop version is difficult as hell to use.

In fact, logging into a room can even be impossible when you use the desktop version. I’m not sure why this is since I’ve tried toggling ad blocking software on and off and tried logging in multiple times.

The mobile version is better when it comes to logging in, but the design clearly has not been optimized for mobile – which is particularly frustrating and ironic considering the website overall looks really good on desktop.

What Could Be Better?

While the design is awesome, the website’s features could be improved greatly. While you don’t have as many problems with the mobile version, the iSC designers need to stop with a new goddamn tab opening every time you click through the signup process.

In addition to that, they need to make it easier to get into a damn room once you’ve selected your preferences on the desktop version. I also think that the complexity of using some hashtags and setting up private chat room could be a lot easier.

After all, it’s an erotic chat site – not everyone is an electronic engineer or a computer programmer. They want to log in, chat like-minded people up, and get off. They shouldn’t have to read a tutorial to fully understand how to enjoy a web experience.

The Blog Is Better Than You Think

While it is a minor aspect to the site, iSC does have a pretty decent blog section. It’s updated fairly regularly, and includes some pretty useful information related to sex chatting like ‘5 Amazing Steps for Sex Chat Success’ to other sex-related topics like ‘Beginners Guide on Successful Webcam Modeling Jobs’ and listicles like ‘7 Best and Highest Paying Webcam Modeling Websites of 2019.’

So, if you are looking for chatting tips, interested in reading about general sex stuff, or need a resource to become a successful webcammer? Check this blog out now!

Should You Check This Site Out

When it comes to design, this website looks a helluva lot better look than virtually any other sex chat room site. Hell, it looks better than more of the “normal” chat sites that I’ve seen, too.

The format to get into a chat room is different and does make it considerably easier to find like-minded folks to chat with rather than get stuck in a room which is swamped with too many people talking about random shit. Further, you can chat with people in personal chatrooms and also through private messages.

Want to take things to the next level? Then trade personal information and pictures through special channels. There are rooms for all types including heterosexuals, gays, lesbian, and role-playing kinksters. All things considered, it’s pretty fun so long as you’ve got a good handle on English.

That is if you can get into a room.

The lack of consistency when it comes to logging in, especially when you use the desktop version, makes me take some points off. So, I give iSexyChat three out of five hands. That said, if you can log in and actually get into a chat room, this site offers a great experience.

So, just like iSC says, happy fapping. 😉

ThePornDude likes iSexyChat's

  • There are a half dozen rooms for every taste
  • This site is great to connect with other people to get or show off your pics
  • The desktop design is quite pretty compared to other chat platforms
  • There aren't too many ads to put up with and almost no pop-ups

ThePornDude hates iSexyChat's

  • It’s a great experience if you can get into a chat room
  • Navigating through the website will open up a dick ton of extra tabs
  • The mobile version desperately needs to be optimized